National Tropical Botanical Garden, Limahuli Valley. Photo courtesy of

Award-Winning Botanical Garden Includes Important Plants of Polynesia

Near the end of the road in Haena on Kauai’s majestic north shore is Limahuli Valley, a lush, tropical valley surrounded by steep mountain peaks. In this valley are ancient taro terraces built into the hillside and restored just as they were one thousand years ago.

As part of the National Tropical Botanical Gardens, Limahuli supports a staff of researchers, field workers, and volunteers that continue to restore areas of this ancient north shore Kauai valley and preserve its rare native Hawaiian plant species and archaeological wonders.

Set beneath the beautiful Makana Mountain (Bali Hai) overlooking the Pacific, Limahuli Garden offers a self-guided tour on a well-marked 3/4-mile trail where you can learn about many important species including those plants brought by the first Hawaiians and integral to their culture.

Interwoven with the botanical knowledge provided by Limahuli are the legends of this special place which was awarded Best Natural Botanical Garden in the United States by the American Horticultural Society.

Guided tours are also available to provide more comprehensive information about the native species at Limahuli, the many traditional uses of the plants, and Limahuli’s work on plant research and preservation of native ecosystems.

From the ancient lava rock terraces to the waterfalls and flowing Limahuli Stream, the Garden also sponsors educational programs to help the island’s youth learn about good environmental practices of soil, water and Kauai plant conservation. Call (808) 826-1053 for more information.

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