The Kauai Bus Rocks!

There I stood in my driveway, staring down at an overheated radiator that required replacement.  Having had my car towed into a mechanic’s shop in Lihue, my first thought was to begin calling my associates at Coldwell Banker Bali Hai Realty in an attempt to hitch a last minute ride from the north shore town of Princeville.  After a few phone calls, it was evident that I was going to have to find an alternative mode of transportation for the hour long drive into town.  Then it came to me – I’m going to take the Kauai bus!

Jack Baker R(S), on the Kauai Bus.

I had always thought it would be an arduous and problematic trip to take a ride on the Kauai bus such a long way.  I had heard plenty of negative comments over the years about the downside of taking the Kauai bus.  “The interior smell is overwhelming”, “It takes way too long to get anywhere”, “It’s a hassle to find a comfortable seat”.  It turned out those comments couldn’t have been more wrong!

I cranked up a positive attitude and found myself eagerly awaiting the 9:20 arrival at the Princeville Kauai bus stop.  I was ready for this adventure; this little foray.  I felt like Lewis & Clark setting out on a bold exploration.  OK, that might be a little over the top…but I was excited!

Not having conducted any research prior to boarding, I asked the driver if this bus route would take me to my destination in Lihue.  He was very accommodating with his answer and smiled back, saying that he would let me know when to exit the Kauai bus and prepare for the other connecting bus.  An hour later, I was stepping off one bus and headed out on the other Kauai bus.  “How easy!”, I thought to myself.

A few of my favorite things about riding the bus?  While riding on the way into Lihue, the height of the bus allowed me to take in views and take photos of places and things that I never noticed while driving in my personal car.   The seats were plenty comfortable. I was happy that the Kauai bus wasn’t so crowded that I had to share the seat next to me.  It was fun seeing the many faces of Kauai that day, too.  There were cute and cuddly visitor couples, nomadic types, businessmen with briefcases, hard-of-hearing folks who spoke way too loud on their phone, and my favorite…the little old ladies dressed to be seen in town.

The Kauai Bus wasn’t just an adventure, it was an activity and mode of transportation that I will proudly endorse.

For more information regarding the Kauai Bus, copy and paste this link into your web browser:

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  • JD


    Public transportation helps keep roadways less congested, keeps our air cleaner, and reduces dependence on foreign oil. Kauai’s bus transportation has been growing in ridership and service.. Please read the island’s long range transportation plan available on the government website. Kauai and the other islands have similar and different challenges ahead. Public transit is one of the solutions.

  • Heather Plimmer


    Good to know! Been visiting Kauia since the late 70’s. didn’t realize there was public transportation. Thanks!h

  • john ferry


    great blog

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