Staying Safe While Exploring Kauai on a Kayak

The waters around Kauai provide many excellent kayaking opportunities from the pristine bays and rivers of the north shore to the huge Wailua River on the east side where you can paddle up to the Fern Grotto and hike to a swimming hole and waterfall.

Enjoy a kayaking adventure on Kauai!

The south shore also has great kayaking near Poipu and the scenic coast of Mahaulepu. People travel to Kauai from all over the world to paddle an ocean kayak down the renowned Na Pali Coast – an amazing adventure that takes advance planning.

Where to kayak depends upon ocean conditions, and if you are paddling up a river then you need to avoid times of heavy rain in the mountains. No matter where you go to enjoy kayaking on Kauai, it is very important to always take all proper precautions to stay safe.

Kauai Kayaking Safety Tips:

Learn proper paddling techniques before embarking on your Kauai kayaking adventure, and always kayak with a companion.

Do not paddle out into the open ocean if you are not experienced. Stay very close to shore if you are in the ocean on a windy day.

Check weather and ocean conditions before taking a kayak in the ocean. Consider kayaking in the early morning rather than later in the day. Ocean conditions are usually much better in the morning, and strong winds later in the day can make kayaking very difficult.

Use waterproof sunblock, and wear a hat and sunglasses. The Hawaii sun can be severe, especially when also reflecting off the water.

Be aware of ocean currents. If you can easily paddle out very far from shore it may be that you are being carried in a current and with the prevailing wind. This will make it extremely difficult to paddle back to shore.

When paddling along the Na Pali Coast the ocean current tend to flow from Ke’e toward Polihale, though sometimes it can switch directions.

If you are prone to getting seasick, consider getting some Dramamine, Bonine, or some other alternative.

Learn proper techniques for loading gear into your kayak as this can make a big difference when you are on the water.

Always tell someone about your plans when you go kayaking. Tell them when you will depart and when you will return, and also what they should do if you do not return on time.

Do not drink any water from streams unless you first treat it with water purification tablets.

Also see Kauai Ocean Safety Tips to stay safe on your Kauai vacation.

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