Helpful Information for Kauai Visitors

If you are planning a vacation to Kauai you may have some questions such as when is the best time to visit, where should I stay, what should I bring, and what are some fun activities and attractions that I would enjoy. Here are some helpful Kauai vacation tips to help ensure that you have a wonderful visit to the Garden Island.

When to Travel to Kauai

Family fun at Tunnels. This could be you!

All times of year are excellent for a Kauai vacation as the climate and ocean temperature are always generally favorable. Even during busier travel seasons the beaches of Kauai are never crowded.

Winter is the rainier season on Kauai though you will often find beautiful weather during this season just like the summer. If it is raining on one part of the island you can usually hop in a car and find good weather in another area of the island. Sunny Poipu on the south shore averages more than 300 days of sunny weather each year.

Kauai’s Peak Travel Seasons

From mid-June until Labor Day and from mid-December until Easter are busier visitor seasons. If you are traveling during these times make sure to arrange your flights and accommodations well in advance. This will ensure that you have the widest ranges of choices at the lowest prices.

Accommodations on Kauai – Vacation Rentals, Condos, Hotels

There are plenty of accommodations on Kauai ranging from hotel rooms to condominiums and beach villas. See Bali Hai Realty’s Kauai Vacation Rental Galleries or use our Map-Based Vacation Rental Search feature. Also please feel free to give us a call.

Things You Will Need During Your Kauai Vacation

Things you will need on Kauai – which you may bring with you or purchase once you are on island – include: sunscreen, sunglasses, a camera, shorts, t-shirts, Kauai map, water container, mosquito repellent, hat, walking shoes, sandals (flip-flops), light jacket or sweater, swimsuits, a beach bag, and snorkel gear including a snorkel, mask and fins (you can rent these on Kauai for fairly cheap).

Preparing for Kauai Activities

If you are going to do extensive hiking through areas with dense vegetation you will want to bring some light slacks to protect your legs from scrapes as well as bug bites. You will also need some sturdy, low-cut hiking boots that protect your ankles on the rugged and rocky trails.

If you plan on doing lots of snorkeling, tidepool exploring, or mountain stream explorations you may want some reef shoes to protect your feet in the water. These are good for rocky beaches and coral reef areas, although you should never walk on the reef.

If you are going to stay overnight in Kokee State Park above Waimea Canyon you may want a warmer jacket as the temperature at Kauai’s higher elevations can become quite chilly at night. If you are just driving up for the day to gaze over the Kalalau Lookout then a light jacket is probably fine.

Kauai Style Attire

Don’t brother bringing overly formal clothes to Kauai as dress is casual at best. Definitely no suits and ties!

For fine dining men will be fine with a nice shirt and pair of slacks, and women may wear a casual dress or blouse and nice slacks – again, not too formal, but instead with an emphasis on comfort and tropical themes.

Coldwell Banker – Bali Hai Realty Services

The Bali Hai Realty staff will be happy to help you find the perfect Kauai vacation rental or assist you in the process of buying or selling a Kauai home.

If you are considering buying a home on Kauai feel free to give us a call to see some of the island’s best real estate deals. You can also browse through the Bali Hai Realty Kauai Real Estate Galleries, or you can use the Map-Based Kauai Home Search.

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