Kauai showed the world the true meaning of Aloha and Ohana this past week after a major storm flooded the north shore along with other parts of the island. Residents and visitors immediately responded with “hands-on” help , donations, and deliveries of much needed goods ...read more
Many people have asked me over the years, "where do you go on vacation, Mahana?" "Vacation? I STAYCATION!" One of the many reasons I love Kaua'i so very much is because it has everything I want and more. Last week, my dear childhood friend whom I have known since I was 10 from South Florida ...read more
Few things are more fun than playing with your ohana (family) in August on Kauai! This past weekend, our Kauai Ohana had two of the most fun festivals – the Sand Fest on Saturday, August 8th and the Mango and Music Fest on Sunday August 9th! The Sand Fest 2015 is an annual sand sculpture ...read more