Dr. Monty Downs & John Ferry, President and Founder of Bali Hai

John Ferry, President and Founder of Bali Hai, met with Dr. Monty Downs this week to help install a few new rescue tubes on Kauai.  Bali Hai donated funds to make 12 new rescue tubes available throughout the island where lifeguards are not available.

John Tyler, Kauai Lifeguard Association Vice Chair, saw the need for rescue tubes on unguarded beaches on Kauai.  He took the initiative and hung the first rescue tube at Larson’s Beach three years ago.  He teamed up with Dr. Monty Downs and the Beach Guardian Association.  The program has grown and the lifesaving devices are in over two dozen locations.

John Ferry contacted Monty last week after a friend rescued someone in front of their home where there was no rescue tube.  He wanted to make sure the lifesaving device was in place if it ever happened again.  John and Monty installed the rescue tube and eleven more are available.

A very very big MAHALO! to John Tyler and Dr. Monty Downs for making this possible and for helping keep locals and visitors safe.  We do stress that everyone should go to a beach where there is a lifeguard on duty.  Enjoy Kauai and think safety first.

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  • Don Heauser


    There was a tragic loss of life in Oregon last weekend when two young men on a high school retreat were swept into the ocean at Yachats. My wife and I are frequent visitors to Kauai and after reading in the local paper what happened here in Oregon, we both immediately remembered the Rescue Tubes that have been deployed on Kauai. The presence of a similar Rescue Tube at this popular location would have very likely saved these two young men’s lives. I intend to pursue a program similar to what has been done on Kauai and would appreciate any contact information you can provide for individuals who you think might be a good resource for me.

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