All About Kauai, Hawaii – Facts About the Garden Isle

Adventure and Beauty on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai

Kauai is the northernmost of the main Hawaiian Islands, and it is also the oldest having been formed about five million years ago. Kauai has more sandy beach per mile of coastline than any of the other islands because nature has had more time to erode away the original volcanic landscapes and create spectacular beaches with expanses of golden sands, and also such geological wonders such as the deeply carved Waimea Canyon and the furrowed cliffs and spires of the Na Pali Coast.

Kauai is a relatively small island, only about 550 square miles in all, making it the fourth largest of the Hawaiian Islands and the 21st largest island in the United States. The highest point on Kauai is 5,242 feet above sea level at the the top of Mt. Kawaikini. Nearby is the equally impressive Mt. Waialeale, said to be the “wettest spot on Earth” due to the abundant rainfall there.

Kauai – The Unconquered Island

When it comes to history, the island of Kauai is unique in that department as well. It was the last island to come under control of the powerful Hawaiian warrior King Kamehameha. Kauai’s ruler Kaumualiʻi finally ceded power to Kamehameha in 1810 when defeat against Kamehameha’s powerful army and armada of ships was inevitable. Two earlier attempts by Kamehameha to invade Kauai were unsuccessful, and thus Kauai is known as the “unconquered” island.

Today the population of Kauai is about 68,000 with more than one million visitors arriving each year to enjoy a vacation on the Garden Isle. Kauai’s major resort areas include Princeville on the north shore, the Coconut Coast and Lihue on the east side, and “sunny Poipu” on the south shore. Vacation homes are available all around Kauai and the Bali Hai Concierge can help you find just the right accommodations to meet your needs whether it is for a romantic honeymoon or a family vacation.

Some of Kauai’s many festive annual celebrations and events include: Waimea Town Celebration (February), Prince Kuhio Celebration of the Arts (March), Banana Poka Festival (May), Kauai Hula Exhibition (June), Koloa Plantation Days (July), Polynesian Festival (Aug.), Kauai Marathon (September), Mokihana Festival (Sept.), Eoe Emmalani I Alakai Festival (Oct.), and the Kauai Taro Festival (Oct.).

Kauai’s official nickname is “The Garden Isle” due to its verdant and lush landscapes. Kauai is also known for its many waterfalls including Waipoo Falls tumbling 800 feet into Waimea Canyon. Two scenic waterfalls on Kauai’s east side include Opaekaa Falls as well as the iconic Wailua Falls which was shown in the opening credits of the television show “Fantasy Island.”