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Kauai’s Hidden Gem. Photo by Adrian Sear

So you’ve made the visit to Kauai and a magical spell has seemingly been cast down upon you. Maybe this happened instantly on an initial visit, or perhaps when you think of vacation your thoughts always drift back to Kauai. The desire and idea of having a home here, whether it’s seasonal or full time, has been planted. Maybe it was waking up to the gentle and refreshing breeze that traveled across thousands of miles of open Pacific Ocean to gently lift you from your slumbers and energize you for yet another memory filled day. Perhaps it was the ever present sound of the neighborhood rooster making his presence known, combined with the softer song of the numerous doves that made you feel at home. It could also have been the serenade of the soothing surf as the palm trees swayed over the warm glow and embrace of a set of tiki torches. The effect of Kauai’s magical charm can be deeply felt. I myself was one that was taken with its majestic beauty and the offer of a more fulfilling lifestyle. It truly is a magical place and its draw is definitely real.

So the seed has been planted, but where does one start to even consider calling a part of the magnificent Garden Island home? There are the obvious draws of Princeville, Hanalei and Kilauea in the North and Poipu and Koloa in the South, but what about all those other hidden areas where most do not venture to see or even consider? Are there any jewels to be found in these slightly more obscure locations? The answer is a resounding yes!

Paradise awaits. Photo by Adrian Sear

Kauai is very diverse in not only varying climate and outdoor activities but also in range and types of properties available. This upcoming series of blogs are to assist our visitors by providing insight to the attributes and benefits of each specific region, some that may not have even been considered. It has always been a mission of mine, to make sure that my clients always have a very informative and option packed presentation that is tailored around their specific requests. Always feel free to shoot me an email if you have specific questions you would like me to answer for you.

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Adrian Sear

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Part 2 – Haena to Hanalei to follow shortly…

Kauai Real Estate Services and Vacation Accommodations

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