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Aloha from beautiful Hanalei Bay! Mahalo for your understanding as video quality may be affected by amount of viewers and weather conditions.

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Hanalei Bay Tides

03/31 Low 1:29 PM .07 ft
03/31 High 10:27 PM 1.5 ft
04/01 Low 7:37 AM .30 ft
04/01 High 9:55 AM .32 ft

Hanalei Bay News

  • Can someone let me know the condition of the beach area around the Hanalei pier.
    I saw that the whole area around the bathroom was washed away as the river changed direction during the flood.
    Can you park down there now?

    • Aloha Rory,
      Currently there is no access to Black Pot Beach Park as Weke Road was damaged from April’s flooding. The entire area was inundated by flood waters. Perhaps check the County of Kauai website for updates on their repairs.

  • The night before the house fell we were watching the cam. It seemed as if it was under a waterfall. We had never seen so much water. Mahalo for your cam over the years. Our grandson is in waniha still.

    • So sorry what’s happened to the ohana and aina. Can’t wait to get there to help repair.

  • Hi,sorry about your home.I did take a walk and seen it,i had too.surviving Iniki,Your house blessed me in so many ways.Its a miracle we didnt loose anyone,I hope and pray that this home will be built,Thanks Tim

  • Was the camera located at on of the destroyed properties?

  • Is the Web-Cam working for everyone else ?

    • Whoever got the camera running again, 1,000 mahalos!!! Looks great!!

    • Yeah. Bummer. I’ve tried installing the latest Firefox, add-on’s to Chrome, you name it. The screen keeps freezing up. GAIN, BUMMER.

      • It seems that now it works sometimes. Someone has told me that they think the server can’t handle the load. I think they might be right because every time the surf comes up it starts freezing up again.

  • Has anyone else having problems viewing the web cam lately. When I try there is a little circle in the middle of the screen spinning and the picture is frozen.

    • I have the same problem on Windows 10 and Iphone. I have tried numerous browsers but still get the circle after a few seconds.

      • I contacted the people at BaliHai. They said they are aware of the problem and are trying to correct it. Hope they do !

    • I downloaded the latest version of Firefox and now it works like a dream. Someone down below suggested some other search engines but Firefox’s latest did the trick for me.

  • New “LD” cam?

    • Hmm. Not sure what’s going on here. I haven’t been able to watch this video cam in probably close to a year. I tried just now with Chrome and with Safari. Same error messages. So miss this webcam.

      • try using firefox, its the only browser the cam will work on for me

      • I use Safari and all works well. I had to remove all my history stored for the original cam and go back to and reselect the webcam, everything is now excellent

        • Up until three weeks ago I was viewing the web cam using Firefox. Then Bali-Hai did something so that it stopped working. I then started using Internet Explorer to view it. Now today I tried Firefox again, and now it’s working with Firefox. There were also times in the last three weeks when all I was getting was a black screen.

  • tide all wrong

  • Cam isn’t working again. All I’m getting is a black screen.

  • cam doesnt work on chrome anymore and the tides are incorrect

  • Monday 01/08/18 the web cam is incredibly stable and smooth.
    Better than it has ever been. I will trade the ability to go full screen (not available) for this smoothness and reliability.
    Kudos to the tech team that has dialed this in.

  • Is the Web-Cam freezing up for anyone else ? The picture freezes and a little white circle spins in the center of the screen.

  • Being an avid Cam watcher, I noticed this morning it looked like the web cam had been hi-jacked by the Russians!
    Last week it worked fine on Internet Explorer. But not on Chrome. 3 weeks ago it worked great on Chrome and not I.E.
    Now you have to stream it on YouTube?
    This is not progress. And I realize it takes time to dial it in.
    But seriously folks, go back to the old software/application for this page.
    It worked fairly well and judging by the lack of feedback/complaints people were happy with the performance.

    • cam is not HD anymore why????? is coming thru you tube???

    • Its FREE… Quit whining about something you don”t even pay for or contribute to.

      • Originally I was viewing the web cam with Firefox. Then Bali Hai changed something and now I have to use Internet Explorer. Now lately it seems to be not working right. The screen freezes and a little circle spins in the middle of the screen. Allot of my friends can’t get it even with Internet Explorer. I don’t know why they had to change it. It’s not about ” whining “, it’s about communicating a problem and a shared experience.

  • If you don’t know how to surf got to pine trees or the pier. Don’t go out to the bowl and get in the way of the people who are surfing. If you’re riding a wave storm that’s probably a good indicator that you should be at pine trees. Every barnyard who got a wave storm for Xmas was out there riding it yesterday. HO HO HO!

    • What’s a ” wave storm ” ?

      • Wavestorm is a soft top (spongeboard) sold at Costco.

  • Aloha!
    If you’re having trouble viewing the webcam, please read this blog:
    Aloha and thank you for visiting our website.

  • For some reason something has changed with the Web-Cam. Before last week I was able to use it with my PC Firefox Browser. Now I only can use it with my PC Internet Explorer browser. My friend told me that he wasn’t able to use the Web-Cam with his I Phone anymore and then when he switched over to Internet Explorer on his I Phone he was able to view the Web-Cam.

  • leave it off

  • Lois, The cam has a new format looks like. Had it running fine on my Mac last week now there’s a run arrow that does not give me a picture but I can see the timer running. Any suggestions?? Billy

    • Aloha Billy! Try IE or Chrome. Make sure to clear your cache. It should run fine. Perhaps try the same thing on Safari. Currently the webcam requires Flash to run. I hope this helps. Aloha!

  • Cam doesn’t work snymore for the past week on my iPhone..!!!

  • can anyone tell me how to get the camera to work on my Mac? it works on my phone and used to work on the Mac but no longer does. mahalo.

    • Aloha!
      The webcam requires Flash to run. We’re working on upgrading it at this time so it doesn’t require Flash in the future.
      Thank you for visiting our website.

  • No, it’s not just you. The website’s not working.

  • Not to complain but is the website down or is it just me?

    • It’s so exciting to see even the tip of the Hokulea by the pier!!!!

  • Not to complain but is the website down or is it just me?

    • Aloha Edward! The website is up and running.

  • all i have seen since may is blank loading screen

    • Aloha Norb! I’m sorry you haven’t been able to see the webcam. Please see this from our webmaster: “The website currently uses Flash Player to display the webcam. Flash is an older technology that does not work natively in Chrome or Firefox. This means that users need to enable the Flash plugin in Chrome and Firefox before they are able to view the feed.” So, try that. We’re working on upgrading it for easier viewing in the future. With aloha, Lois

  • What are the signs on the beach for? Is the water polluted?

    • Don’t know, but if I had to guess I suppose it could be Man O’ War, or other stinging jellies perhaps (?). There were Man O’ War on the east coast a week or two ago; blown in by the winds I expect.

      • My son called me from there and told me it was polluted bacteria

        • Any word on the source of the bacteria?

          • from a recent storm we had flooded the area , and the river was discharging brown water full of bacteria run off of the town and farms. the river also discharges alot of toxic chemicals and metals especially when there is alot of rain.

            its normal. just dont swim in murky water

  • Great camera shots…love Hanalei and the pier…many happy memories wish I was there…

  • Me, too. For the last three days I only see the “Loading” on the black screen.

  • Is the cam working? All I see is a black “loading” screen the last few days.

  • Anyone know what they are fishing for?

  • Does anyone ever just stop complaining and thank the real estate company that puts this on line. Lighten up and enjoy what you have for FREE!!!!!!

    • I agree! Be happy that you can see Hanalei Bay. Have been there many times and it was Heaven! Wish I could return there some day. It is my fondest hope. PARADISE ! And thank you to the real estate coming making it possible for me to reminisce visually.

  • Happy 4th of July

  • Any update as to when the cam will be working again?

  • Thanks everyone. Got my husband to fix the problem. I can now see the Bay.

    • ur a idiot

    • Looks like the livecam is down again.

  • Please get the camera fixed. I’m having withdrawals from not being able to see Hanalei Bay. All I’m seeing is a yellow paper thing. I’m logged on at different times of the day and night and still nothing. Thanks.

    • Randa
      You need to have flash and/or java on your computer.
      Wont display in certain browsers that don’t support flash
      I can get that yellow screen in “Safari”.
      Non-flash browser.

    • I have never had this ” Yellow Paper Thing ” problem. I looked at the Web Cam this morning and it was working for me. Your problem could be with your computer set up. I believe you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed in order to watch any kind of moving web cams, but I’m not a computer expert.

      • To get rid of yellow backdrop: If using Chrome: type in chrome://settings/content in browser. Scroll down to Flash and click on Allow sites to run Flash, click done.

        If it’s “loading” it means there are too many concurrent users, and you need to surf somewhere else.

        At one time “local knowledge” was being aware of the tides, winds, swell periods and knowing when to paddle out. Now it’s knowing how to set up your browser to get the streaming surf cams and using the mouse. Surf cams did to the surf scene as Tinder did to the dating scene – no more thrill of discovery and “courtship”, just wham-bam-thank you-ma’am. Swipe right on Bali Hai Realty

  • In reply to Ken Martin,
    The web cam is working. Sometimes when you try and log on it just says ” Loading ” and never downloads. I think that this happens when there are to many people trying to use it and the system can”t handle the load. I just keep trying, sooner or later I get through. I think what Janette is requesting is that more views are added like there used to be showing Lumahai Beach etc. Right now there are two views, the pier with the long range view of the surf and the zoom in view of the surf, which for the purpose of checking the surf conditions is good. Since that’s what I use it for, I like it the way it is. Hope this helps.

    • thanks 4 the heads up, the bay looks fine, simple had to add to my google chrome settings, flash enabled, click done…funny sometimes would work before, maybe heavy viewing was a factor, but it is nice that it work expediently…thanks for taking time and sharing your aloha, helping to keep kaua’i special

      and ty balihai 4 hosting these webcams, truly we live in one of the most beautiful place on earth…i enjoy checking the waves, and sunsets,. would like to see kitties, the smaller waves, next to pier, yet thankful for the two views, aloha

    • You are right. I would like to see more of the bay without taking away from what is available now. Just wishing, since I can’t be there as much as I would like.

  • What’s happened to the camera. All I’ve been getting is a yellow paper looking thing on it. Thanks.

  • I’m just wondering if all you old boys out there on your ocean-liners when it’s 4 feet have your unlimited tonnage Captain’s licenses? Don’t you know it’s illegal to be so close to shore without a pilot vessel? It’s only a matter of time before one of you runs aground on the reef and we have another Exxon Valdez disaster on our hands. Oh the humanity!

  • Thanks so much for your webcam. It’s so nice to be able to see this wonderful bay for a few minutes each day. Could we see more of the beach and a little less of the sky? Also, are there any plans to upgrade so we’ll be able to look across the bay like we have in the past?

    • NO!

      • Wtf!? Awfully rude Doug.

        • Thank you.may i have another!!! (wtf) is rude.j

      • NO! to what? Everything?

        • IT’s a joke. come see in person.

          • That’s my plan. But til then, I’m watching what little I can on webcams

        • I think the cam is perfect just like it is.

          • to leave the cam not working is a loss to the tourists and kamaaina residents who enjoy the live view of the ocean conditions at hanalei, and scenic view of pier. ty

  • Yesterday I surfed Hanalei. It was a great day, overhead sets and about 60 people sitting at the point and the bowl combined. There were two people riding Foil Boards. Even though these people were very experienced and proficient at Foil Boarding, there were three very close calls, near collisions with people riding traditional surfboards. I have in the past been supportive of Stand-up surfing, and I still stand by my opinions, but this Foil Boarding in crowed conditions like yesterday, goes over the line in my opinion. It’s dangerous. It’s one thing to get ht by a big long board, it’s another thing to get sliced by a thin metal blade. There are other places where they can do this.

    • I agree , I saw some close calls this weekend and I heard the two collided on Saturday . They were having fun but it’s all just a show to get others to buy into it . That’s how they are making money with it , by promoting it using the skills they have developed while towing in with the foils at the outer breaks that are out of the paddle in range . And that’s where the SUP foil boards belong . That’s where they can only hurt themselves .
      There’s way too many in the lineup on a regular day to call foiling safe on any given day , until it gets to size where paddling in is out …

    • I fully agree with you. Although I thinks it’s cool and fun to watch, I was not comfortable when that dude zipped by me traveling twice as fast as a surfboard and two feet above the water. It’s hard to even see them coming, especially when your not expecting or looking for it. Doesn’t matter how good you are,my ou cannot anticipate what the other guy is gonna do especially when they see a foreign object flying straight at them, guy on the board tries to dodge a different way and get his/her leg severed. Are we going to have to get regulators out there or wat? You don’t even need a wave to ride those things. Go somewhere else!

