We are all very blessed to live on Kauai. Living out in the middle of the Pacific may occasionally have its drawbacks (I can’t think of one yet, though), but there are a few things that we lack that are actually very pleasant.

Things we don’t have on Kauai.

  1. No smog! We have some of the freshest air! It’s so wonderful. Most of the time the air is slightly fragranced with the smell of flowers.
  2. No building taller than a coconut tree, so no high rises on our beautiful little island.
  3. No billboards.  There are only four states in the country that ban billboards and Hawaii has had the longest ban. No tacky billboards to look at or obstruct your view as you drive around our islands. Plenty of wild chickens, but no billboards…
  4. No massive freeway or highway traffic jams. We have the occasional traffic, but our traffic moves at a much slower pace to begin with and things move along soon after.
  5. No crowded beaches and surf breaks. Honestly, most of us think that more than ten people on the beach is crowded, but compared to the rest of the world, it’s pretty sparse.
  6. No Daylight Saving Time. There’s no “springing forward” or “falling back”, no disruption to your circadian rhythms twice a year. Although, you do have to remember the time difference changes on the mainland so you don’t call anyone too early or too late.
  7. No heating bills. Our weather is fairly consistent year round and when it dips down to a freezing 60 degrees we just wear extra t-shirts.
  8. No seasonal wardrobe. See number 7. With our pleasant and very consistent weather, summer clothing is considered all day every day clothing. Everyone has a closet full of shorts, tops and slippers.
  9. No rabies. All of Hawaii is rabies free. Pets go through extensive quarantine prior to being allowed on island. Make sure you check with the local Humane Society or the State of Hawaii Animal Quarantine.
  10. No snakes!  That’s right, no snakes. Nothing slithering through the undergrowth to scare or bite you.  They check cargo thoroughly to make sure none are accidentally transported here. We actually don’t have any real dangerous animals. Mandy, who moved from Florida, said “no alligators!”

What do we lack that you think is a positive? Let us know!

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