Queen’s Bath – amazingly beautiful but treacherous as well.

Many guidebooks have now revealed the location of this once hidden gem. This blog is not being written to expand upon this but strictly to share the dangers and respect that this area demands year round and especially during the winter months.

Queen’s Bath during a north swell. The ocean’s power will put you in awe. Photo by Adrian Sear

Hawaii, unlike the mainland, does not have the luxury of having a continental shelf. A continental shelf acts as a buffer by slowing down and lessening the force of incoming ocean waves. This is a plus if you venture here because you can catch massive waves at world renowned surf breaks,  but it can also create extremely hazardous conditions to those who are unaware of just how powerful a force the ocean can be. Queen’s Bath happens to be located in a direct-impact zone. It faces directly into the large winter waves, with nothing to slow down the impact. This creates a full force break, right in front or even on top of the rock shelf that many venture across. To the unsuspecting, this can be quickly fatal.

Many photographs have been taken that portray Queen’s Bath as being an emerald green rock pool, set amongst a calm azure blue ocean and lightly clouded skies. On many days, this can be the case. Most of these stunning images are taken during the

Queen’s Bath – with the surf crashing onto the ledge – extremely dangerous. Photo by Adrian Sear

spring and summer months. During this period, the majority of the swells that arrive on Kauai originate from the southern hemisphere. This traditionally makes for a safer visit to areas along theNorthShore. Be aware though, that even during these calmer times, what can be perceived to be a safe place to swim can be just one rogue wave away from becoming a whirlpool. Queen’s Bath is a place of amazing beauty but one that has to be timed very carefully and deeply respected due to its vulnerable location.  It is a short and enjoyable hike down with a serene little waterfall.  Stay on the trail and the hillside if there is high surf.

This purpose of this blog, is to simply help enlighten our valued guests and island ohana and not to create a scare. Seasonal conditions can dramatically alter the safety of specific areas that may be on the adventure list. As stewards to the island, our goal is for you and your family to have the best and most enjoyable experience while with us on Kauai and do so safely.

Always feel free to send me an email if you have any questions or concerns. The Garden Isle is home to so many magical places and I am happy to share with you my decades of exploration.

Happy Holidays

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