I’m sure most of you have had a chance to view the amazing photos on our Kauai Waves.  Dane Grady, the photographer, has shared with us a new series of photos which visually explain why we all choose to live on Kauai.  Take a few minutes to check out Kauai Lifestyle.

Photo by Dane Grady. Breathtaking!

A little info on Dane.  He was raised on the Garden Island and brought up in our tropical paradise.  The unique beauty of the land and the ocean inspired him to become a photographer.  The magic of the waves and different sea animals are his favorite things to capture.  Unique weather conditions and consistent surf keep him driven to pursue this art.  Dane has been shooting photos in and around these waters for seven years now.  Today he finds himself in the water or on adventures as much as possible, working on capturing unforgettable moments.  His goal is to make a difference with his photography, whether it is a simple smile or a positive inspiration to preserve the beauty and serenity of nature, Dane wants his images to be universal.

Regarding the amazing photo on this page, here is how Dane explains it:

“This photo is the highlight of my career. While shooting a free diving session with a friend, three miles off the east side, a pod of humpback whales and two rough toothed dolphins passed right by us. I couldn’t believe the encounter. It was rare and amazing to see. Although I have to admit, it was pretty scary seeing such big animals come out of nowhere and swim off into the deep blue. I doubt we will ever experience something like that again. Blessed to have captured this image.”

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