Every May and November for the past several years, our office has volunteered to help with the Tuesday evening dinner service at the Salvation Army Kokua Soup Kitchen in Lihue. Yesterday was that day!


Lois, Terry & Bob Inouye, Steve Searby and Malia, Moana Ferry, Auntie Haruko Otsubo, Christopher Ordonez, Char Lontoc, and Laurie Lewis.

Moana Ferry, Christopher Ordonez R(B), Steve Searby R(S), his daughter Malia, and I were on hand to assist.  Char Lontoc was busy shredding roasted chickens, so we jumped in to help. Laurie Lewis was making a wonderful vegetable salad, Auntie Haruko Otsubo showed us where everything was, and Bob & Terry Inouye (who are always there!) were busy helping, too.

Getting ready to serve dinner and learning how to dish it up.

From preparing dinner, serving and cleaning up, we all enjoyed the opportunity to help.

You, too, can volunteer! For more information on how, please contact Major Mario Reyes directly at:

The Salvation Army
4182 Hardy Street
Lihue, Hawaii 96766
Phone (808) 245-2571

Give Christopher some gloves, and he is a dish washing machine!


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