On your Kauai vacation, take a Humane Society dog out for a day’s adventure!


My dog Koa enjoying the beach at sunset. Photo by Adrian Sear

My dog Koa enjoying the beach at sunset. Photo by Adrian Sear

After months of excitement and anticipation, you finally find yourself on beautiful Kauai! The island’s beauty and charm is understandably mesmerizing and putting you into a more relaxed and tropical state of mind, but something is missing! It’s the longing for your four-legged and wagging tail companion back home! Well, we may just have the perfect solution.  Kauai’s own award winning Humane Society  is the answer. You can cherish a day with one of Kauai’s finest canines and in return, a shelter dog can have a wonderful day of adventure with you outside of the Humane Society. It’s a win-win for people and pooches!

The Kauai Humane Society (KHS) has a special program where you can stop by and choose a deserving dog to take out on a day-long field trip with you. Please see below for detail. Whether it’s doing a popular hike in the mountains above Wailua River (https://www.balihai.com/Blog/kauai-hiking-guide-hike-the-sleeping-giant/) or just simply going down to relax on the beach, a furry companion could make it all the more memorable and in turn you’ll be getting the lucky one out of the kennel for the day. Heck, if you really connect with your new island friend, it is quite possible that you could have more than just your luggage with you on your return. KHS has several different airline partners that make the process quite simple.

Contact the Kauai Humane Society to find out more information about the program.

Contact the Kauai Humane Society to find out more information about the program.

The field trip program has been a huge hit with numerous dogs from Kauai having happily relocated to the mainland to start their new lives together with their loving new owners. So if you just want the companion of a special friend to share this magical island with, or if you are looking to add possibly to the family, definitely stop by and visit all the wagging tails at Kauai’s Humane Society!

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