Ruth's daughter, Sabrina Marvin, far right, as one of America's most famous aviators, Amelia Earhart.

Worldwide celebrities recently paid a morning visit to Hanalei Elementary School!   Amongst some of the most famous people seen were Albert Einstein, Madame Curie, King Kamehameha I, Amelia Earhart, Duke Kahanamoku, Princess Ka’iulani, Annie Oakley, Ringo Starr, Shirley Temple, Shaun White, Bethany Hamilton, and many more.  Where did all these prominent people come from and what was the occasion?  It was Mrs. Isa Fores’ 6th Grade Class’ annual Live Wax Museum Exhibit.  Each student studied the biography of a famous person of their choice, wrote a summary, created a time-line poster and an iMovie, and dressed up as authentically as possible for the event itself.  Visitors could touch the person

Jack Baker's son, Makai, as the brilliant Albert Einstein.

to make him or her come alive and the celebrity would give a short summary of their most important life events.  During breaks, one could also see each student’s iMovie and talk to the students about their research and findings.  It was a fantastic event!  Congratulations to the 6th Grade Class at Hanalei Elementary School and thank you Mrs. Fores for putting on such a great event every year!

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