One Saturday a month a few local residents head to Hanalei Bay. We gather here to set up for “KORE” KAUAI OCEAN RECREATION EXPERIENCE.

An amazing group of local residents helps the physically challenged and special needs kids and adults get into our beautiful Kauai Ocean.

I have written about KORE in the past and how awesome it is.  Today I wanted you all to hear from someone who has benefited from KORE so I called my friend Eric and asked him if we could share his “Kauai Ocean Recreation Experience” and he wrote me back and said yes.  Thank you, Eric. Here is his story:

Aloha, I’m Eric Lazar and I want to thank Suzi for allowing me to share my story and how KORE has changed my life.

Papa Sau and Eric Lazar. Photo courtesy of Eric Lazar

I have been paralyzed for 11 years.  I have been fortunate to have KORE here on Kauai as they have assisted me in getting back into the water on a surf board.  KORE creates a safe environment and it makes me feel so blessed and lucky to take part in this event every month.   Without the help and support I would have never known how to get back into the water let alone get back onto a surf board.

I had been trying for over ten years to get back into the ocean surfing.  It’s a feeling no one can really describe to you, and after I was paralyzed I couldn’t imagine how I was going to ever get back surfing.

I believe we all have choices in life and to see so many people choose to come out to this event every month and take people with special needs surfing for the day is just something you should come down and see.  I want to give a big thank you to Kurt L. and Suzie W. for heading up this event as it takes leadership, careful planning and safety rules to make this event run smoothly.

KORE is a BIG OHANA beach gathering with food, live music, and lots of smiles.  Thanks to KORE they have “made my dreams come true”.  Also a big thanks to surf board shaper Papa Sau for making my first board and Mitch Haynie for making the second board that works very well and thank you Rick and Cheryl Busch for all you have done for myself and the KORE family.

Eric enjoying the surf! Photo courtesy of Eric Lazar

Because of KORE I have been able to get back out in the ocean.  Something I never could imagine happening.  What is really amazing is last Wednesday October 15th 2014 (which happens to be the exact day I moved to Kauai in 2012), Mitch and I paddled out to Hanalei Bay where I caught four waves BY MYSELF!!!!   What an amazing feeling to believe you can do something and then you finally do it!  What was just a dream is now something I am able to do!  Thank you KORE, thank you everyone.

~ By Eric Lazar

From Suzi Gillette:

Come down to our next KORE event to get you or a loved one in the water no matter what the challenge is.  You can also just come down and experience the joy we all receive.

Next KORE day:

Hanalei Bay (Beach Park)

Saturday, Ocotober 25, 2014.


See you there!

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  • Simeon Molina


    What time is the kore outing today at hsnalei

  • Adrian


    Such an inspiring story and seeing the sheer joy on Eric’s face is something very heartfelt. Great to see so many on this special island, love to give back to the people and the community that they so cherish. Awesome blog!

  • Moana Ferry


    Great story! Thank you so much Suzi and thank you to Eric for sharing his amazing story. I’d like to come out on Saturday to help out!

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