Princeville residents and guests should know that road work affecting the Princeville Community is scheduled to start next week, September 23.  Said road work will continue through the end of October (weather permitting).  The work process of seal coating requires time to dry, therefore, people will have to refrain from driving on the newly coated surfaces for up to ½ a day or so.  Please note that certain roads will be closed for traffic on specific days and for a specific time. Princeville Patrol will be hand-delivering flyers to the affected streets the day before to inform residents and guests about the timeframe of the road closure and alternative parking.

Princeville residents are encouraged to visit the website for updates or call the PHCA office at 808.826.6687 or the PHCA Patrol at 808.826.6181 for more information.  Attached please find the tentative “Road Seal Schedule”; please note that this schedule is subject to change pending weather conditions and work progress.

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