A view of Polihale from Kaaweiki Ridge

Last Sunday, a few of my friends and I enjoyed a mountain bike ride in Koke’e. Trout season just began this weekend, so we saw quite a few folks enjoying the cool weather of Koke’e and catching trout in the auwai (irrigation canals) as we biked past. From there we hopped onto the contour road for an easy cruise. From the contour road, there are several roads that lead down to the Na Pali. If you’ve never been down one of them, it’s always a mystery how far it is and more importantly, on a bike, how steep it is. Steepness – while it can be really fun going downhill, you have to remember that you are climbing back up!

We came upon Kaaweiki Ridge road and decided – why not?! Let’s go check it out. It’s about a 4 mile descent in great condition. Not terribly steep at any point and the view of Polihale was spectacular. The picture does not do it justice. We admired the view for a bit before hopping back on our bikes for the climb back to Koke’e. The amazing view and the coolness of Koke’e made it an A+ adventure.

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