      • Someone needs to regulate obviously. Guy is out there right now on his foil board, and the last two times I checked the cam. Maybe I’ll get one and learn how to ride it at the bowl. Looks like anything goes!

        • The problem is that the guys that normally are doing the regulating, are the guys who started the foil boarding thing out there. Very dangerous !

  • Is anyone else having problems viewing the Web Cam ?

    • Yes always

    • Broke again?

      • It’s working again, but I had to try three times before I got on this morning. I have found that this is the new norm. It seems that during peak viewing hours, there are so many people trying to use it that the system can’t handle the load.

    • Thanks for fixing the camera. Keeping me sane in wet California

    • I cannot see either. Was working last week.

      • I contacted them yesterday and they confirmed that there is a problem and they are working on it.

    • Yes- was working – no more

    • yes. #5 FOR THE PATRIOTS !!

      • Need some air for your balls?

    • I am unable to view.

  • Soul surfers not soul fortune seeking surfers

  • Looks like Surf Jesus is not very Christ Like….

    • How so? ,. making light of greed in the water? the sad choice as a human to consistently take the easier way out ? and be greedy and overtly mean about it while doing so .

      The art of surfing has nothing to with hassling people while standing on a device quite larger then a common Picnic Table while using a Kayak Paddle. Bring it back to the days of Duke folks.. learn the art form at its ‘core” is all I ask?

      Challenge yourselves,.. your abilities and do it right.

      Greed has no place in the worlds oceans NOW more then ever ,. Surfing ,. fishing or otherwise.
      Jack and Weebole dont you understand that the whole reason short boards the short board revolution exists????? :

      is because “Longboarder’s of the 1960’s and early 1970’s were over the inability to perform in waves on consequence.” they had NO feeling ,. you couldn’t FEEL the wave. The way a SURFER would really really really want to .

      Dont get me wrong now,. there are ultra talented surfer /SUP combo riders out there and any of them are close friends here in Hawaii. Respectfully speaking ,. they clearly understand what I’m saying.

      My concern is with the “Greed-ON-SUP’s” crowds is why hassle short boarders /bodyboarders that just trying to have a good time..???? Again learn the art of Art of “Surfing”,. everything about it i.e. power turns,. throwing sprays ,. getting barreled etc.. Speed Power and Flow Stuff~

      Kelly wanna chime in on this brah ? You were the worlds leader in the ‘glass slipper revolution’ of shortboard design. (truth be told the width/thicknesses and volumes are on the way back out sooooo whats the perfect formula in your own words?) ,. What do you think about SUP greed in the worlds lineups? out of curiosity ~ Aloha

      • Kelly Slater ~
        I believe one of your very own quotes or a close proximation there of ” The best /good surfers in the World ride— ‘the smallest’ — surf boards in the conditions permitting’ ? Me personally? I believe the REAL the reason that it is ,. “is” to bring you closest to that feeling of riding that pure, pure energy ,. feeling that feeling… adapting to the situations of the surf /waves but always touching the hand of while God in doing so ~ Thats what really makes Surfers different then the rest of the world. Who else rides her energies in the way that we do ,……….. ???
        you can almost hear the crickets 🙂 lol
        Water is most important thing to save on Earth . Let our actions speak louder then our words. Respectfully speaking God Bless Kauai, I am just her passenger. I only want good things for her , her peoples, and her land. Greed has nothing to do with anything i have written. Speaking of !!!!!! HEY Zuckerburg knock it off buddy !!! Money and Power is not the way,. acts of kindness bring real inner happiness. Work on it ,. You’ll be glad you did. Help the people of Kauai the best way you can . You’re in a solid position to do the right thing. Stop slurping China too lol Cheers World Happy 2017 ~

        • Isn’t the best surfer the one having the most fun? Whether it be a table, water skiis, dirt bike, sup, or high performance short board, we’re all trying to achieve the same goal, getting pitted and being stoked! No feeling cuza board too long, pffft, go slower, just stand there, watch, wait, listen, trim, crossstep to the tail lol, you hear the chatter under the nose, and get to see the beauty of the wave, not just the adrenaline filled foam wad barrells , snappy hack whackers, rip ramming jammers, and all that other dank stuff. Basically, what I think I’m trying to say, is that a fat chick is ok once In a while

    • He’s a Maui guy. Keep the attitude on Maui! Don’t want it in our lineups.

      • Don’t need the “Hey slow down your greed” attitude here on Kauai ? So you’re saying greed in the water is a good thing? White Belts messing up the dance floor for the ‘Black Belts” ? very foolish ~

        • The way you take a statement and make assumptions reminds me of my ex wife. Anyway maybe this is a more appropriate dialogue for Facebook or something. Not really the right venue. Just saying.

  • I see a hydrofoil out at the bowl. Lets keep the hydros at middles. Hows that sound?

  • Obviously SUP riders DO NOT know how to surf. How could they ? they’re riding Paddle Boards and not REAL Surfboards. Need proof? Watch the Hanalei Cam. See all those Stand Up Donkeys doing nothing ,. sitting out the back ,. taking every set wave,. to do nothing on them? Pathetic. Hanalei is a “World Class Wave” yet the crowd out there on the SUPS is doing nothing with it? its 2017. End Stand Up Greed. Learn to surf,. its a lot harder then riding a picnic table with half a Kayak Paddle but worth the effort once you try . Ever see a SUP get barreled at Hanalei? I rest my case.

    • Just a friendly heads up. Love having the cam. There is a problem in that when u can get on if you switch the camera angle it doesn’t move until the last two seconds or one second, then you are disconnected and Typically cannot Reconnect.

    • I have pictures of a friend heavily barreled on a 12′ wave that other surfers would have had no chance to make . Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel they belong in the lineups if they are incompetent. There are those who are problems and those who are not . If they screw up or are being dangerous and greedy they should be treated like any other person out there . I have been hit and my board dinged and been snaked and burned but that mean all paddle boarders are issues. The ones that have never surfed , don’t know how or any of the ediquitte should never paddle out there . Nor should there be surf schools of paddle boarders or surfers but that happens too ….

      • Much respect to him / that crew brother 🙂 they’re the solution ,. not the problem. the problem is the bitter beer gut posse on sups lol not your buddy at all by any means ,. with much respect and aloha


    • Stand up paddle boarding has been cancelled for the rest of the winter season! Plenty guys bailing the boards out there yesterday like it was 10 foot Waimea. They are dangerous! Saw a guy get sucked up the face and thrown over the lip on a sup out there. Triple overhead, nearly took out the guy surfing it. Yeah go play in the river or surf middles. Aloha!

    • Amen!!!

      • Hey Surf Jesus,

        Relax a bit. I’ve surfed my whole life and prefer to use one of my shorter boards for great breaks. But I have a long board and have SUP surfed too just for the hell of it. Different strokes for different folks. But if you’re getting upset that someone is on a different length board than you are riding on that day, then you are the one who needs to find a different space and relax. I’ve survived big waves – cancer being the biggest – and I will tell you life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

        • I’ve been surfing the bowl, on a long board, for 30 years and MOST of the SUP guys know what they are doing and share waves. They know how to handle, don’t get in the way, and can control their boards. Sup’s are here to stay and ya have to deal with it. Stay frosty.

          • “””””and MOST of the SUP guys know what they are doing and share waves. “”””” Note top self: This is clearly one of the biggest lies ever told.

            1. Why ride waves on a picnic table with a Kayak Paddle?Any honest “Surfer” would tell you its the least amount of “Surfing” you can actually do. Obvious evolution of surfing fact. “Shortboards exist because longboards didn’t work/perform”
            2. If you have a Paddle Board go find an out of the way ,. outter reef,. thats what the paddle is for no?
            3. The amount of classic white guy in a suit Wall Street Greed in SUP Paddle Riders has to stop !?!?!?!?!?? Its endemic on Kauai. Too many Beer Guts and Grandmas wearing sunglasses and iPhones on the end bowl at Hanalei. Thats a world class wave ,. STOP Blowing it! Do Something… Challenge yourselves… LEARN TO SURF!!!!!!!! “Stand Up Paddle Boarding,. on PADDLE BOARDS is the fffffffffurthest thing from surfing . Try riding a SURFBOARD.. one that you can actually feel the wave with . and for God Sakes DO SOMETHING out there … END SUP GREED YESTERDAY> Enough is Enough.

  • i cant wait to come here and burn laird…

    • Aloha Kelly…when you on Kauai? my daughter very much needs your signature on her board. We are there from Dec.22 through Jan. 8

    • no one burn thy one and only

    • Yeah…Haha…hope I’m out there that day!! 🙂

      • The battle of the Titans !

  • Mahalo for the peek into paradise…my heart longs to be there!

  • aloha
    is your cam down ?

    • It’s up ..Mahalo Nui

    • Yes, the webcam is undergoing repairs at the moment. Thank you for your patience!

  • Love the new web cam. Haven’t viewed it in a while so i don’t know how new it is … but it provides an awesome picture. Thx!

  • Looks like the web-cam is down again. Is it just high volume and I just can’t get through, or is it down for everybody ?

    • Wow, right after I posted the comment, it started working.

  • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU – I get my daily calm and inspiration from the beauty and magic.

  • Must be the server can’t handle the traffic? Or is that the camera is super prone to not working?
    Appreciate the efforts but still cannot check the surf when it comes up. Can see plenty when it’s flat.

    • any red trucks

      • can make this next jackson hole live cam

  • And………….WE’RE BACK!!!
    Many mahalos for your efforts.

  • Bummer dude! The dollar a month is still on the table.

  • The two views are pier and close up of pier. The surf view doesn’t help unless you wanna sponge board the river mouth. The waves are out a little further.

    Would love to see the surf!

  • Aloha haven’t looked at the cam since last winter, but seeing as how it’s fall again your locals are going to start tuning back in and the view of the surf is ahh not so great. I mean if your five and checking the pier bowl it’s epic….
    & North West View is that gone for good?
    Mahalo Nui, dre

  • Down again?

  • Thank you for fixing the camera. I missed it when it was down. I love looking at it a couple times a day.

  • Thanks for the cam. I’m sure my comment represents 99% of the cam watching community here. So thanks again.

    • Agreed! I am part of the 99% … LOVE the cam … Greatly appreciated!

  • If I send you a $1 per month, can you get the webcam back up and running?

  • Isnt this webcam free? Isnt it paid for and maintained by the creators of this website?Have any of you complainers given a single dollar to pay for surf cam service? Have you ever thanked these guys for providing this sevice ? Doubt it… Try a little grattitude or go buy your own surf cam and maintain it yourself and listen to everybody gripe at you when you have trouble with it. Geeze!

    • Well put! Instead of all of the gripes how about a few thanks for having this for our pleasure.

    • I agree with your comments…. thank you all for maintaining the webcam … I look forward to another beautiful view of the Hanalei Pier soon. Mahalo

    • WEll said!!!!

    • I totally agree!!! I only get to spend 1 month or so in Kauai each year…this cam keeps me sane the other 11….Big Mahalos
      to Bali Hai!!!!!

  • What the heck is up with your inconsistent camera function?
    You can’t be that incompetent.

    • GET OVER IT!!!

      • I’d rather not.
        Thanks for your comment, though.

    • No aloha, no come Kauai

  • BWAH! Surf comes up, cam goes down.

  • webcam extremely slow coming up on computer lately. Why only two views now?

  • Surfs supoz 2 come up but ur webcam isnt operating? Hope its up n running soon

  • Camera not working again?????

    • Coming to Kauai in a week for 10 days…can’t wait! Sure have missed the cam over the past two days…Best cam on Kauai!!!

  • Just notice the camera is up and running !
    Returning for another month February through March.

