Why an auction?  Auctions are designed to generate offers and resolve the stalemate between Sellers and Buyers over market price by enabling the Seller to “trust the Market” for fair market value, rather than continued speculative pricing.  Auctions create enthusiasm among all types of Buyers and compel them to participate.  Auctions accelerate the sale of properties to less than 90 days.  In short, auctions get the job done.

Why a sealed bid auction now?  Since Kauai is an island as far away from a continent as you can be, it provides a fair format that does not require attendance at a specific time or place.  Remote bidding at a live auction is less than satisfactory to many buyers.  Sealed bid auctions allay fears of fast talking auctioneers in a crazy and unorganized environment.

We look forward to your participation.  Be the ONE on 1-11-11.  Log on and log in to www.auctionkauai.com.

Hanalei Bay Vista MLS 186555

Pavilions at Seacliff MLS220153

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