A recent article in the August 2010 edition of Hawaii Realtor proves beneficial for the Owner-Builder.  The article is as follows:

As of July 1, homeowners who have built a home or improved a property with an owner-builder permit can sell or lease the house within a year of completion under certain conditions, for example, if the sale or lease was caused by an eligible unforeseen hardship as determined by the Contractor’s License Board.

The new law defines completion as the “date of final inspection approval by the county.”

To apply for the hardship exemption, an owner-builder must submit an application to the Contractor’s License Board certifying that the structure was not intended for sale or lease at the time the permit was obtained.  The Board has 90 days after receiving a completed application to respond as to whether the owner-builder qualifies for the exemption.

The application may be downloaded at Hawaii.gov/dcca/pvl/boards/contractor.  Click on “Application Forms & Publications,” then “Exemption from Chapter 444, HRS.”

The Hawaii Association of Realtors testified to the Legislature and Governor in strong support of the measure (Act 44), which was signed into law by Governor Linda Lingle on April 21, 2010.  HAR also worked with various stakeholders including the Regulated Industries Complaints Office, Building Industry Association and Contractor’s Licensing Board to ensure that this measure had no unintended consequences.

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