My friends and I recently went on a fun swim adventure.  For quite some time, I have wanted to swim straight across Hanalei Bay – from the beach in front of the St. Regis right over to Waikoko’s.  I finally brought it up to my swimming buddies, who always seem to pause when I come up with some sort of “adventure”, but the sales pitch isn’t too difficult.  The conversation went something like this: Me “Hey, you guys want to swim across the Bay?” Them “Hmmm…ok.”

So, on a beautiful and calm Saturday morning, we suited up and went for it.  Mind you, I had a little apprehension – the water is really deep in that part of the Bay.  It did not help that I watched an episode of Shark Week a couple days prior to the swim.  However, I just shoved any of “those” thoughts out of my head.  We swam across the Hanalei River and trekked over to the St. Regis beach and started off from there.  The swim was pretty epic.  Beautiful reef, amazingly clear turquoise/aqua blue water.  It went by in no time and we were soon across the Bay to Waikoko’s.  A quick jog around the Bay to the Hanalei Pier brought us all the way back to our starting point.

It is a blessing to be able to do something like this.  To share this adventure with my friends.  This is why I live on Kauai.  Lucky to live Kauai.

Thanks to Johnny, Mitch, Monique and Tom in sharing in the adventure!

If you have a minute and want to check it out, here’s a little snippet of our swim.

This swim is not for everyone.  Consult with a lifeguard prior to swimming in our waters – and we always recommend swimming or snorkeling where lifeguards are present.


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    Getting my Kauai “fix” by watching Hanalei Moon/hula dancers.

    Would love to be able to book another trip & head north from the airport.Most gorgeous area on the island.


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