A Kauai Na Pali Coast Boat Tour is a Top Summer Adventure!

Sail down the Na Pali Coast. Enjoy amazing vistas and sea life.

Snorkeling, Dolphins and the Amazing Na Pali Peaks and Valleys

Few sights are as awe-inspiring as gazing over the majestic peaks and pinnacles of the Na Pali Coast. Extending for more than a dozen miles along Kauai’s western shore, the Na Pali includes numerous deep valleys separated by steep, furrowed mountains with waterfalls cascading down. In some areas sea cliffs rise almost straight up from the shore for thousands of feet while other areas reveal secluded white sand beaches. The views along this stretch of coastline will leave you breathless.

Numerous Kauai companies offer boating tours along the Na Pali using a variety of vessels from rigid-hulled inflatables ideal for entering sea caves (conditions permitting) to large sailing catamarans equipped with showers and restrooms, as well as gourmet meals served aboard the boat. Some snorkeling tours also include a scuba diving option and visit the nearby island of Niihau.

Summer is a great season to see the Na Pali Coast by boat as the waters are typically very calm compared to the winter months when large swells may arrive from the north. Of course ocean conditions vary from day to day so it’s best to plan you adventure to avoid rough seas. Calm, clear waters also provide exceptional snorkeling opportunities with some tours stopping at areas thriving with marine life.

Highlights of a Na Pali Coast boat tour include visiting sea caves and seeing spinner dolphins riding the bow wave of the boat or passing by in pods and exhibiting their trademark flips and spins. Hawaiian green sea turtles are also frequently seen in these waters, and occasionally Hawaiian monk seals.

Boat tours are also a great way to learn about the Na Pali region including Hawaiian culture and lore with narration by knowledgeable crew members who point out landmarks and describe the rich Na Pali history.