  • Heh ha,
    Its not a pole, its a mast.
    Someone sailboat stored on the beach berm, just happens to be in our view.
    5 feet one way or another its wouldn’t be in our view.
    Come on down and help me move it.
    And now to my point of the “Surf View”???
    The Cam needs to be reset for a decent view of the bowl/flat rock area of the break at the bay.
    I know you’ll get to it eventually, and thanks ahead of time.

    • Cam W.Atcher,

      Slow your roll, burn rubber not soul! Ease up on life my friend, if the cam isn’t up to par, drive your butt to the beach to look at the waves yourself.

  • Get rid of the pole?

    • I haven’t checked the cam in a couple of months, what’s with the pole??

  • Yo!
    It is me again. I seem to have noticed an extra ZOOM on the Surf choice of views. While it looks closer at the pier, it total misses looking at the surf (the bowl and flat rock). We will need this view to be reset come surf season. Only weeks away now. I’m surf it can be easily reset to the normal surf views we all love and enjoy. After all, when you select the “Surf” button, its what one expects to see.
    Thanks for your attention to this all important aspect of “The Cam” as its been known to be called.
    CAM W. A.

  • Love the Hanalei Bay cam. Just spent the last two weeks walking the beach. compared to previous years the width of the beach is less than half as wide! Hard to believe it’s the same beach – no room for sand castle competition this year! Hopefully its just a temporary change due to storms/currents.

    • I will be flying out on 8/3 to 8/8. I’ve been checking the weather and I’m staring to get concerned. Did it rain your entire trip? Tell me there’s still hope?

  • Is the camera non-op?

  • Oh no!

  • what happen to the camera now!

  • this pier looks similar to the one in Florida very calm and beautiful. I love looking at all the views in Hawaii. I hope someday I’ll be able to visit this wonderful state, thanks for all the fantastic views. lol maggie

  • huge improvement in quality, thank you caldwell and bali hai!

  • what happen to the other two camera locations

    • Aloha James,

      This is a brand new high definition camera that has a fixed view with a zoom. As you can see the views are expanded (pier) and close up (surf).

      We’re glad you enjoy the webcam!



      • quality is better as of today need to adjust angle of camera,when checking out surf view you get a great look at the pier. I still miss the the old views. thanks for everything

  • check out the light show. am hawaii time.2am!

  • Wow it working on my ip & iPad. It

  • Thanks for the camera. But I used to watch the sunset over the bay. Can’t do that with this camera. Is there any chance that the camera will be updated to rotate like the last one?

  • The new camera is amazing!! Thank you, it was worth the wait.

  • show the whole pier and all of the bay?

  • Will the Webcam be able to work on mobile devices eg iPhone soon ?

    • I’m thankful that I can watch on my iPhone.

  • Very good resolution on the new camera. Thanks for all the work!

  • Aloha, thanks for fixing the cam!! Flash is not Mac or android compatible unfortunately so it WILL NOT work on mobile devices! HTML 5 is replacing flash. Flash will be non existent by 2018.

  • take down this cam its making it more crowded.

  • Do you plan one showing the bay , Lumahai and BaliHai ? Thanks.

    • Aloha Bob. The new camera does not rotate, so the views will be expanded (pier) and close up (surf). We may adjust the view more towards the pier during the summer. Thank you for visiting our website!

      • That’s kinda unfortunate as we have used the views of Lumahai and Haena to get an idea what Pinetrees , Waikokos and Tunnels might be like without having to drive all the way out there.

        The new color and resolution are great .

      • From a surfing point of view, the angle of the camera right now is great. You can get a good idea of the size of the surf at the outside break, and the conditions. Thanks for the web cam. Aloha

  • Great new views. Higher Resolution too! Although the video is choppy.
    The extra High Definition Video may be too much for the existing bandwidth.
    Explore the possibility of getting a higher speed connection for smoother video results.
    Thanks for bringing the cam back for all of us.
    A choppy picture is still worth way more than no picture at all.

    • Hey its Cam Again,
      Just noticed its not working on my IPhone now.
      It used to work there, nice for views while on the go.
      My daughter just reported she can’t get it to work on her Apple machine either.
      Thanks for the Technical Support!

      • Try the browser called Puffin … well on my iPad

        • Thanks Bob!
          Puffin does work for mobile Cam Watchers

  • Thanks for the new camera. So pretty. Thanks for getting it fixed. Now I can image being there on the beach.

  • Thanks for the new camera. Great picture, really clear.

    • I still see nothing. Is their a new site address I need to go too?

      • i cant see anything ,please advise what to do. Thanks Jim

        • i still see nothing HELP ME Jim

      • Now I see a picture but the video doesn’t work.

        • Now it’s all gone again. I think I’ll wait a few days before I look again.

          • Works on my computer but not my iPhone.
            I’ll get over it.

          • It’s working for me. You might need to update your Adobe Flash Player.

  • Why don’t you just buy a new camera. We all miss seeing the bay!!

    • Aloha Lee. We have. We plan on getting it up and running this week. Thanks for your patience. We miss seeing the Bay too.

      • We were just there and noticed the camera was missing from the house where it used to be. Many thanks for getting the new one up and running!

  • Please fix the webcam. I want to show the images to my wife to persuade her to go.

  • I sure miss the camera. I look at it 5 – 6 times a day. Please hurry and get it fixed. Thanks.

  • Your camera is by far one of the best in the islands. And I miss it! I hope it will be up and running again soon.

  • Please fix the camera.

    • We are working on it. Thanks so much for your patience.

      • You are taking “Hawaiian time” to a whole new level. Please get the camera fixed! Mahalo.

        Hanalei Elementary Class of 86′

        • Should be back up and running in the next few days. We are looking forward to having it back online as much as you.

      • Must have been a major problem? I’ve seen buildings erected in the time the cam has been down.

        • Most issues like this boil down to money. Can’t afford it or don’t want to spend it. I hope I’m wrong.

  • I miss the webcam and the beautiful scenery it shows. Hoping you fix it soon!

    • We miss it, too! We are working as fast as we can to get it back up and running. Thanks for your patience. Aloha!

  • Is there any way to get the video to work on an I phone?

    • it has never worked on my iphone or my kindle

    • I only look at it on my iPhone and it’s NOT working!

  • whats going on with the web cam its been days its not working hope you can get it up and running again

    • What is the definition of “soon”?

  • Hi loading for 3 days. I need my fix!!! there snow in the far east.

    • UP Date The snow is gone!!!

  • Camera housing needs cleaning por favor! Thanks for taking care and hosting the cam! Ye’all are awesome!

    • yes please get someone to clean the lens

  • Yes! If we had a view that barely showed the pier in the extreme right corner that would be very, very helpful for many of us.

    • The Lumahai cam when it first starts is right on that break. If they just lowered that positon a little I think it would work. My grandson surfs out there too.

  • Many of us who surf regularly are not “good enough” to go out to the Bowl (Reef), so we surf in the 200-400 yard area to the left of the Pier.

    Request. Could we have a view further to the left of the Pier so we can evaluate our chances for good surfing for the day?

    • I agree with Doc! A view further to the left would be so helpful!!!

  • so what is the caution sign on the beach say

    • Ripcurrent warning.

      • Thanks – I was wondering about that sign too.

  • My braddah steh out dea

  • My wife and I enjoy your webcam sooooo much.
    Thank You!!!

  • I agree with her, when you click on the button that says “control camera” you wait 2 minutes so that you can click on where you want to view, either the surf, the pier, haena, etc…. SO say you wanted to view the surf youd click on surf icon and it only lets you see it for 45 seconds which i feel is not enough time. Is there anyway that you could adjust the time frame so it could be like maybe 5 minutes?
    Thanks, Jobo
    Aloha and light for all 🙂

  • I love this webcam! Is there anyway you could make the time that you are able to view it longer, because as of right now it only lets you view the surf for 45 minutes…

    • Woops, I meant to say 45 seconds

  • Your webcam has shifted. It’s tilting up and will no longer show any views except the pier. Surf, Lumahai and Ha’ena are all pointing upward to sky. Love looking at the pier, but the other views would be nice to have again too! Thanks!

  • What happened to the camera angle?

    • It should be back to proper views. Mahalo for your patience.

  • Thank you for all of your feedback and comments. We have upgraded the cam so no plug ins are necessary. Aloha and enjoy!

    • So sad!! After years of seeing our little paradise and many visits, the web cam doesn’t work on our Macbook Pro nor the iPad anymore. How can we live without it??

    • Thanks for the upgrade, now if you could send someone out to wipe off the camera housing for a clearer picture. It should be noted that after periods of rain or north or west winds the housing becomes fogged with salt and debris.
      Thanks again. Cam.

  • Your webcam has always been a great asset for the North Shore, unfortunately now with the introduction of the new operating system for Apple computers , El Capitan, it is no longer possible to view. Would be great if you could do away with Quicktime 7 plug-in

    • Thank you for the cam upgrade

  • please upgrade your website so people can view the web cam without a plug in thanks

    • Aloha Steve,
      I’m glad you enjoy viewing the webcam. At this time, the technology that allows for our HD streaming relies on Adobe Flash Player.
      Enjoy this beautiful Kauai day.

  • Camera Down? 🙁

  • Wooooo Hooooooo ! Six more days till I’m in paradise viewing this with my own eyes. Aloha to all the locals . Thanks for your pleasantness on all my yearly visits. I always look forward to a sticky bun and a cup of coffee from makai in princeville . Locals hanging out before work on the benches outside a light drizzle and the chickens running around . Cruz to annini drink my coffee and watch locals head out for a good day of fishing. Ahhhhhh yes !

  • Ditto. Really enjoy this webcam, I check most days. Especially when my next trip to Kauai gets close…

  • Thanks for fixing the camera. I’m lost without my daily dose of Kauai!

  • go to starwood cams they have a camera. the bali hai cam is better but it goes down time to time.
    starwood gives you a glimpse of the surf for size.

  • I the Web-Cam down or is it just my computer ?

    • Unfortunately it’s down at the moment. A little internet connection snafu that we hope to get fixed quickly.

  • where’s the camera!

    • Thanks for your patience. Hope to have it up and running soon.

  • Thanks for fixing webcam!

  • Yes, thank you for repairing and also providing us with the camera.

  • Mahalo for fixing the camera.

  • Thank you for the wonderful views of Hanalei. Helps me get through the day.

  • I missed not looking at the beach each day. Welcome back!

  • If you are going to discontinue the web cam you should at least post the information on the web cam page.

  • Howzit Bra, whats da haps with da camera?

    • Hope to have it back up and running soon. Thanks for your patience.

  • No service all week.

  • What’s up with the web cam?

  • web cam has been slow to open today its not working

  • Wuz up wit da cam …. Our daily wave check ? Rajah !!!!!

  • may be time for a new camera?

    • No service for 2 days. What’s happening?

      • What ever you did I did get a picture today. Thank you.

    • YEAP!!! I too have not been able to get service.

  • Thank you, for a wonderful video stream !

  • Aloha !! Beautiful Hanalei Bay! See you soon ! Mahalo

  • hello surf 😉

  • Nice day back home. Hope you’re enjoying it. 12 weeks away. Can’t wait to see everyone!!!! Aloha and a hui hou.

  • The web cam is working great lately. No more pixalating like the old days.

  • What is wrong with your webcam? Not good PR for you!!

    • Give me a BREAK, Robert!!!!!!

    • Thanks for the webcam clean! Beautiful picture. Now I must plan a vacation to Kauai and Hanalei Bay!!

  • Please clean your webcam!! Much appreciated!

  • Thanks brah for cleaning the lens bubble

  • Please wipe the dried salt spray off the lens sheild

  • the patriots win again!!! I saw the kc game & the bengals game in kauai.
    See you soon Doug. p.s. it’s only 37. outside!!!!!

  • AWESOME to see Make a Wish at Hanalei Pier AND Bethany Hamilton surfing with them !! So cool

  • Da Lens, Da Lens

  • the phantom ,, overheard at blackpot Hanalei,,, the forces are mustering the council,, plan to eliminate parking on the beach,, and no more tent shelters,, 32 units to be built the Princeville side of river mouth,, new parking almost quarter mile inland of pier. what say you to THIS

    • enough already with the OVERBUILDING…People of Kauai you love it there so why destroy the beauty with MORE tourist.

    • If they close blackpot beach, my disabled wife will not have a convenient place on the North Shore to have easy beach access. We’ve been coming here for 32 years. If they make the change, we won’t come back to Kauai.

