Do your part to reduce waste. Recycle!

Location: at Vidinha Stadium Parking Lot

Businesses & Institutions on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21 from 8 am- 5pm

Residents on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22 from 8 am- 5pm

Items accepted include: Computers, Hubs, Keyboards, Laptops, Typewriters, Stereos, Cameras, TV’s, Fax Machines, CD-ROM drives, Telephones, VCR players, Speakers, Radios, Copiers, Cell phones, DVD drives, Backup batteries, DVD players, Camcorders, GPS systems, Monitors, Scanners, Stereo components, Printers, Plasma Screens, Electrical gaming units, Overhead projectors

DO NOT BRING: Batteries not integral to computer systems, Appliances, Styrofoam, Cardboard, and Microwaves

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  • John Patt


    Aloha, It is good to see that you’ve done another e-cycling event, but very frustrating as I’ve been storing printers, fax machines etc for several mos, and had contacted the county solid waste dept last summer asking them to let me know the time and place of the next e-cycling event on Kaua’i. Unfortunately I never heard from them. Also, we will have to relocate in a few mos, so since these events have been about 1 per year, I will have to dump everything in the landfill.

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