Kauai Real Estate TMK Map
"Kauai TMK Map"

Kauai Real Estate TMK Map

Have you ever wondered what those cryptic numbers used to identify your specific lot mean? The state of Hawaii uses Tax Map Key (TMK) system to help you determine where your lot or home is located:

  • THE FIRST NUMBER indicates the ISLAND, all Kauai properties start with the number 4.
  • THE SECOND NUMBER indicates the ZONE on this island – Kauai has 5 zones.
  • THE THIRD NUMBER identifies a SECTION within the zone.
  • THE FOURTH AND FIFTH NUMBER refer to the PARCEL and PLAT – showing exactly where the property is located.
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  • Bob Swanson


    I love this TMK map.

    One thing seems off from the state markings and that is that the plat number occurs before the parcel. Your example has parcel and plat reversed.

  • Doug Fraser


    what is the sqft for 56 tmk:(4)5-5-01:11
    county lot

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