  • Wipe da lens

  • 56 days and counting down til we come back to Kauai. Can’t wait for my feet to touch Hawaiian soil!

  • When r the north winds going to stop? I want to ride a big humper.

  • Has anyone seen Jake playing piano on the pier lately?

    • I saw him a couple of daze ago on the pier!

  • It is raining and dark winter is coming here in newark delaware
    thanks for the cam!!!!

  • Big improvement in picture quality, thanks Webmaster and Bali Hai!

  • Will see you on Thursday for 2 weeks

  • So glad the cam is back up and clear as a bell. Love it.

    • not working today?

  • Oh, I want to be there so bad. It’s 105 here in SoCal.
    Beautiful Kauai is calling me!

    • Hanalei has been as good as it gets for about 2 months.
      I have a ocean view condo for rent with sunrise view.

  • Da webcam no stay working.
    Why not?

  • Is the camera not working??

    • It’s Loading (2 days!)

  • Thank you for the awesome pics from the web cam.
    Say hey to Jay and Barb.

  • Why doesn’t the webcam work? The
    one at the St Regis works all the time.

  • Thanks for bringing the cam back! Returning to our 2nd home next month. Can’t wait!

  • So happy and so thankful to see a peaceful Hanalei looking beautiful as always, no damage from the twins Iselle and Julio.

  • I will see the sunset on the 31st of this month from the shore of Hanalie pier ! Im so looking forward to it.

  • How very eery to see Hanalei empty even at 6:30 in the morning. Prayers for safety for everyone.

  • Wish the camera worked, I need my Hanalei beach fix bad…..

  • camera has not work good for a while.

  • See ya next Thursday!!!! Yeah, baby!!!!

    • Has anyone done any shore scuba diving off any of the Kauai beaches lately? How was the water? What was the temperature?

  • So beautiful–thank you so much for letting me look at “paradise” a couple times a day!


  • Looking forward to my yearly visit to this beautiful place. The local people are a always pleasant and laid back. I always feel like I missed my calling in life because Kauai seems like I should have spent my life there. I would probably still have hair and a lot less stressed out for sure. Aloha !

  • Can almost hear the ocean!
    Haaaaay….What’s the chances?

  • It’s be nice if it just streamed and didn’t get bumped to check out your website. There is no question who is offering this cam, just let it roll please.

    • Just open a 2nd or 3rd window.
      Log in to each at the surfcam.
      When one expires go to the next one.
      That way you can have control for a good long time.

  • I will be seeing this beautiful place in 19 long days


    • Pixelation?

    • Don’t mean to complain, but the site is Labled HD, when most the time the picture is pretty awful, so people are justified in making honest comments…just saying…

  • Way Cool The Cam Thanks oh so very much You have one of the best cams in the state I am visiting San Diego And I miss I got Mainland fever just a few days back on the mainland I can’t wait to get back home to Kauai Aloha keep up the good work keeping people in touch with the north shore .

  • I really enjoy checking in on Kauai webcams on my coffee breaks. Feels like you are there. Thanks for maintaining this camera.

  • Thanks for a great cam! I love Hanalei beach and this makes me so happy to see!

  • The ability to comment about the web cam should be turned off. Seems like complaints about the free view of paradise out weigh the compliments. I’ve been a viewer since it’s inception and have always thought it was a great benefit but I have never demanded better service like so many who use it. After all, Bali Hai Realty is trying to sell real estate not provide surf reports and or people watching possibilities. Just a thought…

    • Concur.

      If there is a moderator, just dump the negative cam posts. This isn’t the government, you have every right to censorship.


    • I agree… After all it’s a free service for all…..
      Be happy with what you have. I am.

  • please would someone hose off the camera lens. After the west winds it is covered with salt. Maybe ill go down and do it myself Damm

    • We’ve got two fronts coming this weekend starting tomorrow. Once those pass, we’ll clean it up. Glad you enjoy the cam. Aloha.

  • love the cam – just wish it showed the cape or pinetrees

    • After such heavy weather over the last week, west winds, rain, etc. I think we need the lens cleaning crew to visit the camera’s location. I mean I would go and do it but, I would need permission first.
      Cam Atcher

  • Aloha!
    I’ve only recently noticed something that I believe is fairly recent and that is the so-called “Web Message” just below the video of the most beautiful place on earth.
    The way I figure it and even though I’ve lived here almost 25 years, I can take the “Web-Cam” just the way it is. I sometimes can’t believe it actually exists at all. With the “weather” really being the opposite of what most visitors probably pictured it, I’m not surprised a mechanical device being “beaten up” is affected. Humankind hasn’t perfected everything technology-wise, if anything at all really. But anyway…
    Just wanted to let everyone know to keep an eye on the “messenger” and just relax and enjoy it. (It actually has a huge red exclaimation point marking where it is!)
    Just enjoy the part(s) that work, OK? :-}
    Aloha For Now!

    • YES!
      It seems somebody is out there looking after our precious Bay Web Cam.
      The smearing has disappeared and everything is real cool.
      I guess once you give those tech guys notice, they can analyse the problem and set to fixing it.
      Thanks again.
      Cam Watcher

    • So right! It’s so awesome of the wonderful people that agree to have the webcam atop their roof. If I had to choose between not seeing paradise at all or just a little – it’s a no-brainer. Those few seconds are magical!

      • Aloha
        First I would like to thank all involved with getting and keeping the camera rolling. Nothing warms me as much as logging into the camera on a -20 degree day in Minnesota. While it may not always be a perfect view we all have to remember it is free to use complements of Bali Hai Realty. Keep the camera rolling, so I can see what I am missing in this Garden Paradise. It helps me survive the cold days, while I count the days till I return. Mahalo Bali Hai thanks for the camera.

      • +1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Aloha Lisa from Vancouver Island(!), RLS and Everyone!
          Obviously, I couldn’t agree more or, maybe I could. ;-}
          Another way to look at it getting a chance to see something even I had to PAY (airfare, lodging, food, etc.) to see, FOR FREE, for as long as you choose to. Something I had to only DREAM of for 10 years, literally…
          I’d have dreams so vivid, I’d think I was actually here, then after a while of my dream, my ALARM would go off and I’d wake up soooooo dissappointed. It actually got to the point where I’d actually realize I was dreaming and then find something that would convince me that I wasn’t dreaming!! My most vivid one is going up to a palm tree and actually TOUCH it. I figured if I could feel the ACTUAL texture of the palm trees’ bark, I MUST be here in Hawaii…of course, only to have my ALARM go off again! Coming back here made me realize that if it were at all possible, I wanted to LIVE here or go nuts only dreaming about it!
          Yeah, I STILL can’t believe this actually exists at all!
          Thanks for sharing in that feeling again. Living here can make one forget what a special place this is. It really IS!
          OK. Enough already. Enjoy the view(s)!
          Aloha For Now!

  • The camera is very disappointing lately (last 3 months).
    It seems whenever I tune in, – – the picture just smears.
    It happens no mater what browser I use.
    I know you may be attributing this to many users trying to get a view all at the same time, but I seem to be able to get control. If there were hoards of users out there tying up the frame rate wouldn’t at least some of them be trying to get control too?
    With a computer background of many years, I would like to suggest having a Technician look at the system. Have him allot more resources to the software that controls the camera. If this is not the case then the next potential solution would be to contact the service that provides the hosting for the camera output on the Internet.
    Thanks for your attention to this matter,
    Cameron W. Atcher

    • Congratulations CAM!
      Your remarks to the page operators seem to have worked.
      They must have made some software adjustments.
      Very little schmeering now and thats just great.
      I’m sure all the viewers will concur the cam seems much better over the last few days since your comments.
      Web d. Peeper

      • The cam does seem better now. Maybe the squeaky wheel does get the grease. Mahalo to the cam repair guys.

    • It’s always done this thing, but in the last three months it has been getting allot worse. Today I was only able to see something for two seconds and then it smeared out.

  • Can anyone tell me about the fellow who plays the piano occasionally on the walkway to the Pier?

    • That guy is Jake…

      • That’s it? You don’t have anymore info on Jake?


        • lol! That is one of the best commercials!

        • LOL, that’s hilarious

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful webcam! I hope to return again one day.

  • snowed again this morning here in newark delaware, 10 degrees poor surfing conditions here today.

  • Your cam 60% of the time is distorting and makes it un-viewable of Hanalei bay. And its been doing that for more then a year. I’m sure you hear about it all the time.

    • Try it in another browser safari has troubles but firefox works great.Hope that helps.

      • Appreciate your webcam. It performed flawlessly for many months then about six months ago started to get major distortion. I use Firefox via high speed connection.

  • Aloha All!
    Wow, how time flies when one is trying to keep warm on these 50 degree nights and VERY cool (mid-70’s) days!!
    When it comes to “the fog” some folks are commenting about, what that is, is a LOT of salt that is left in the air after large waves continuously pummel the island. There are times when I’ve been sitting on my lanai between 2AM and 5AM (when it feels like it is FREEZING to most of us) and I can actually feel the ground vibrating from it all. One of the “charms” of living on a tropical island, I guess.
    Heh…I’m not complaining in the least, you know.
    Dano: Yes, this is how it really looks when Kauai is “socked in” as you said. It may look a bit drab and dreary at times, however, it’s a whole different thing BEING here. This is the BEST place to live that I’ve ever been. We do have our “seasons” too!

    I hope everyone is staying as warm as they need to. With no furnaces we need to break out those sweat shirts/pants and put that extra blanket on the bed. Most everyone has woken up in the wee hours a bit cold at least once so far this “winter”…”dress in layers”…is the secret to being and staying warm.
    Enjoy looking at the huge waves. It amazes me the sheer power of Nature most of the time. Only the real “Pros” (or very experienced or the clueless, unfortunately) dare venture out into it. Even then, there is NO guarantee you’d make it back to dry land alive. With these waves comes a massively huge UNDERTOW. All that water that’s rushing in HAS to go back out somehow and it usually does it beneath the waves, most of the time. It’s no funn getting caught in one of those currents. When you look out with the Webcam and see a wave going “backwards” more than forwards, THATS a pretty strong undertow! Its nearly its own river flowing out of the bay! Anywhoo…just BE CAREFUL!
    I also hope everyone is managing to stay healthy too!
    Aloha For Now!

  • Aloha, Fog is Fog no matter where in the world it is. Looks good now, but the picture sometimes looks messed up. This is fairly new. Please fix it, if possible. Mahalo!!

    • It is NOT fog ….folks it is salt…..salt spray….salt get on everything over here and eventually rusts everything especially if you live on a beach especially if you live on a beach in the middle of the ocean…..
      You could clean the lens of the camera and in an hour it would be the same….that’s winter surf time on Kauai.

  • Is there something wrong with our beloved webcam or is this how it looks when the north shore is socked in?

  • Hope everyone is staying safe and there isn’t too much damage from those waves! I’m sending you some of our ‘Island Sun’ for a change.

  • is the cam bust? Only see like fog.

  • the camera lens @ Hanalei Bay needs cleaning

  • I know you must get thousands of greatfull surfers as well as beach goers because of your webcam but you are a First Class Company aside from the cam and again a big load of Thanks,secondly your unreal woodie out front is always warm welcome in coming into Town awsome Woodie,and if I had ever a chance to buy it would be from your group. Warm Alohas and Thanks for the great gift of giving to the food bank,I was already but now know how awesome the community comes together Aloha and Blessings Jughead!!!

  • Hi john its me joey vic the barbers son who helped build that house in Anini Beach. I painted the batina on your rain gutters lol. Im gonna go see todd next week i’ll tell him hi for you. He lives in San Clemente now. Good talking to you, i miss kauai and my dad and the surf. Your friend always, Joey.

  • This is wonderful to see Hanalei! How long has this site been up?

  • Does anyone have any pics or video of the whale that jumped completely out of the water behind the surfers in the webcam surf view on Jan 6/14 at 5:15 p.m. MST? It was spectacular and I would very much like to view this again.

    • Hi Mac, I saw the same thing on a webcam in SoCal a month ago, it was awesome and in realtime. Check youTube for whale watching in Kauai. Ahola.

  • Aloha Hawaii

  • I love Hanalei Bay and I love this webcam–thank you for letting me see paradise whenever I want.

