A big MAHALO to Tom & Ann Carr who donated their 1997 convertible Mazda Miata to the Kauai Food Bank.  


Our 1948 International Woody sits in front of our office in beautiful downtown Hanalei with a sign that says “Kauai Food Bank Donations accepted inside”.  Tom and Ann saw the sign and came in this past Monday.  They wanted to donate their car. One quick call and Kelvin Moniz of the Kauai Food Bank came to the office to handle the transfer. 


Now that Tom and Ann have donated their car, they are free to sail away, which is what they’re going to do! They head to Washington State on their 32 foot sailboat. Thanks, again, to Tom & Ann for the wonderful donation.


The Kauai Food Bank is very grateful for this and any other donation. It has been very difficult keeping the shelves stocked at the Kauai Food Bank. Demand is up at least 40%. Anyone interested in making a donation or buying a 1997 convertible Mazda Miata, please contact Kelvin Moniz at [email protected].

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