Open Door… A whole different experience…

If one studies a map of Kauai for just a few short minutes, it’s apparent that most of the island is utterly inaccessible. Now it is true that there are some truly magnificent and world famous trails that venture into the jungles, canyons, waterfalls and cliffs that are hidden from the road but one really has to take to the air if you want to see the stunning back-country of Kauai.

Honopu. Photo by Adrian Sear

Fortunately, Kauai has been aware of this situation for a long time and because of this, there is a very diverse variety of helicopter adventures. There have even sprouted a couple of other interesting aerial options (non-helicopter) that I’ll discuss on an upcoming blog…

Helicopters are one of the greatest ways to see the interior ofKauai. These aircraft, have the strong benefits of high speed and the ability to hover in place. The speed aspect allows you to quickly venture around the island and zip in and out of amazing canyons. This allows for a large portion of the island to be covered in just a single flight. The hovering aspect is unsurpassed in getting one up close and personal to cliffs and waterfalls that you feel you could almost touch. The experience is one that is quite unforgettable.

Hanalei Valley. Photo by Adrian Sear

Open or close door… here is where the heated debate begins.

I am somewhat of a photographic freak and if you share in this same genetic mutation, doors off is absolutely the only way to fly. Reasoning is simple, no windows = no glare. It also dramatically increases the ability to get all kinds of different perspectives without the doors intruding upon your range of shot. Prior to booking, check with your tour operator on their camera policy. If they are allowed, make sure that they are solidly attached to you. Be forewarned though, that there is a potential negative within all these positives… your camera could quite possibly get rained on. The pictures you capture however, just maybe worth the risk.

Waimea Canyon. Photo by Adrian Sear

Closed door option…

Have you ever chosen a Lincoln Town Car for a rental?  Does the possibility of classical music and an air conditioned cabin sound incredibly inviting to you?  Do you prefer relaxing in the back of a limousine over driving the heck out of a sports-cars? This is the more refined and more luxurious, yet less visceral way to see the island. Still a truly unforgettable experience for certain and if taking your own pictures is not high on your list, then this just maybe your ticket.

Regardless of the heated door debate, taking to the air is something to seriously consider while on-island. Though expensive, if done on the right day, well worth it. If at all possible, try to fly after the island has received some rain and the air is free of any haze. This way visibility should be

Photo by Adrian Sear. Email him and find out where it is!

good and waterfalls are putting on their shows.

The incredible beauty that waits you onKauaiis world renowned. The magical embrace that stems from deep within these emerald green, sheer canyon walls and majestic towering hidden waterfalls will stay with you and convince you to return.

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    Nice little acitrle & very helpful. I have family coming in Dec. & Jan. that will most likely want to go for a ride. Nice to have a couple of options! Thanks, you’re the best!

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    Hey I know where those waterfalls are!!
    I can’t tell you because if I did I would have to kill you..haha

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