  • Just got back from 2+ weeks of North Shore bliss. Miss it already!!

  • Now if there could only be sound and smell! Wait, I wouldn’t have to return so often then. Never mind.

  • (This is the way I wanted these two post read but due to the “cutofF” point my two paragraphs(or complete comments) got separated and didn’t make too much sense the way they were being shown. So…I took it into my own hands to correct this automatic fluke.) Enjoy:

    OMGOSH! Can you believe what a “surfers dream” today is?!? Big enough once in a while for the “big boys”, yet smaller sets for those of us who aren’t as “skilled”.
    Hey, I’ll admit I could never seem to “compete” with even the “normal” surfers, let alone those who are actually great at it…I’ll stick to “boogie boarding/body surfing” if and when I ever am able to again.
    I couldn’t help but say something about the beautiful day we are having. It is one of those perfect beach days, honestly.
    I sincerely feel sad and sorry for all those without electricity due to the past ice/snow storms. Hopefully, if there is anyone who is used to “checking in” here daily can use a tablet/phone/something that can access the Internet…what a drag. After we got directly hit with hurricane Iniki back in 1992, I went 65 days without “power”. In fact, our town was the last one to get it!! It makes sense if you knew how this island is “strung” with above ground poles. But anyway…
    Enjoy watching the live shots of Hanalei Pier and beyond. Oh, btw Laura, I don’t really think this is a big deal with those that are at the beach. I fully respect you sharing your opinion though. For whatever it is worth, my opinion is that from MY experience, when I’m at the beach, ANY beach, I realize full well that someone there is keeping their eyes on me. Like you said, in this day and age, we are ALL being watched (and listened to) in places that would shock us (I’m sure)…but, you know what? It really doesn’t bother me that much. We’re all human and do very human things. We’d all love to think we are “special” in some way or another, but honestly, in a world of SEVEN BILLION plus humans, you’re NOT the only one doing what unique thing it is you think you’re doing. People who do the “people watching” have pretty much seen it all before and if not, will soon realize just what I’ve said above. In MY opinion, there’s no need to post a sign. Hanalei Bay is a HUGE beach and really, the Webcam is only showing a VERY small percentage of it. I think those that go there AFTER seeing the little bit on this Webcam are shocked (and pleased) when they finally see just how huge and majestic (magical?) this place on Earth really is. In other words, when I go to the beach, I don’t really care who wants to waste their lives “watching” me…at least I’m the one doing something worthwhile.
    I sincerely hope I didn’t upset you in any way. I’m just offering MY opinion to the subject and letting those who love great “surfing surf” that today is one of those MAGICAL days!
    Aloha Just For Now! ;-}


    • Aloha Wayne!
      Thank you for your reflection on my comment from earlier. I appreciate your feedback and it did not offended me in any way. I’m not a prude and i would most likely be one of those “butt scratching” and “bikini changing” ladies on the beach if i were not freezing my butt in Canada right now.
      This is a public forum so it’s not about me or you, i’m just putting it out there that people have different opinions on things and some might be an shock or in awe to find out they’ve been vacationing ‘under surveillance’.
      But hey, we should be grateful that Kauai is still a pristine piece of heaven and it lacks the crowds compared to Oahu or Maui for example. That’s why i’m so thankful having this web cam loading on my PC, and being able to feel the Aloha of my favorite place wherever in the world i might be watching from.

  • Aloha Again!
    I also wanted to mention to Laura (since she genuinely seems concerned) that the places that most people like to “spread out their towels” and settle would be much farther away from the Hanalei Pier since it is the “landmark” most visitors go to see. Lots of them move their cars and park at other locations available along the bay…so the “crowd” you usually see with the Webcam is usually the most “crowded”. Couples who want more privacy have PLENTY of other places they could go if they REALLY were worried about it (so could the families who are raising a batch of “prudes”), LOL! Sorry…but it’s true.
    In the years I’ve been coming here, I’m sure I could count using both hands, how many times I’ve actually recognized someone walking along the beach, and I’ve lived here over 24 years! (Ha, ha…yes, I get/got out a LOT!) Heh…
    That’s enough from me for now! ;-}

  • Aloha!
    OMGOSH! Can you believe what a “surfers dream” today is?!? Big enough once in a while for the “big boys”, yet smaller sets for those of us who aren’t as “skilled”.
    Hey, I’ll admit I could never seem to “compete” with even the “normal” surfers, let alone those who are actually great at it…I’ll stick to “boogie boarding/body surfing” if and when I ever am able to again.
    I couldn’t help but say something about the beautiful day we are having. It is one of those perfect beach days, honestly.
    I sincerely feel sad and sorry for all those without electricity due to the past ice/snow storms. Hopefully, if there is anyone who is used to “checking in” here daily can use a tablet/phone/something that can access the Internet…what a drag. After we got directly hit with hurricane Iniki back in 1992, I went 65 days without “power”. In fact, our town was the last one to get it!! It makes sense if you knew how this island is “strung” with above ground poles. But anyway…
    Enjoy watching the live shots of Hanalei Pier and beyond. Oh, btw Laura, I don’t really think this is a big deal with those that are at the beach. I fully respect you sharing your opinion though. For whatever it is worth, my opinion is that from MY experience, when I’m at the beach, ANY beach, I realize full well that someone there is keeping their eyes on me. Like you said, in this day and age, we are ALL being watched (and listened to) in places that would shock us (I’m sure)…but, you know what? It really doesn’t bother me that much. We’re all human and do very human things. We’d all love to think we are “special” in some way or another, but honestly, in a world of SEVEN BILLION plus humans, you’re NOT the only one doing what unique thing it is you think you’re doing. People who do the “people watching” have pretty much seen it all before and if not, will soon realize just what I’ve said above. In MY opinion, there’s no need to post a sign. Hanalei Bay is a HUGE beach and really, the Webcam is only showing a VERY small percentage of it. I think those that go there AFTER seeing the little bit on this Webcam are shocked (and pleased) when they finally see just how huge and majestic (magical?) this place on Earth really is. In other words, when I go to the beach, I don’t really care who wants to waste their lives “watching” me…at least I’m the one doing something worthwhile.
    I sincerely hope I didn’t upset you in any way. I’m just offering MY opinion to the subject and letting those who love great “surfing surf” that today is one of those MAGICAL days!
    Aloha Just For Now! ;-}

  • Great Web Cam. The best one on the Island, that’s for sure. I also have a web cam/surf cam in my condo in Poipu. It doesn’t have all of the functions that this cam has. But if anyone wants to see the south side of Kauai, it’s nice. It only shows the surf break at PK’s and Centers, which is flat in the winter time. Type “Poipu Surf Cam” into any search engine to see the web cam.

    • Aloha Dan. We hope you had a nice Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year. I just checked out your webcam, it looks good. It was great to see sunshine and no snow, I will add it to my list of webcams.

  • I love looking at this webcam because it reminds me my trips to Kauai. I always stayed with a friend at West side, so it would be a long trip to North Shore, but it was always a pleasure to spend a day on a beach there. I tried looking for a camera several times, but never could find it myself. LOL
    Even though, I believe that such web cameras are absolutely legal, i feel like the beach-combers and sun bathers should be reminded that they are under the surveillance and are being broadcasted to the world. I observed a few weird moments a several times, and sometimes i felt bad for those people because they most likely had no idea (butt scratching, bikini changing, obscene activity by couples…) Sure it might be pleasure for one to observe this, but most of the time people who set up their towels in this part of the beach spend there a few hours, not realizing their every move is being watched by someone.
    Surely in this age, we all might be somehow watched but i think such a close up on beach activities is non-ethical and inappropriate in this case. Just my opinion.
    Meanwhile, the shot on the surf is not close enough, and Lumahai and Haena Point are mostly out of focus.

    Mahalo for the live web cams from my favorite place in the whole world, but if i were the owner i would consider the re-positioning.
    Aloha and Mahalo from Laura

  • Aloha!Very Merry Chirstmas to all from central Canada. I love watching the waves and surfers from the webcam – I watch it everyday. It was cool watching the building of the new shelter on the pier. I enjoy reading the comments from everyone, enjoy the sun where ever you can find it. I also sent a thank you and a Christmas wish to the Bali Hai staff. Aloha.

  • Iam in newark delaware it is 20 degrees , snow ice and it is going to snow tommorrow, when i hit the lottery (mega million is 425 million tonight) I will buy real estate from you guys!!beach front

  • Aloha Everyone!
    Wow! If my “aging” memory serves me correctly, around a week (or so) before Thanksgiving it felt as if the “season” instantly changed from late summer to “winter” weather patterns! Those who live here may know what I mean. All of a sudden it gets “cold” enough to actually look for that extra blanket and throw it on the bed due to the frigid air around 2-3 a.m. When a person gets used to the daytime AND nighttime temperatures to stay between the low 70’s to mid 80’s, the high 50’s to low 60’s makes us feel like it’s FREEZING! LOL!!
    I know that sounds absurd to those who live through the harsh winters where the temperatures actually plummet into the MINUS 30 BELOW ZERO range because I actually lived in and around the state of Minnesota for 25 years before moving here to Kilauea on the north shore of Kauai. My friends and relatives always get a good chuckle when I “complain” about the rainy and “cold” temperatures I have to endure. Minnesota is one of those states where, in January, if the temperature ever gets above freezing, people (including myself) would actually get the BBQ grill stoked up! Ahhh…memories…
    Jeebus and those that still think I have control (or own) this Webcam…I don’t. I’m just a (almost) 25 year resident of Kauai and even though I live here, I absolutely love and watch the “live” pics that come from this Webcam. I’m just happy that it exists at all and was pleasantly surprised when I “discovered” it many years ago. By the way and I’m sure you were being factitious (with a little “dark humor” thrown in for good measure), but the majority of folks that manage to own land in Princeville (the Webcam is located on the roof of someones house near the Hanalei pier in Hanalei) aren’t always wealthy. Yes, it is a “resort community”, but those that decide to live there probably use most of their “disposable” income for the mortgage, taxes and maintenance fees (I’ve known and do know folks who live(d)there) which leaves very little for any type of “high tech” gadgetry that you mention.
    As I’ve stated several times in the past, this Webcam was not intended to be any type/kind of “surfcam”. It is here to show the world that a beautiful place like Kauai and especially Hanalei Bay really DO exist on Earth. Of course, the site is sponsored by Coldwell Banker/Bali Hai Realty, a smaller “cog” in the big/large “cog”, however, they actually have quite the stellar reputation that anyone with a normal I.Q. would want and then later appreciate just how good and “nice” (friendly without acting phony…) these folks actually are. By the way, I’m just your average Internet “surfer” who, at least, “tries” to “check in” to all my favorite sites at least once a day!?! In other words, I’m not being “compensated” in ANY WAY by CB/Bali Hai Realty. They are the ones who deserve the praise for having this Webcam (with FOUR) different views)! OK? OK! (heavy sigh).
    Just sit back in your comfy computer chair or whatever and ENJOY what you see.
    So Jen, I so totally agree with you on the “I think the only problem with this camera is that it does not allow the warmth, sound and surf to come through the computer for me to enjoy!!” The day that happens, people would just surround themselves with 4 large (at least 52 inches), flat screen TV systems and never go to work for as long as they could get away from it! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Hey, it “felt funny”, so…
    Well, I’ve damaged myself enough for one night. Enjoy the Webcam. Just ENJOY it. That’s all.
    Aloha For Now! ;-}

    • I really appreciate this webcam. It gives me my daily fix of Hanalei Bay. I’ll see it in person soon.

    • I was walking on the beach the other day and was curious to know where the webcam is actually located. Anyway, my 99% guess would be the the house with the only second floor/terrace near the pier. I think the roundess/silvery metal object mounted in the middle I saw was the camera.

    • Wayne,
      I wonder how many more times you have to explain the Webcam to folks? Maybe they don’t take the time to read your notes. duh!
      I look at the cam every day and appreciate the fact that I can see beautiful Hanalei Bay.

