Enjoying ocean activities at lifeguarded beaches has many benefits

Kauai is known for its amazingly beautiful beaches with clear blue waters lined with golden sand and a verdant mountain backdrop. They truly are among the most beautiful beaches on Earth.

Heed all warning signs such as these at Hanakapi’ai Beach. Always swim where a lifeguard is in attendance.

However, high surf and strong currents can make ocean activities dangerous if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. For this reason, , if you are visiting Kauai and plan on including ocean activities into your vacation, it is highly recommended that you go in the water only at Kauai’s lifeguarded beaches.

All beaches have an inherent danger since the ocean is unpredictable. Many Hawaii beaches have little to no protection from the open ocean so the waves can be big, and even when the water appears calm there may be strong currents that make swimming dangerous in certain areas.

Even for those who are confident of their swimming abilities, they may not be familiar with the waves and ocean currents that can quickly pose a danger to those who are not experienced. Enjoying your ocean activities at lifeguarded beaches helps keep you safe for a happy Kauai vacation.

The Benefits of Lifeguarded Beaches

The first benefit of swimming only at lifeguarded beaches is that you can check with the lifeguards when you arrive and ask them about the ocean conditions that day. They can tell you which areas are the safest for swimming, snorkeling or other ocean activities you are interested in. This provides you with vital information that helps you enjoy your activities. Another benefit of checking with the lifeguards about ocean conditions is that it lets them know your intentions so they can keep an eye out for your safety as you enjoy the day.

Where To Find Lifeguarded Beaches on Kauai – East and North Shores

On Kauai’s east side you will find lifeguarded beaches at Anahola Beach Park and also at Kealia Beach which can be seen alongside the main road in Kapaa. Also on the east side is Lydgate Beach which has a lifeguard station as well as an area protected by rocks placed in the water to create a safe swimming area.

On the north shore’s Hanalei Bay there are two lifeguard stations including one at Waioli Beach Park and one at Pavilion Beach Park. Other lifeguarded north shore beaches include Haena Beach Park located west of Hanalei, and Ke’e Beach at the very end of the road where the Na Pali Coast begins.

Where To Find Lifeguarded Beaches on Kauai – South and West Shores

On Kauai’s south side there is a lifeguard station at Poipu Beach which is popular for a variety of ocean activities from snorkeling and surfing to stand up paddle boarding and beach walks.

On the west side of Kauai there is a lifeguard station at Kekaha Beach which is also the beginning of Hawaii’s longest beach. Another west side lifeguarded beach is Salt Pond Beach where there are also small, shallow pools that provide some protection for children.

Following Kauai Water Safety Guidelines for a Healthy and Happy Garden Island Vacation

Whenever visiting Kauai beaches or hiking trails make sure to follow all Kauai Safety Guidelines including Ocean Safety Tips. It is also recommended that you visit the lifeguarded beaches during normal daytime hours rather than too early in the morning or late in the evening when lifeguards may not be at the stations.

Kauai is known as one of the world’s best surfing locations for a reason. Large ocean swells often arrive creating high surf and strong currents on all sides of the island. During times of high surf avoid the ocean altogether. Never swim alone, and keep children closely supervised at all times. Make safety your number one priority during your Kauai vacation so that you can have an amazing visit and enjoy all that Kauai has to offer while avoiding dangerous situations.  Enjoy lifeguarded beaches and enjoy Kauai!

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