Moloa’a Bay to Kealia…

How many of you can still remember the S.S. Minnow sitting on a deserted beach with a big hole in its side? Maybe it’s the “3-hour-tour,” theme song that sparks this fond memory? Well, the pilot for the much loved hit television show, Gilligan’s Island was shot on Kauai and at the very special and not-so-well known Moloa’a Bay. Though the boat and crew made it back to Hollywood, this magnificent and hidden Bay is still awaiting your discovery and enjoyment. This Bay and the other areas mentioned in this blog are generally much less well known and traveled than their more Northern or Southern counterparts and this can be a great benefit to the exploring vacationer or those just looking for some quiet time while here.

Moloa’a Bay – Photo by Adrian Sear

Moloa’a Bay is accessed by small and private Moloa’a Road. This road is reached via the scenic Koolau Road that connects to the highway at The Moloa’a Sunrise Fruit Stand. Weather on this North Eastern section of Kauai is quite different from the North Shore, which we have covered in previous blogs. Less precipitation occurs here and the sun is generally more present. However, this region still benefits from the casual passing tropical showers, which assists in keeping the abundant plant life happy and healthy. Home options are slim here and can be very fast in movement. Land options are more plentiful and some of which have to be seen to be believed. Moloa’a has a strong feeling of remoteness and tranquility. Home prices currently range from $1.3M-2M, with lots varying from $275K for a half acre to $20M for the entire 147 acres of Moloa’a Ranch.

Aliomanu Gem – photo by Adrian Sear

The Aliomanu Estates are situated just 5 minutes away along the highway from the fruit stand. This area possesses a ranch-type feel to it and offers sizable lots and stunning homes. Situated perfectly between some exceptional hidden beaches and the amazing profile and presence of the Kalalea Mountains, words cannot do this area justice. Some may recognize the profile of the awesome mountain peaks from the opening scenes of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The “Kong- Mountain” profile is clearly evident while heading southbound on the highway. Two easily missed access roads (Papaa or Aliomanu) will lead you to Kalalea Drive, which will take you through the middle of this locale. If you are looking for some “elbow room” to stretch out and also have the ability to absorb stunning mountain vistas and easily accessed yet lightly visited beaches, then this could make for an ideal location. Homes currently range from $850K-4.5M for an Architectural Digest covered Balinese masterpiece. Lots vary between $365K-3.5M for a stunning 63 acre parcel.

Anahola Bay – Photo by Adrian Sear

A couple minutes further South is yet another hidden gem, Anahola Bay. This beautiful tree-lined bay is home to some of the clearest water on the island and can make for some great snorkeling during the summer months. Oceanfront homes reside on either side of the bay, with the river meeting the ocean in the middle. The Northern section of the bay is accessed by the Southern section of Aliomanu Road and because it is not connected to its Northern section, this area is very special indeed and seldom seen. Serenity and aquamarine waters abound in a peaceful and blissfully quiet haven. If a peaceful and hidden oceanfront home is what you desire, then this is possibly one of the best locations on the island. Inventory is slight in options down here but value is strong because of its somewhat unknown location. Oceanfront homes are currently offered between $1.1M-5.5M and make for an outstanding hidden value for this type of property on Kauai.

Kealia is the area that lies just south of Anahola and is rich in its agricultural history (see blog Kealia Kai Kauai). The Kealia Kai Subdivision is the first ocean bluff estate acreage located north of Lihue. The tropical gated entranceway is often mistaken for being a passage into an exclusive resort. The roads and landscaping within this rare opportunity are kept up beautifully, yet the 260 acres that span Kealia Kai, have an unmistakable natural feel to it. A little over 30 lots were positioned strategically here, of which only 11 lots are currently still available. All offer amazing sunrise views over unspoiled ocean bluffs. Access to the popular Kapaa bike path can be a great way to venture into town for lunch with friends and allows all to take in the beauty of this area while working up an appetite. Remaining lots range from $995K-1.9M and range in size from 5-8.8 acres.

Other than offering great diversity and value for Kauai, the hidden benefits of all the aforementioned areas are you are always within a short 25-35 minute drive to either the airport or Princeville/Hanalei. You are within an even shorter 10-20 minute drive into Kapaa and all of its numerous conveniences. If the draw to visit one of Poipu’s great restaurants is calling you, or possibly a day hike in the mountains of Kokee is on the agenda, this area benefits by its more central location.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have on this or any other area of our magical island. It is our passion to make sure that both visitor and future home owners alike get to experience all the diversity and special aspects that make up our beloved home.

Next stop Kapaa-Lihue…

Kealia Kai – photo by Adrian Sear

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