To some people, animals are simply pets. To others, their furry friends are more like children. I have twin Abyssinian-Ragdoll cats, Kashi a.k.a “Fat Baby” (pictured with me) and Shiva. They mean so much to me and are the most wonderful companions.

Mahana and “Fat Baby”.

When I first was moving back to Kauai from North Carolina, I was told that my cats would have to stay behind in quarantine for many months. You can imagine the feeling of having to “choose” between your two loves…moving to Kauai OR staying with my beloved feline friends.

Options For Your Pets Before You Move to Hawaii

I was so incredibly relieved once my vet told me that they could be quarantined at home, with me, before I moved to Hawaii. The trick is that not only do they have to be up to date on all their shots etc., but they also need a micro-chip. This turned out to be an amazing option, for by the time I was ready to move, so were my cats.

This type of quarantine is relatively new. In the past, your beloved four legged friends would have had a less than preferable option of having to stay in a cage at the vets for months. Since we have all been here, life is purrrfect!

Kauai, thankfully, has very few cases of rabies, etc. The quarantine really does its job. This law also keeps out unwanted animals, like snakes, which Kauai does not have on the “Garden Isle”. If you are moving to Kauai, and would like to adopt a loving fur person to make your life that much brighter, the Kauai Humane Society has many lovable creatures looking for loving homes.

I would love to hear about your animals and your Hawaii adventures. I invite you to contact me today for more information about beautiful properties that are purrrfect for you and your furry friends!

Kauai Real Estate Services and Vacation Accommodations

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