Twice a year, our office volunteers to help prep, cook, serve and clean up at the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen. Yesterday, Adrian Sear (RS), Janell Kopesky and her daughter Lia, Moana Ferry and I spent yesterday afternoon doing just that.

Kay Comstock, who has been the Kitchen Coordinator for the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen since 2011, gave us a huge welcome smile as we walked in.  Therease Goodridge, who also volunteers once a month, was also there.  Between the two of them, they guided us effortlessly through the process.

Everyone worked hard and had a great time. We look forward to our next volunteer day at the Kokua Soup Kitchen. For more information, please click on the link below. If you would like to volunteer, they would love to see you!

Therease, Lia, Kay, Lois, Adrian, Janell and Moana. We just made a fruit salad and a spinach salad.

Adrian, Therease, Moana, Lia and Janell making sandwiches.

Lois, Adrian, Kay, Lia, Janell and Moana.


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