Proper Home Staging Provides Competitive Edge in Real Estate Market

If you are selling your Kauai home you will have a much better chance of finding a willing buyer if you properly stage the home for sale.

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By following some simple tips on staging a home for sale you will have a competitive edge in the Kauai real estate market. Properly staging your Kauai home will give you a much better chance of selling your home quickly and getting the sale price you desire.

Here are some questions and answers about staging your Kauai home for sale.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging involves preparing your home and the contents of the home so that the appearance and presentation is ideal for selling the home.

Home staging differs from simply getting your home ready for sale, which involves making basic repairs and possibly also functional and mechanical improvements to ready your home for entry into the Kauai real estate market. Home staging deals with the finer points of actually showing the home to potential buyers. Home staging focuses on the aesthetics of the home including its design, organization and appearance.

What is the Primary Goal of Home Staging?

The goal of a Kauai home staging is to create an ambiance and appearance that is outwardly attractive to buyers and thus conducive to selling the home at the highest possible price as quickly as possible. The home should appeal to the largest possible audience.

Thinking Like a Home Buyer – Organize and De-Clutter

When you stage your home you need to look at your home as if you were a home buyer. This will help you prepare the home for the real estate market. One of the first steps in this process is organizing the home and removing any clutter.

Clear away most of the items on shelves, in closets and in the home’s cabinets. These items will have to be packed when you move, so think of it as the first step in the moving process while also increasing your chances of selling the home.

Consider renting a storage unit so there are no problems removing large amounts of clutter even if you are not ready to discard items or give them away.

De-Personalize the Home

Also remove your family heirlooms and personal photographs as you do not want buyers to be distracted by your personal mementos. Instead you want them to imagine their own photographs on the wall and this is harder to do when yours are there. The goal is to have potential buyers see themselves living in the home, not wondering about the people who live there now.

Also remove all of the books from the book cases and get rid of any knick-knacks and other items that are cluttering up spaces. Also consider removing excess bookcases.

Kauai Home Staging Tips – Family Rooms and Living Rooms

When staging the family room and living room keep in mind that these areas are where a family spends time together and are also used for entertaining. Furniture should be arranged for conversation and colors should focus on warm, neutral tones (e.g., beige and soft shades of brown, green blue). Color coordinated accents including rugs and pillows can liven up the color scheme.

Make sure there isn’t too much furniture cluttering the space, and if your furniture is old and unattractive consider putting it in storage and renting some nicer furniture. Alternatively you could find some nice slip covers to enhance the appearance of the furniture.

Family rooms and living rooms should be bright and welcoming. If a room has a fireplace, make it the focal point and arrange the furniture around it. Mantles should not be cluttered with items but adorned with just two or three choice items such as a nice vase or flowers.

Staging the Kitchen

Remove all of the items from the kitchen counters including appliances and the coffee machine. If you have some items that you will need from day to day during the time the home is on the market, then put those items in a box that can be stored away in a closet during home showings.

Make sure the kitchen appears very clean and bright. This may require a new coat of paint. During showings make sure the lights are on and window shades are open. If the kitchen still appears dark you may consider adding some supplemental lighting (e.g., recessed lights).

Upgrading old cabinets and countertops can greatly improve the feel of the kitchen. Alternatively you can add a coat of stain or paint to the cabinets and add new handles or knobs. You might also consider modernizing the kitchen with new light fixtures and faucets. Thoroughly clean out the refrigerator.

Make sure all of the kitchen cabinets are very well organized with dishes neatly stacked. Arrange the cups and glasses in an orderly manner, and face all of the handles of coffee mugs in the same direction. If you have racks of spice jars arrange them alphabetically.

Kauai Home Staging Tips – Bathrooms

Make sure the bathrooms appear clean and bright though not overly bright. Scrub all bathroom areas thoroughly including grout lines. Consider re-caulking the tubs, showers and sinks if they need it.

Glass shower doors can be cleaned with muriatic acid and water using steel wool. This is best done by removing the glass door and taking it outside (carefully follow directions for this strong chemical).

Consider modernizing the fixtures but not with brass. Hang some plush new towels on the towel rack to create a feeling of luxury. The towel colors should match the colors of the bathroom including the rug or flowers you’ve also placed there. A nice flower arrangement not only improves the look and feel of the bathroom it can also help the aroma.

