In memory of an Extraordinary young man
Bruce Sinjin Perdue 4/22/1989 – 5/21/2012
His Family Robert & Goretti Perdue donate in his honor
a Brand New Dick Brewer Surfboard
at our June 2014 KORE day
Kauai Ocean Recreation Experience


A KORE day starts with a blessing & a prayer.  There we were on Kauai’s Hanalei Bay forming a circle hand in hand, the sun shining, the cool trade winds blowing.  Our feet on the cool green grass near the white sandy beach and the beautiful blue ocean.  We could hear the waves hitting the shoreline. We knew this was going to be a great day for catching waves!  We’re going surfing!

Wren, Robert & Goretti Perdue with the surfboard they donated to KORE in Bruce’s honor. Photo by Suzi Gillette.

But there was something even more magical about this day.  We were there to honor a very special young man, Bruce Sinjin Perdue, a passionate and talented big wave surfer who lost his life in 2012.  Bruce’s parents Robert and Goretti and his sister Wren were there to honor his life and the way he lived his life and how his life touched so many of us in a special way. In his honor, Bruce’s family donated a beautiful brand new surfboard so that KORE participants can enjoy the ocean as much as he did.

I knew Bruce since he was born here on Kauai in 1989.  The family lived a few houses away.  He was always a kind polite young man.   The saying “Smile be Nice” is something that Bruce wrote and it has never left us.  It was written on a dry erase board he had in his room.  The next thing you know, one of his friends comes up with a logo and now there is Bruce’s saying all over Kauai – hats, shirts and stickers.  I realized this is so true of KORE as well.

Come down for a KORE DAY!  All you will see are SMILES and people being NICE!!!!

WHAT IS KORE?  I’m so glad you asked

Kauai Ocean Recreation Experience, or KORE, is designed to help both Kauai residents and their families who are physically challenged and/or have special needs, to get back into the ocean with the assistance of trained professionals. KORE had its first Beach Day on August 15, 2009.  Originally created by a small  but passionate group of Kauai watermen and women, firefighters and physical rehab therapists,  KORE’s Beach Days have now grown into a monthly event which now boasts over 400 participants and volunteers working together to make the beach and ocean accessible to all. We are a grassroots, volunteer driven, non profit organization under the umbrella of the Kauai YMCA.  We are dedicated to helping those who are physically challenged or have special needs to get back into the ocean.  Whether it is surfing or just relaxing in the water, our intent is to get our visistors, residents and their families to once again enjoy a day at the beach.

I invite you to come on down to our next KORE.  If you know anyone who has never experienced being on a surfboard and riding waves and wants to experience it, ANYONE can.  Our team at Coldwell Banker Bali Hai Realty will be at the beach

For KORE day! Visit www.KoreKauai.com for more great photos and future KORE dates.

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