Enjoying A Kauai Visit at Any Time of YearFortunately the Hawaiian Islands are blessed with a temperate climate all year around. Nevertheless there are some considerations to take into account when planning your Kauai vacation.

Generally the temperature on Kauai rarely goes above ninety-five degrees Fahrenheit and temperatures are often in the upper seventies and low eighties – just perfect!

The sea also maintains a pleasant temperature of around 77 degrees or more. This may dip a few degrees in the winter though it is still nice for swimming, and just the right temperature on sunny days.

The warmest areas on Kauai are generally found in Waimea and Kekaha on the west side, with Poipu on the south shore being a bit cooler, the east side cooler still due to the tradewinds, and the north shore staying coolest of all.

During the middle of summer the north shore weather is idyllic while the west side can be a bit warm. Evenings on Kauai may dip into the seventies and even sixties but rarely cooler.

During winter, which is the rainier season, the south shore provides the highest probability of beautiful sunny weather even when it is rainier in other areas like the north shore. Poipu may experience more than three hundred sunny days per year.

The winter months may be a bit brisk at night, though typically only a light jacket or sweater is required to stay warm. Winter days will usually rise into the 70s or even 80s, with a pleasant humidity level making it a great time for activities.

On any given day it may be a bit rainy on one side of the island while being sunny and beautiful on the other side. Word spreads quickly among residents via the “coconut wireless” and it is common for families to drive out of the rainshowers and enjoy a sunny beach day in another area.

The prevailing northeasterly trade winds mean that the north and east shores are typically much wetter than the south and west shores.

Kauai’s mountain-studded north shore captures the trade wind moisture and is a lush and tropical place with lots of waterfalls, streams and rivers. Yet it is also a place where the most common weather is bright and sunny days, with the rainshowers often coming during the night.

The north shore may be a bit rainy for sunbathing during some weeks of winter, though it is also common to have two or three straight weeks of sunny perfect weather right in the middle of December or January with warm breezes and passing rainshowers that keep everything green and keep the waterfalls flowing. There are also plenty of rainbows!

Kokee State Park on the west side is at a higher elevation and can get quite cold at night, especially in the winter. Kauai days that are warm and sunny along the coast may give way to foggy and rainy weather up in Kokee.

While Kokee also has plenty of warm, sunny days, if you want the best views over the Na Pali Coast go as early as possible because fog may roll in to the valleys by mid-morning blocking the view.

If you are planning a Kauai vacation please feel free to give us a call. The Bali Hai Realty vacation rental staff will be happy to help you find the perfect Kauai vacation rental and answer any questions you may have.

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