Enjoying a mountain biking trip

We recently went on a wonderful vacation.  Oddly enough, when we meet new people abroad and they find out we’re from Kauai, they are amused that we actually go somewhere for vacation.  They view Hawaii as the land of perpetual vacation.  That may be true for some very lucky individuals, but it’s also not too far from the truth for the rest of the population, either.  At any point during the day, everyone here has the opportunity to go to the beach, hike a lovely trail, play a round of golf, enjoy amazing vistas, watch the sunrise or sunset…you just make it part of your day.  The majority of us do.  It’s why we live here.

There’s also something else wonderful about going on vacation “off-island”.  You always look forward to coming home to Kauai!  After enjoying the hustle and bustle (that’s my PC term for “rat race”) of the mainland, landing back on Kauai automatically soothes and relaxes you.  There’s nothing like it.  We’re lucky to live Kauai.

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