How to Have a Safe and Fun Kauai Scuba Diving Experience

Make sure your equipment fits properly before entering the ocean.  If you are testing your scuba equipment or adjusting your gear, find a sandy shoreline area instead of standing on the reef. 

Remember: The Reef is Alive!  Do not stand on the reef.

Scuba with honu.

Practice good buoyancy techniques.  Make sure that none of your equipment or accessories – including your gauges and your fins – drag along the seafloor. 

Don’t kick up sand or sediment with your fins.  Be aware of where your fins are at all times.

Do not disrupt the behavior of Kauai’s native species. Never feed fish or any other wildlife.  This alters their natural behavior and can harm the species.

Don’t take or move sand, shells, coral or rocks.  These are resources for marine life and should be left where they are.  Only marine debris should be taken away from the beach.

Never anchor a boat on the reef.  Always use established moorings or anchor in sandy areas.

Follow all proper ocean safety precautions. Avoid channels with rip currents that may pull you out to sea or into rougher water. See Bali Hai Realty’s Ocean Safety Tips.

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