Most of you that have read my blog entries are aware that I lead a very active lifestyle.  Although my triathlon racing is infrequent these days, I continue to swim, bike and run regularly.  Kauai is so amazing because you can do this year-round – whether your preference is road or off road, pool or ocean swimming – our temperate and tropical climate will never hinder you from a great workout.

A pod of dolphins off of Kauai’s coastline.

A recent Saturday morning workout was a definite highlight.  My cohorts and I have taken to Saturday morning trail runs, sometimes followed by a swim.  We decided on running the Anahola single track and jumped in the water by the old Anahola pier for a swim.  We had never had the chance to swim in Anahola, so it was a new adventure.  The sun was shining, the water was crisp and clear and we swam across the bay towards Aliomanu.  On our return trip, we paused to look around and enjoy the view.  There’s something about looking back at the island from the water that gives me a feeling of awe.  The combination of mountain, beach and sea is beautiful.

As I was staring across the water, I noticed a fin surface about 25 yards away.  I had a millisecond of fright until I realized it was a dolphin – and there were a lot of them!  My friend said “let’s go swim to them!”  We blazed towards them and they swam towards us.  They stayed about 15 feet away and swam under and around us a few times before heading away.  It was unbelievably amazing!

As much time as I spend in the water, this was the first time I’ve ever had the opportunity to see dolphins up close, much less swim with them.  That was the best swim ever!

Please note that I always swim with a friend or group of friends in our Kauai waters.  Consult with a lifeguard prior to swimming in our waters – and we always recommend swimming or snorkeling where lifeguards are present.

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  • Erin Erickson


    What an incredible experience and well earned for all those days of training! Thanks for sharing and also for warning people not to swim in the water alone.

  • Michael


    You were so lucky to have this experience. This is my dream on my bucket list…I want to swim with dolphins.

  • Martha George


    Awesome!!! Last Sunday my husband and I went snorkeling to Poipu, we were surprised by two whales swimming around so close to the shore! It was so beautiful…

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