Makana Urgent Care Clinic, Princeville

Breaking Ground for Makana Urgent Care Clinic

Breaking Ground for Makana Urgent Care Clinic

After several years of hard work and collaboration, another project has broken ground that will benefit the whole North Shore – the Makana Urgent Care Clinic. It will be located behind the Princeville Fire Station. Their goal is to serve all people with non life-threatening injuries or ailments that currently go straight to the emergency room. ER doctors and/or nurse practitioners will be available 24 hours, 7 days a week. They will not be providing any general practitioner services and will refer patients to local GP’s, as well as offering the doctors use of the Urgent Care clinic’s state of the art x-ray, ultrasound and diagnostic facilities at cost.

If you are interested in seeing The Makana Urgent Care Clinic come to fruition, please review the following information:

Makana Urgent Care Clinic

Or contact Dr. Ted Kimball or Mary Paterson ~ directly.

Makana Urgent Care Rendition

Makana Urgent Care Clinic Rendition

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