      • Aloha Lee and All!
        Thanks for saying what you did, it’s something that goes through my mind every time I “feel” the “discussion question that just can’t seem to get answered” come up yet again. I think it is here to stay though, because, like you said (or implied?)the answer(s) don’t get read due to the “user” being a “newbie” or they rarely use (or read) the “comments” section.
        Like you, I just love the Webcam just the way it is right now and wouldn’t change a thing. Winter is in the air and the annual monstrous surf/waves haven’t really hit us yet…then again, winter hasn’t “officially” started as yet…another couple of weeks to go though!
        As I usually say, I’m simply happy that this exists at all! There are actually some “educated” folks out there that have NEVER even heard of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands (Hawaii). That never ceases to amaze me every time I meet someone who doesn’t know that. They know of all the other major islands…oops, I’m going into a different area that has nothing to do with (well, a little, in context anyway).
        What I’m basically trying to say is, “JUST ENJOY THE 4 DIFFERING LIVE PICS!”
        Aloha Just For Now! ;-}

  • Looking at the cam right now at 2:30 am while laying in bed in Princeville and i dont understand why i can’t see anything at all. How come this thing doesn’t have night vision? Who would set up a camera without night vision? Was that you, wayne? I love surfing double overhead at night and i can’t tell if i should paddle out or not!

    By the way, anyone who can afford princeville real estate could also afford their own satellite in geosynchronous orbit above princeville with a night vision camera and would not need this lousy webcam on a house or pier or whatever.

    I’m just saying. Mahalo.

    PS Hi Scott K

  • I must be doing something wrong. I live in Princeville and every time I try to access this webcam, it doesn’t work. What’s up?

  • I absolutely LOVE this webcam. I visit Kauai and the North Shore every 2 years and this gets me through the in between times! We plan to relocate to Kauai in 5 years so I look at this webcam almost daily. I love to see how the surf changes with the seasons, Bali Hai, sunsets…I truly appreciate that this webcam is available and allows me to see paradise every evening as I relax for the night,
    Mahalo from Texas!

  • is there any possibilities that the cam will be positioned back to how it was prior of the pier being remodeled? i think that what most people bellow are getting at. thank you

  • Aloha! I want to thank whoever it is that provides this webcam!! I enjoyed it for weeks before my Kauai trip and then used it as an opportunity for my children to “see” me in Hawaii while I was there. It was quite a neat treat for them!! I now look at it daily and wish I was still there instead of cold, dreary Wisconsin. I think the only problem with this camera is that it does not allow the warmth, sound and surf to come through the computer for me to enjoy!! Now when technology figures out how to make THAT happen this will be the best webcam EVER!! Thanks so much for providing this for all of us.

  • Thanks for the beautiful view of paradise. I miss being there. The weather here is Missouri is a mess; it’s so nice to be able to “get away for a while” with this webcam. Keep up the good work and thanks a million.

  • you should move the surf cam to the boul

    • yes i agree, so we could check out the surf in person before going.

  • I wonder what brand/type of webcam you are using? I thought about the new dropcam pro. The view will probably be wider and the video quality better.

  • In part thanks to Wayne’s extended comment, a huge MAHALO from this old haole guy for whom Kaua’i is the only paradise I’ll ever want or need, the North Shore most of all. If my health were not so bad, my wife and I would move there in a heartbeat. There are days when this webcam has been the only thing that added even a tiny piece of happiness to my existence. And rest assured, if we ever WERE in a position to move to the place where at least my ashes will go when I leave, we would only use Bali Hai Realty. Not just because of the webcam, but because of the many good reports I have gotten from others who have worked with them.

    And yes, I lived in Hawai’i, but on Oahu, from 1960-63, and was fortunate enough to visit on business or vacation some 24 times in the years from then until 2002, when I fell ill and became disabled. When I watch the webcam, I feel I am “home” again, however briefly, and I treasure it.

    • Thank you for sharing how you feel about our beautiful Kauai. We are happy to make this available to people like yourself – you cannot be here, but are here in spirit every time you click on the webcam.
      Much aloha from beautiful Hanalei!

  • I would buy something or give them the first shot because of this wonderful web site they have.

    thanks for the cool live cams

  • Aloha!
    The time has come for me to straighten something out and I certainly hope I can convey the words so they are taken in the correct context.
    I love and enjoy this webcam site as much as anyone, however, it isn’t mine. In some ways I wish it were but the fact is, it isn’t. I’m not sure where in this dialogue that the impression was made that I was the one who owns and operates/maintains this and I apologize to the owner(s) of it for this mistake. When it was first implied that I was responsible for it, I didn’t think much of it and believed all the “kudos” for it would go back to Bali Hai Realty and/or the actual owner(s) of it but that hasn’t happened and I don’t want to take credit for something I didn’t do nor are responsible for.
    One thing that this has done is bring out all the folks who truly love and appreciate this webcam for existing in the first place. I know the people who really are responsible for it do read these comments and honestly appreciate those who take the time to write a simple “mahalo” here. As I’ve said before, I’ve lived here for over 24 years and even though I’ve never had the opportunity to use Bali Hai Realty as my real estate agent, I’ve never heard of one single negative thing about them. In fact, I’ve only heard good things…and no, I don’t and never have worked for their company. I’ve been a “career accountant” for CPA firms and small business owners for most of my years living here. I discovered I had a “knack” for accounting/bookkeeping while in high school and it just took off from there.
    They have been gracious enough to send me an occasional email letting me know how much they appreciate me taking the time to talk about their services and this webcam site. In response I let them know that I’ve always enjoyed talking to the visitors and residents of Kauai (and Hawaii in general). It’s just something I enjoy doing and hope to continue doing as long as I’m alive and able to live here. One thing everyone can be sure of; if I had heard/thought anything negative about the affiliation with Bali Hai Realty this site had, I sure wouldn’t have stuck around or bothered promoting it. Thankfully, that’s never happened. The folks that have corresponded with me that deal with this webcam site have been nothing but gracious and I thank them for giving me the freedom to, as one of their emails put it, let me be a kind of “ambassador” for them and this site. All I can say in response to that is that it is more than my pleasure and a privilege to have this opportunity.
    To all those who have written to me about how much they enjoy this webcam; trust me, the person/people who really are responsible for this site DO read these comments and they surely appreciate each and every one of them.
    I hope this clears up this matter and those that are enjoying watching Hanalei Bay (and the points beyond) continue to do so. Even though I live close enough to visit “the bay” every day if I wanted to, I still come to this webcam just to enjoy the sheer beauty and “awesomeness” of it daily. So…ENJOY!
    Aloha Just For Now!

    • Thanks for clearing things up Wayne. I think the reason some people might think you own or control the camera is from a comment you wrote on 9/11/2013, ” For something I’m offering for free, I’m not jumping up and down to or on my roof to make any temporary changes ” I’ve lived on Kauai for 40 years there have been allot of changes. I surf and I’m gratefull for the surf cam. It’s not perfect but it’s better than nothing. Here in Hawaii surfing is not just a sport, is a way of life. That’s the way it’s been for hundreds of yesrs. As someone who came here from the mainland, I try and have respect for that. Aloha

    • Agreed! So appreciate this webcam!

      The negative people will just always be negative. Can’t do much for them, they’ll just have to figure it out themselves.

      This isn’t a surf cam, from what I have been able to tell it is a Hanalei Bay webcam. The surf and the surfers are just a part of Hanalei Bay.

      It brings me peace every time that I settle in for a few minutes. It allows me to escape to paradise whenever I need the escape.

      For those of you that are privileged enough to live on Kauai, you are truly blessed.


  • Wayne, you and your webcam are awesome! It’s 49 degrees with dense fog outside at 1:00 pm where I am. I need to get back to Hanalei, but this is as close as I can get for now. Don’t let the knuckleheads wear you down.

  • I don’t understand why people don’t read previous comments. Thank you Wayne for providing to potal to paradice. I look every day to remind me how much Ienjoy the hanalei area. Thank you for sharing your personel and privately owned webcam to providing the glimps.

  • Why would I buy real estate from these guys if they can’t aim a surf cam right?

    • rickdick, The real question would be: Why would anyone want to sell to you in the first place?

    • Aloha rickdickulus and Everyone!
      (Frustrating sigh…)
      OK, once again…
      This FREE webcam is NOT a “surf cam”. It’s a webcam (I like to think of it as a “portal of ‘paradise’) generously set up to show the world one of the most beautiful beaches (if not THE most beautiful beach) in Hawaii, plain and simple. The fact that it’s aimed at a great surfing area is just coincidence.
      Your “comment/question” is perfectly described by your screen name (a “twist” of the word ‘ridiculous’) since “aiming a webcam” has nothing to do with the high level of professionalism the agents at Bali Hai Realty have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate every day. It’s like saying, “Why would I go to that doctor if s/he can’t tell me how to build an automobile engine?” It makes no sense whatsoever.
      Not everyone that visits this site comes to see what the surf is like, some (actually, the majority) visit so they can see a place that they visited while on vacation and reminisce about how relaxed and wonderful they felt while here.
      Most experienced surfers know that areas to surf slowly change as the year goes by. An area that is great to surf today won’t be as great to surf 3 to 6 months from now.
      Since this webcam is located on the roof of a house, how could you possibly expect the owner of it to climb up and move (aim) the webcam every time the “swells” come in?
      Now THAT would really be “rickdickulus”! ;-}
      Having lived here for over 24 years, I’m just happy that there’s a webcam (with 4 viewing options) available at all and I know the vast majority of “viewers” agree with me.
      Just enjoy and be happy you can see as much as you can, OK? OK!
      Aloha For Now!

      • yea, Wayne – don’t let negative comments get you down!
        I check out the cam every day – some times more than once a day.
        Thank you so much for the opportunity to see beautiful Hanalei.

    • I wonder the same thing.

  • Everyone needs to enjoy this web cam as they give it to us for free I do not care what area it is pointed at as long as I can get a glimps of the most beautiful place on earth.I look at it every day, sure there are some spots that are not the best but again it is free and these people need to be made proud of what they are doing for us again for free to us.

  • Aloha!

    As much as I sure Bali Hai Realty and the webcam owner do all they can do to please as many folks as possible with this device, it’ll always be impossible to please everyone.

    As you guys can imagine, this isn’t strictly for the surfing crowd, it just happens to be part of the many beautiful things about this place, so there was a camera set to show the best surf spot (on average, probably) to please both sets of people. As the year progresses, the “sweet spot” for surfing moves in most areas and that’s what happened right now. Its “self-correct” mechanism will take care of this in about 3 months.

    For something I’m offering for free, I’m not jumping up and down up to or on my roof to make any temporary changes, just enjoy what we have. It could all be gone tomorrow for some unforeseen reason! Appreciate it while it exists! Wow!

    Aloha For Now!

    • This webcam gets me thru the day!!! Thanks for taking the time to do this for those of us that cannot be there for real. I bet you are happy to see BLUE water again!

    • Mahalo for allowing me to see my “home away from home”. I appreciate your efforts and the beautiful views of Hanalei Bay through the eyes of your camera!!!!

    • Hey, you do more than you know for so many of us who have known or lived in Hawai’i and can never go back. I spent many happy hours kayaking and just basking and reading at Hanalei Bay. Loved the pier. Love it has been restored. You had and have no obligation to keep a webcam there. But I look at it at least once a day, often more. I would live on the North Shore of Kaua’i but for health reasons, and I have recommended your webcam to many, many people, mostly local, so you may actually get some business someday from that. I know if my wife and I could do it, we would contact you guys FIRST about buying a place near Hanalei. One of my daughters has promised that at least some of my ashes will find their way to the bay when I pass, which could be soon. It means that much to me, which is why I love your webcam just as it is. Mahalo, and aloha nui loa.

    • Well said! Thank you so much for providing the cam! I live in Princeville six months of the year, and this luxury allows me to check in for weather and conditions the rest of the year. Great!

    • Agreed! Thank you! Love having the cam available to see Hanalei Bay.


    • Thank You Wayne! Much appreciated Sir!! Mahalo!!!

  • It would be nice if you would move the camera angle back the way it was so that we can watch the Bowl and see what the conditions are.
    Unless the surf is really big the camera angle it is set at now does not show very much.

  • What’s up with the webcam?
    Time to update this page, construction is long been done!

  • Why does the cam time out? It not consistent? In the past I could log on and set myriad down and have the cam run and watch it. Now it works for a minute or two then freezes up? It’s not my Internet service nor the ipad, I believe it’s the site. Anyone experiencing the same issue? Mahalo!

    • you are complaining about a free service, really???

