Members of the Bali Hai Ohana were at the Lihue Salvation Army Soup Kitchen yesterday to help cook up a meal and serve it to folks in need.  In attendance were Susan Blaylock, Lois Lutz, John Ferry, his son Riley Grazer, and John’s son-in-law Christopher Ordonez.  Nathan Apuna, the Kitchen Manager (and chef extraordinaire) prepares the menus and the meals.  Also there to help were Robert and Teri Inouye, who volunteer often.

Nathan, Teri, Riley, Susie, Robert, John and Christopher get ready to serve at the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen.

The Salvation Army Soup Kitchen receives food from the Kauai Food Bank and from local companies.  The restaurant 22 North (formerly Gaylords) at Kilohana regularly contributes food and prepared meals to the Soup Kitchen, as well.

If you would like to help, whether it’s monetary or food donations or the gift of your time, please give Nathan a call at 808-245-2571.  They would love to hear from you.

The Bali Hai Ohana is already looking forward to their next visit, scheduled for November 16th.

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