Bedroom Staging – Comfort is Key

Bedrooms should be comfortable and spacious with light decor. Soft and neutral colors such as earth tones appeal to most people creating a relaxing and tranquil feeling. If the current paint is odd or garish consider repainting the room as it can make a big difference to potential buyers.

Only a few items of furniture should be in the bedroom including the bed and dresser. Too much furniture hampers the spacious feeling you want when entering the bedroom. Consider getting some luxurious new bedding items such as a luxurious comforter to enhance the appearance, and you can take it with you after you sell the home.

Bedroom Closets

Potential buyers like to snoop around and open closets and cabinets. In the bedroom closets make sure all shoes are arranged neatly. Hang all shirts facing the same direction and button them up.

A home buyer will see this tidiness as a reflection of how you care for the house in general. Just like the rest of the home, all excess items should be removed from closets with only essential clothes remaining.

Clean the Windows

Every window should be spotless. Also wipe down around all the windows and make sure any shutters or blinds are clean. This improves the look of the exterior as well as the interior.

Staging the Home’s Exterior – Enhancing Curb Appeal

While most people think that home staging refers to the home’s interior, the home’s exterior is equally important. The outside of the home is going to be the potential buyer’s first impression of the home so make it a good one. A potential buyer who has a bad first impression on the outside of the home will carry this negativity inside with them.

Each home has its own unique issues so a good way to begin is to stand in front of the house with a pen and pad of paper and write down anything that you see which needs attention. Next ask a friend to do the same thing because an impartial set of eyes may spot something you missed. Now combine the two lists and use it as a starting point for improving the home’s exterior appearance.

Clean the Home’s Exterior

Use a bucket and some soap to wipe down all railings, particularly around the entrance to the home. If there is a paved area or large porch consider renting a power washer to get it extra clean. The power washer can be used on any problem areas around the house including the any dirty walls or eaves, particularly if they are showing any signs of mildew. If you have wood railings, consider giving them a fresh coat of paint.

Porch Areas

In addition to cleaning any porch areas, if it is a nice place to relax then place a couple chairs or a bench in a good area on the porch for sitting. A nice potted plant or some flowers could also improve the feel of the area.

Painting and Touch-Up

If the home’s paint is dull, faded or chipped then consider applying a fresh coat of paint. Inspect the home’s trim and the doors as well to see if they could use some touch up, or a new coat of paint or stain. If the home’s color combinations are odd then standardize the home’s color scheme.

Kauai Home Staging Tips – Staging the Entryway

Perhaps the most important area in regards to selling your home is the entrance which includes the areas of the home that someone sees when they walk in the front door.

A special significance is given to the entryway by potential buyers as they leave the outside world and enter into what may be their new home. Give some special attention to the entryway to make it the best it can possibly be. This “first impression” is even more important than the first impression a buyer gets when driving up to the home.

The more free of clutter the entry is, the more spacious the home will seem. Look around for any dirty areas on the walls that may need cleaning and any spider webs particularly near the ceiling.

If there is not an abundance of natural lighting through windows then make sure the area is well lighted to provide a warm and inviting feeling. Buy a nice, new welcome mat and keep it clean.

Kauai Home Staging Tips – Landscaping, Lawn and Flower Beds

Keep the home’s lawn and landscaping well-watered and also neatly trimmed and edged. During the home selling process you made need to mow the lawn more often than normal so that it always appears freshly mowed.

If your yard suffers from years of neglect it may be worth considering laying down fresh sod. Make sure and do this at least a month in advance of putting your home on the Kauai real estate market so the lawn has some time to grow and look nice.

Place some fresh mulch in your plant beds and flower beds. This is relatively inexpensive and can make a big difference in the home’s appearance. Mulch is readily available at Home Depot and local gardening stores.

If you have flower beds then plant some fresh flowers. Also consider putting some potted plants in appropriate areas, particularly around the entrance to the home. Fresh blossoms can go a long way toward enhancing the appearance of the home entry.

When choosing flowers, look for bright colors which provide nice accents to the home’s appearance. Yellow is a great color for drawing the eye to the flowers and making the potential buyer feel at ease, which is what you want when someone is viewing your home.

Check around the yard for any weeds or unsightly growth. You may need to check for weeds almost every day during the home selling process since they can sprout up quickly. Also rake the yard and keep any flower beds free of leaves and debris. Keep bushes and hedges well trimmed and make sure no windows or doors are encroached upon by bushes or trees.

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