      • REALLY??? NO I am not complaining…..Really Bill! Not a COMPLAINT as you stated….a general ? for the Forum! Wasn’t looking for your comment, rather seeing if anyone else is experiencing the same issues I have been experiencing! Kookvillel in Blanstonville! Obviously?

  • aloha all..
    If you are visiting PLEASE help us clean our beach…..pick up trash when you see it even if it is not yours and please NEVER throw cig butts on the sand
    or ground…..we need beach cleanup help at the pier….
    malama the aina
    thank you

  • I would like visit of hawaii

    • I’ve been to Oahu a number of times, surfed both sides of the island, have been to Maui once and Kauai a couple of times. Still haven’t made it to the big island yet. But as for the 3 that I mentioned, Kauai is the best. Oahu too crowded and touristy, Maui was fine. Kauai is magical.

    • Yes you would. Make it a goal! You will never get Hawaii out of your mind.

  • Aloha KcTim and Everyone!

    KcTim?!? I’ll bet you are so happy that there is only 5 (FIVE!) days to go until you get here that you can almost smell Hanalei Bay when you look at the pic(s)…correct?

    I’ll never forget my 1st time visiting Hawaii (a little Oahu and a lot of Maui); when it was 5 days until I left, my boss told my co-worker(s) to check my work!! BWAHAHAHA! Apparently I was a little “anxious” since I also was getting married here. The “countdown” for my visit probably felt different for me than what you are feeling right now. When (if ever) do you think that you and your “significant” other will move here so you don’t have to put yourself through this? When people ask me, “What does it take to live here in Hawaii?”, most of the time my answer is, “You have to WANT TO.”…plain and simple.

    Anyway, I just wanted to “check-in” with you since we did mention meeting at the “Nui” some night. Do you know any of your “schedule” for “play dates” there? I don’t know if I gave you my email addy but I know I don’t have yours. Too bad there isn’t a “PM” (Private Messaging) function on this forum. Hmmm…

    Just think KcTim, this time next week you could be enjoying the morning sun on that bay above. ISN’T IT GREAT??!?!?

    Hope to hear from you. Get ready to “mellow out”.

    Aloha Just For Now!

    • Wayne!!! Uh….oops??? Yeah, I played a couple of times at The Nui with Darryl and Coco and after the state races I played that Saturday night with Gunga LaGunga at the Nui. Dang!!!! I didn’t even think about going in here to hook up with you…you know, since I was THERE to see it in person….rats. Sorry Chief. Hey. Next summer I think Brenda and I will be there for the whole month of July. Really want to go to Kirby and Toby’s 4th of July party over in Kalihiwai. [email protected] is my email. Send me an email so we make sure to run into each other next July. Cool? Oh yeah. I spent part of the last Friday there in Kapa’a recording for Gunga….it’s going to be a really sweet Cd. Ask Gordo (if you know him) to see if you can hear a track or two that I worked on. Aloha

      • Aloha KcTim!

        As the days went by without a response to my inquiry (above), my hopes faded, but as they faded, all I could do was smile and know that you were a MUCH happier person and enjoying yourself as much as one can here. I know sitting down at any type of computer to concentrate on email would (also) have been one of the very LAST things to do. One of the reasons folks come to Kauai is to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n. Not just physically but mentally/emotionally/spiritually…just downright overall! MY opinion only, of course. I fell in love with this place upon landing for the first time and if anything, I love it even MORE now. I didn’t think that was even possible!

        Anyway, I sent you an email using the addy you supplied somewhere. Let me know if and when you receive it, OK my friend?


        Aloha For Now! ;-}

        • I replied to your message. Cool. I see where they closed school early. Looks like a nice afternoon on the webcam. Hmmmm

  • Just got back from Kauai yesterday. It was great to have the family see us on the peir. We love kauai and check you cam daily. Thank you for the great camera angles and letting us stay connected to Hanalei.

  • Love the camera angels … they seem to beback to the old spots … but better.

    Wonderful … Thank you!

  • Thank you for a much improved coverage of Hanalei. The quality of the picture is also excellent.Well done…

  • Yes, Thank you for the new camera angles. we love being able to see the beach and friends on the pier when they are on vacation!

  • love the new camera angles!!

  • I’m very happy to see things so beautiful a place as far as my own. I live in Sanremo, Italy. Often the sea dream that shows on the internet
    Vinicio Lanteri – Sanremo

    • I like the view of the trees the best. Thanks

    • Vinicio/ i was born in sestola which is also beautifull,but this place here is very special

    • been going to the bay for 12 years now,not this year [my wife class reunion in germany ]will be there in 14

  • Just another beautiful day on Hanalei Bay.

  • I noticed that the camera pans up as it aims more north. The base of the camera mount must off the horizontal by about 10 degrees.I hope that it can be returned back to what it was last year.Thank you for the service that this web cam provides for us locals as well as all the world to enjoy…

  • I went to the blessing today and it was very nice. They had a tent set up in the empty lot next to the pier as well as what went on at the new pier. I also noticed that the camera cannot get bumped by workers. It is under a bubble glass like a security camera in a store. Another thing I noticed was that the surf is about 250 yards past the pier; it looks much closer in the camera.

    • Agreed … the surf (where the real surfers surf) is much farther out than it appears on the camera. I don’t know about 250 yards, that might be overly conservative. Definitely an optical illusion. 🙂

      Enjoy Hanalei!

  • What a great day to be in Hanalei! Time is getting shorter for us to be back. Sigh..

  • Great work on the pier! It was badly needed, and it turned out looking great.
    We enjoy your webcam everyday and miss the island everyday as well. Hope to move back soon.
    Thanks for the view! ;o)

  • WoW! The waves are really nice today! Y’all enjoy them! I’ll be back July 18. Can’t wait. A hui hou ohana

  • Great news on TGI, the Hanalei Pier is open and the canopy is complete.

    “there will be a blessing of the new canopy at 2:30 p.m. May 30”

  • Aloha, Now the camera gives a nice view of the sky when on the “surf” view. A little downward repositioning is needed. Mahalo.

  • The Camera has been bumped again and is way off the mark.
    C. Atcher

  • Our son lives in Kapaa we are stuck in Mississippi.Love your live cam makes us miss the wonderful people and gorgeous island of Kauai.Thanks for letting view the island from far away

  • I’ve been doing a screen capture everyday since the rebuild started in March and made this video: of the process.

    • Thank You Steve

    • Great job…fun to watch each step of the way. When is the blessing or did I miss it?

  • I too think they did a great job on the roof can’t wait to see it in person

  • It would be nice if the surf cam view was shifted a little to the right so we could see the surfers a bit better

  • The pier is looking great! Great job all!

    • Again, guys, awesome job! Mahalo for all your work!!!!! See ya in 8 weeks. A hui hou

    • Again, guys, the pier looks awesome! Mahalo for all your work!!!!! See ya in 8 weeks. A hui hou

  • So sorry to hear some of the negative comments :<(. We love Kauai, it's history, it's beauty and our friends that live there! Thank you Bali Hai for showing us this magical paradise. Mahalo to the people who own the camera and share it with us! May God bless you for allowing us in tne mainland to be part of this great area of the world until we return! Aloha Oe.

  • I lived on Kauai for 20 years –
    Kauai is the best island of all the islands –
    But everything is done tomorrow –
    I was self employed doing light construction
    As a haole I had more work than I could handle
    They knew if I was given a job – I’d finish it in good time
    The locals don’t seem to care about doing a job now
    Unless you get work they thought they could do tomorrow…
    So the old web cam views will be back if and when someone cares
    Sure miss the local mocos

    • Aloha!
      I’ve lived on Kauai for 24+ years and I can and have adopted the local phrase “HAWAIIAN TIME” and don’t think of it as a negative. In fact, the much slower pace of life on Kauai is one of the major reasons I moved here so I don’t have much else to say…I LOVE IT! Those of us who live here longer hear this complaint every once in a while and for me, I let it go in one ear and out the other.

      (Don’t worry folks, the WebCam will stay on regardless of whatever settings the owner and Bali Hai Realty want. THAT’S the important thing.)

      The canopy looks GREAT! Good Job!

      Aloha For Now!

  • I want to go to Hanalei,looks so amazing!

    • Was down their the other day and it was GREAT day.

  • Anybody know what’s happened with the canopy construction? Seems like it has stalled, I haven’t seen any progress on the roof in several days it seems like.

    @Dr. Gook … Be nice, the very nice people at Bali Hai provide this service that we all LOVE, and they provide it free (also something I LOVE).

    @Alaska Mama … I would assume the same thing. The camera angles changed when they started rebuilding the canopy. I ‘assume’ once the canopy and blessing has been completed … they will eventually go back to normal.

    • They are not volunteers. They are waiting for the rest of roofing to arrive the will finish. Next week most likely.

    • Tod,

      Talked to some of my ohana in Hanalei yesterday. From what I understand, the pier project is on a volunteer-type construction plan so guys get out there when they can. Maybe the guys who are working this the hardest got some good work elsewhere. I know they’ll be back. They’ve done a great job so far, huh? See ya in July! A quick shout out to Mike Burkemeyer and Marcos- aloha and mahalo for your help!

      • They were not volunteers but paid workers. My friends are on the crew.

      • @KcTim … if it is being done by volunteers … Wow! They have done a great job!

  • Not sure I’d want deal with a real estate company that can’t do a simple task – such as fix a simple web camera. The camera needs to show the beach and people on it. Just showing a large body of water makes no sense to me. But they say they will fix it mañana. Yeah sure….

    • 60 more days. Can’t wait. Hoping for a super late season north swell so I can surf Hanalei again. If not I’ll be happy hitting the south side. Still fun.

    • Dr. Gook, you are a total KOOK. You have no Aloha therefore you probably won’t get any when you visit. Mahalo to Bali Hai, they really don’t have to do this.

      • Well played Sir!

    • OMG Get a grip Dr. We are lucky to have a cam at all. As above said this is on a private home along the bay. BHR is a great company.

    • Hey Dr., The webcam is actually run off a gentleman’s house there on the beach- not BHR. It’s a great deal to have this camera so I’m not complaining too hard. Aloha

    • Aloha- My understanding is the camera angles have been adjusted to focus on the Hanalei Pier so we can all watch the progress as the community rebuilds this historic place. Once this is complete and theblessing has taken place, the camera will be returned to the traditional settings including the folks on the beach and better surf viewing!

  • Aloha and thanks for this webcam! For viewing surf would it be possible to move the viewing angle slightly looker’s right?

    • Please leave the camera the way it is. It’s just there to give you an idea of weather the surf is going down or coming up, and a general idea of the conditions. If you look at it every day it’s easy to figure out what’s what the surf is doing.

  • hi can u move the angle for surf a little to the right, and a little lower. Mahalo

  • I agree KcTim, the web angles were better. You could see the people on the beach and the pier. If you adjust that, it would be great. It’s still a beautiful shot no matter what. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • BEAUTIFUL day in Hanalei. Less than 3 months now- we’ll be back home in Kauai. May I PLEASE beg for one thing? The camera angle for “surf” has been raised significantly making it so you can only see someone’s head if they’re standing in the perfect spot. Before, the “surf” camera angle caught just the top of the pier and you could still watch the surfers w/o problem AND you could really see the people on the pier- like a full body shot! Since we’ll be there in July, it would be great if our friends over here on the mainland could see us up on the pier. This will be my last request. I love the whole camera thing- keeps me close to home for 11 months while I’m away. Please change the “sur” camera angle down just a little??? Aloha to all the ohana ion Hanalei. Time’s getting closer! A hui hou

  • Could you widen the field of view like it used to be? It’s like each selection has been cropped.

  • Aloha Everyone!
    Dare I say it? SURE! Here it is, a little after 10am on Wednesday morning and I’m looking at the LIVE WEBCAM of Hanalei Bay and beyond. There are perfect “sets” for the average surfer(s) in a (again) G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S blue colored ocean. (Do you think the “roofers/builders” of the canopy ever stop, look around and think to themselves, “Geez, I couldn’t ask for better working conditions!”…especially since it’s been Highs in the ‘upper’ 70’s and Lows in the upper 60’s!)
    Doesn’t the Hanalei Pier look fantastic? YES! Yes it does! Plus, it’s not even DONE yet…imagine how much more perfect it will look! If that’s possible…wow.
    Aloha For Now!

