Lois Lutz at the Hanalei Farmer's Market

Lois Lutz at the Hanalei Farmer’s Market

A great person in our office once said, “Hey, if you’re ever feeling lonely, just go to the farmer’s market.You’ll see everyone one you know!”It’s so true!Not only is the farmer’s market a great place to purchase locally and organically grown fruits and vegetables, it’s a great place to catch up with long time friends.

This time of year is particularly wonderful if you’re a fruit lover.Lychee, mangoes, papayas, pineapple, longan and many other exotic varieties are in season.Vendors also carry all sorts of vegetables and greens.Someone even had purple carrots!Folks can also find plants and exotic Hawaiian flowers sold in bunches.Each visit provides an opportunity to learn about a new plant, fruit or vegetable.


Some farmer’s markets have craft and food vendors, such as the Hanalei market on Saturday morning.The Saturday market at Puhi has the pie lady – try her chocolate coconut pie – divine!


So, the farmers market provides not only fresh food for the belly, but when you see an old beloved friend, it’s food for the heart and soul, too.


Kauai Farmers Market Schedule

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