The next Hanalei to Haena Community Association Meeting is scheduled January 24th.  Below is a notice from current president, Joel Guy:

Kauai's beautiful north shore

Happy New Year! 

With that comes an opportunity for new board members. The HHCA nominating committee has came up with a list of possible candidates and we welcome others. If you have been a current HHCA member for over a month and are interested in being more involved please send me a separate email regarding your interest.  I will run a background check and see….. no, we welcome almost any suggestion and on January 24th at the annual General Membership meeting we can vote for who we want. I get people coming up to me all the time wondering who/what/where/why is the HHCA board doing, NOW IS THE TIME to participate!

The meeting is TUESDAY Jan 24th at 6:30 p.m. sharp. It will be at Hale Halawai ‘Ohana O Hanalei.

Please tell everyone and anyone you want, we will be welcoming new members and selecting a few new board members.

p.s. And my presidency still has another year 🙂

Thank you,

Joel Guy

President, HHCA
(808) 635-2074

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