Kauai’s Top Realty Company Offers Skill and Expertise

There are many reasons why it is smart to use a licensed Coldwell Banker Bali Hai Realty Realtor if you are looking to buy a house on Kauai.

Bali Hai Realtors have great “neighborhood knowledge.” If you are buying a home, Bali Hai Realtors provide access to an abundance of local community information that is used to help you evaluate different homes for sale.

Just one of our beautiful Hanalei estates that you could call home...

Our team of 20 long-time Coldwell Banker Bali Hai staff members is aware about schools in the area, demographics, and comparable sales. We can plan smart negotiation strategies based upon current market supply, demand, and the home’s condition.

With an exceptional knowledge of Kauai’s property market, the Bali Hai Realty team can help you find a home in accordance with your needs, specifications, and budget. We can take you to see properties that may appeal to you, and then help you evaluate them.

Potential properties are subjected to all proper due diligence and assessed using objective information. If you find a property you like then we can assist you in obtaining appraisals and inspections.

The Coldwell Banker Bali Hai Realty team can also help you make an offer on a home and skillfully negotiate a purchase price. We are experienced in all types of Kauai real estate transactions from beachfront properties and luxury estates to golf course lots and agricultural parcels.

We will help you navigate the paperwork involved in a home purchase, and will work to resolve any issues that may arise including questions about insurance, financing, needed repairs, inclusions and exclusions, and title issues. We also facilitate the often complex closing process.

The Bali Hai Realty team can help you evaluate your overall financial situation to determine a home buying budget, and then assist you in understanding your various options for financing a Kauai home purchase. We can also help you find a reputable lender and guide you through the home buying process.

The Bali Hai Realty team can help you create the legally binding contract that will be suitable for your particular situation. Our experience in completing real estate transactions ensures that no details will be overlooked. Being part of the internationally respected Coldwell Banker family also helps us provide better service to our clients.

We offer a full range of real estate services and networks to help clients buy and sell homes, utilizing extensive resources including professional consultants and experts to assist with a variety of customer needs including planning, construction, design, and home décor.

As professional Realtors we are bound by and adhere strictly to the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics and Fiduciary Duties which we owe to all of our clients.

These Fiduciary Duties include Care (using our best skills and efforts to assist you), Confidentiality (keeping client information private), Disclosure (providing you with all relevant information), Loyalty (putting your interest above all others), and Obedience, which involves following your instructions within all legal and ethical boundaries.

The Coldwell Banker Bali Hai Realty team works together and draws upon their considerable experience and resources to provide you with the highest quality professional real estate assistance.

To see some of Kauai’s best real estate browse through the Bali Hai Kauai Real Estate Galleries. Also please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to discuss how we can assist you in the process of buying a Kauai home.

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