“Safety First” In and Around the Ocean on Kauai

When In Doubt, Don’t Go Out!  – that is the first rule of safety when it comes to Kauai beaches. Always use extreme caution in and around the ocean.

Here are some tips to ensure you have a pleasant Kauai vacation experience and avoid dangerous situations.

Beware of Rip Currents

Always heed warning signs at the beach.

Rip currents are areas in the water near the shoreline where the water is flowing out to sea. 

Rip currents can be extremely dangerous during times of high surf. There may also be rip currents when the waves are not large and the water appears calm.  Always be aware of potential rip current areas.

Beware of Longshore Currents

Longshore currents are currents that flow swiftly parallel to the shoreline. Longshore currents are caused by tidal changes and trade winds as well as breaking waves.

These longshore currents can also make it difficult for swimmers to get back to shore and can carry a person down the coastline.

Even when the ocean appears very calm there may be longshore currents as well as rip currents. Check with lifeguards to know which areas to avoid.

Enjoy Beaches Where Lifeguards Are Stationed. 

To be extra safe, only swim only at Kauai beaches with lifeguards. Even at these beaches you need to be very aware of the ocean conditions and always watch children closely. Do not swim out too far from shore.

Lifeguards can point out dangerous areas where rip currents may form as well as other potential hazards. Benefit from their knowledge and experience, and stay safe!

Don’t Let Children Play Unsupervised

Watch children closely at the beach, even if you are at a beach where there are lifeguards. If lifeguards see unsupervised young children it will distract them from their overall duties including potentially more serious concerns.

Make sure your children also know about potential rip currents and dangerous conditions. If you have small children visit a well-protected beach with a children’s area such as Lydgate Beach or Salt Pond Beach.

Remember, when in doubt, don’t go out. Enjoy your Kauai vacation and stay safe!

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