Certain appliances may make a media room a “kitchen”.

There’s been some significant changes to the administrative rules that were approved this year by the Planning Commission and took effect mid-April.  The changes pertain to definitions in the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance regarding “Dwelling Unit”, Multiple Family Dwelling”, and “Kitchen”.  Check out the following link for review:

New Planning Administrative Rule Changes

The new rule specifies Installed Equipment is defined as “any appliance used to cook and prepare food including but not limited to a stove top or range, griddle, rice cooker, toaster oven, microwave, hot plate and/or deep fryer”.   For example, a microwave in a TV room used for making popcorn now makes the TV room a “kitchen” under the new rules.  A single family residence with multiple “kitchens” is now deemed multi-family use and a violation by the Planning Department.

Rule 4 further specifies rooms “designed to be used for cooking and preparing food” shall require surfaces for installed equipment to be no more than eight feet from a sink and a refrigerator“.   This may limit kitchen designs and new constructions plans must note such surfaces when applying for a residential building permit now.


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