Old Hawaii on Kauai

Old Hawai’i: when the sounds of ukulele wafted on the balmy breeze while the lullaby of the surf permeated the evening air.

And it still does.

One of the most beautiful things about living on the North Shore is how little things change over the past 100 years. And we love it that way.

Here are some rare antique photos of idyllic Hanalei living, turn of the century, Kaua’i.

The Hanalei Liquor Store. This store is bigger, but still in the same location, in walking distance to everything.

On the steps of the Wilcox House, Hanalei, turn of the century. Photo courtesy of The Hawaii State Archives.

Want to go back to your little grass shack? I do! Photo courtesy of The Hawaii State Archives and Bishop Museum.

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