I enjoy swimming and Kauai is a great place to do it.  You can swim in the ocean year round here.  The water may get a little cooler in winter months, but you can still swim without having to wear a wetsuit.  We do have surf, so on those days you have to choose your spot carefully.

Honu at Anini

One great place to swim – all year, even in times of surf – is Anini Beach.  Anini is protected by Hawaii’s third largest reef.  At 2 miles long, it is one of the longest and widest fringing reefs in Hawaii.  Because of this, it helps protect the area between the reef and the beach and keeps Anini Beach Park calm year round.  It’s a popular spot for swimmers.  There’s even a buoy set up for lap swims.

I’ve enjoyed swimming there because it’s a great place to swim but also because you never know what you get to swim with.  I recently purchased one of those little affordable underwater video cameras, so here’s a little snippet of my “Anini swim buddies”.  Mind you, my video experience is rudimentary at best – shooting and editing – but I hope you enjoy what I get to see every time I swim.

Although Anini is calm most of the time, at times of high surf, there can be rip currents running through the area.  There are no life guards on duty.  Consult with a lifeguard prior to swimming in our waters – and we always recommend swimming or snorkeling where lifeguards are present.

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  • Lisa from Vancouver Island


    Clogging up the space? Have you been to Oahu? I was in Hanalei and Haena in May of this year and most beaches were positively deserted. There were really only a few of us horrible tourists on the beach at any time (heck, the others may have been locals). However, we did not go to Anini, we were quite happy where we were in Haena! Pictures like this keep me going thru the cool winter, thank-you Lois! You are very lucky to live in Paradise.

    • lois


      Hi Lisa. Glad you enjoyed your visit. Don’t give the tourist comment another thought. It’s a very small percentage that think that. Our economoy relies on the visitor industry and we are very happy that you love Kauai and like to visit. And hearing the comments of awed visitors sometimes helps to remind us of how special Kauai is – we can take the beauty and grandeur for granted when you’re surrounded by it daily. I am definitely luck to live Kauai!

  • patty


    Do you have to tell everyone!? there is so few places left on the North shore for people who live here year round to have a place to swim without a million tourists clogging up the space!

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