  • yea its been a year and a half since weve been here to this magical island. enjoy the webcam quite often. Makes me dream….

  • Love checking out the webcam and dreaming of my vacation in June! Does anyone know what happened to the view of the beach? I would like to see that feature again!

    • @Tammy, (and everybody else asking about the beach cam) …

      They are rebuilding the Hanalei Pier canopy … many asked for a close up of the rebuilding project. The canopy should be finished soon, and I’m sure they will put the position of the beach back to normal.

      • Tod,
        Thanks so much for the info. I have been enjoying watching the canopy go up!

  • The web cam is working great but I think the lens needs to be cleaned. Aloha

  • SUPs have ruined the bay!!

    • I think we all would love to have our own private bay or beach where we can do whatever we we wanted uninterrupted but that’s simply not going to happen unless you buy your own island.
      So how bout we all just try to not go out of our way to “ruin” others day on the bay….just simply consideration is normally ample.

      • Shut up. SUPs suck and everybody who doesn’t ride those pieces of crap hates them. They paddle around you all day, burn you every chance they get, and all of them think they own the lineup. Plus most of them don’t know what they’re doing and are very dangerous.

        • Generally people on SUP’s are only out during small sets.

          Why are you crying like a little girl? Afraid to surf larger sets?

        • Really? Shut up? Sounds as if you think you own the line up. Chill.

    • what are SUP’s?

      • Stand Up Paddle boards


  • Aloha!

    Is it just me or when the sun comes out and shines full force on the ocean (I LOVE those little waves on the “west” side of the pier), sand, pier, people and Kauai…isn’t the color(s) of the water in Hanalei Bay just the most beautiful shades of BLUE and EMERALD/TOPAZ?!!? YES! Yes, it is. There is only one other beach that actually beats out these beautiful waters, Haena Beach Park all the way ‘down’ to Makua (Tunnels) Beach. OMGosh! The water is even CLEARER than what you see in the Webcam, but only by a small margin.

    Here it is almost NOON on this small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We’re currently enjoying a “break” from the last of the 2012-2013 Winter storm configurations. From what I’ve heard from the weatherperson, by late Saturday or Sunday, we’ll be in the thick of another “boomer-producer” type drencher for a few days and no other major Hawaiian Island will be affected (although I’ll bet Oahu gets almost as much as we do, they usually do).

    ‘Tis OK with me! I know for a fact those 100% beautiful days will follow and everything will have had its “fill” of water and nutrients and be in their most beautiful condition. I’d never heard of plants being “spoiled” like some people do with their children, but Kauai just HAS to be what could be considered a “Plants Paradise”. Heh…even when it isn’t raining there is usually a good sprinkle or “misting” once, twice or a few times during the day or early evening…I swear I’ve seen some of these plants “grin” during these times! I guess they are so happy they cannot contain themselves! &

    Enjoy this very special Webcam that is sharing what I consider the best/most beautiful beach IN the world, TO the world. I’m beginning to get that familiar “itch” to get myself to Hanalei Bay…just more in the “center” of the “crescent”. Great place if the surf isn’t too huge for the BEST body-surfing!

    Aloha Just For Now!

  • Aloha Hanalei ohana.

    What an absolute gorgeous morning you are having! Unbelievably beautiful morning. Good for you. If you’re inside, get out and see the morning Ke Akua has set on His plate for you. Very beautiful. I’m jealous…. 🙂 It’s a good jealousy 😉 A hui hou in July

  • Love the cam no doubt! question, why do I get cut off and have to reconnect, after Ive been waiting and finally get my turn to control the cam? i dunno does it happen to any one else?
    mahalo anyway still love it!

  • Aloha…btw, has anybody noticed how absolutely G-O-O-D and GORGEOUS the Hanalei Pier Canopy is? For some reason, these community/local projects take forever and then, when done and done well (could you work on something like this, knowing you are on a WEBCAM……being watched by who knows who?) always leave me short on words. Great job, keep up the GREAT work!
    Aloha For Now!

  • Aloha Everyone!
    Well, even though we are currently under a “flash flood watch”, Hanalei Bay still looks absolutely beautiful, as always.
    To those of you who have commented (suggested) to put the camera angles back to what they originally were, patience…in due time, in due time. When the ‘roofers’ finish, perhaps then the angles will be restored. Until then, please enjoy the beachgoers, surfers and boaters in the water. The current settings have only been in place for a couple of weeks and as soon as construction is finished and whatever ceremony is held for the opening is done, everything will be “restored” to normal (pun intended)! Yep, it looks like the deadline (April 2013) for finishing the new canopy for Hanalei Pier will be made (that is if the roofing material(s) have arrived).
    It is starting to warm up again with highs in the lower 80’s and looks like the winter of 2012-2013 has come to an end. However, it does appear that “old man winter” wants to say, “Goodbye”, with a final storm! Kauai has always lived up to its “nickname” of ‘The Garden Isle’. We all know a good/great garden needs plenty of water/rain in order to thrive and Kauai is one place that is pure paradise for those plants that love growing in volcanic soil.
    Hang in there valued viewers of this wonderful Webcam! All will be back to “normal” soon enough and those of you who enjoy “people watching” of those on the beach will be able to.
    Aloha Just For Now!

  • Good job on the web cam. Nice feature for Kauai surfers.

    How about a view of the parking lot when the surf is over 6′? So I can find a parking spot?


    • Heh…Aloha Mojo!
      When those of us who have been to the “parking lot” of Hanalei Pier, Black Pot Beach and up the Hanalei River, reads your post the first (1st) time, most will chuckle. Then, when the memory of searching for a decent parking spot ANYWHERE you went that was fairly popular and the reality hits you that “Mojo” actually has kind of a good point (but bad idea…I mean, who wants to look at a parking area with the ONLY LIVE WEBCAM ON KAUAI?!?)
      This site is obviously for ALL folks from all walks of life. As anyone should know, a person could set up a webcam at any random “beach” area and the folks who “ride the waves” for that (and I’m quoting someone, a friend I think), “five second orgasm” will be the ones to benefit the most, even spots that aren’t “swimming” beaches! But all seriousness aside, Mahalo for mentioning it. Those that maintain this site AND webcam (yes, most know that the good to great sites takes more than one (1) person) DO appreciate your show of gratitude. It is a LOT of work!
      Anyway, who here is simply happy there’s a way to “see” where some (I have a feeling, MOST) simply and secretly wish they LIVED?
      Of course, if you’re serious about living here and are a homeowner (that was my “status” when I originally moved here) but don’t know where to start, um, er, well, what website are you on? That is what they do for folks. Just a phone call may be all it takes? Although for a different reason, a phone call is what put the “fire” in me to actually “commit” myself to move here…Hmmm.
      Aloha For Now!

  • We prefer the previous camera angles with more of the pier on the surf angle and beach on the pier angle. Aloha

  • Its been fun to watch the progress at the pier.
    …and thanks to those that maintain the camera.


    • I miss seeing the beach to the left of the pier

  • have a condo at the cliffs,havent been there in 2 years thanks for showing the bay miss the sleepy village

  • A suggestion to JCF. The Hanalei Pier view should be lowered down )where it was) to see the happy beach goers as a sales tool. Just a casual thought fromTeeka.

  • Any chance of putting the long shot of the pier instead close-up of just the pavilion?

  • hhhmmmm love the web cam, but today it says…Loading…and a black screen. My Mom lives there and really enjoy looking at the pier and the surf. We used to sit right in the gaze of this camera everytime I came to visit. She doesn’t really like to go to the beach so much now…

  • Web Cam is working now

    • Aloha!
      Cannot see the beach though… just the ocean and waves… Enjoy watching people on the beach too!


  • Should read Web Cam

  • Aloha…what’s up with the web. Keeps loading on a black screen ???

  • A close up of so,e ofthe pier construction would be appreciated…theuse of stainless steel bolts and epay wood were good choices. On Kauai, delivery of specialty products havecaused some minor delays but well worth it in the long run. The choice of experienced contractors with stellar reputations was also a worthwhile decision. Kudos to Rotary Club for underwriting this needed yet expensive project. aloha, Aku road resident family

  • Can I make a small, little request? On the “surf” angle, the camera has been raised just a little so you can’t see people on the pier very well. If you would lower it just a hair, that would be great. Thanks! Hate to make requests!!!! Aloha and mahalo

  • Just a thought/comment/request/suggestion …

    During the construction of the pier canopy could either the Lumahai or Haena Point camera views be … temporarily re-directed … to a close up view of the rebuilding project?


  • Echo Cliff’s comment. Looks like the webcam got knocked. I check the cam every day, it’s an invaluable local resource. Any chance it can be fixed? Thanks for everything you do. Mahalo nui loa.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Surf Cam is messed up

  • What happened to camera angles on the web cam ??

    • Aloha Cliff and Everyone!
      Yikes! It looks like something definitely happened to three (3) “settings”, doesn’t it?
      At first I thought someone may have inadvertently “nudged” the Webcam so it wasn’t getting enough height for the “Surf”, “Lumahai” and “Haena Point” but that can’t be the case because the “Hanalei Pier” shot is just fine. Hmmm…
      I know the Webcam is located outside and exposed to all the elements. I have a feeling some sand/dirt got into the “gear mechanism” and is preventing the Webcam from going UP.
      I’ll do what I can and hopefully we will all be able to enjoy those three (3) camera angles again, soon.
      Although close-ups of just the water is nice (I especially like the close-up of the “walkway” part of the pier when people are on it), it isn’t the same without Kauai showing too.
      Today being Sunday, the Webcam may not get attention immediately, so patience is going to be required until then. Let’s hope this isn’t something major (meaning, costly)!
      Aloha Just For Now!

      • I think the Hanalei Pier shot is off a little bit too… but because it’s the widest angle shot you don’t notice as much. The camera may have been moved just a tiny bit… but on the zoom shots, that change in position is multiplied. Thank you for the cam! It’s great… even if it did get repositioned a bit.

      • Someone was definitely on the roof yesterday morning. I thought the camera was having issues as there was just a blurry image, but then the person backed up a bit and the camera refocused on a belt buckle and waistline. Not sure if they were cleaning gutters or something else on the roof, or if it was related to the camera. Perhaps that will help in coming to the bottom of the problem….

  • Hi,
    Someone must have bumped into the camera.
    Now the preset views are messed up.
    Especially the “surf” preset.
    Thanks for your attention to this matter.

  • we enjoy your cam. It does not show the surf today. I think it got loose on the mount.
    Thank you for having it. It lets us see how the weather is for our grandson and son who live there.

  • Aloha Everyone!
    Yes, the live webcam is showing the actual construction of the new canopy for Hanalei Pier! Thanks to Bali Hai Realty’s live (real time with NO time delay whatsoever) webcam, we can watch each and every board, nail, screw, etc., as it goes up if we want to. Isn’t it GREAT??!??
    I just got “word” this morning that, weather permitting (we are still in our “winter storm season” here), construction is planned to be done by next month. When all is done, there will be a traditional Hawaiian Blessing and perhaps a “ribbon cutting” ceremony and then the Hanalei Pier will be open to the public once again!
    Of course we all know Hanalei Pier needed this new canopy badly, however, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for the visitors who may have saved for years to come here only to find that they cannot walk all the way to the end of the pier right now. Hopefully, they are of the more understanding types and realize that this kind of thing absolutely has to be done from time to time. My hope is that they either know of THIS webcam site or someone will inform them of it so they can see just how much of a positive difference the canopy makes on the pier.
    This is exciting and I can hardly wait for the blessing/opening. If I hear of a date and time for the blessing, I’ll be sure to post it here so everyone who has been anticipating this will be able to attend or at least watch it, thanks to this webcam. OK?
    Stay tuned for further news!
    Aloha Just For Now! ;-}

    • Thank you, Wayne, for your always interesting and informed comments. We are getting ready for our 34th trip to Kauai, and we only hope we’ll be there for the Pier opening before we are leaving (as always, with heavy hearts) for PDX on April 22nd! This wonderful webcam is mounted on our good friends’ house, so we can practically see paradise through their eyes…. H&J

  • Wow! I see a truck and some workers on the pier. Appears to be some activity.

  • Awesome!

    I see the start of (or what looks like) construction on the new pier canopy.

  • Aloha Tod and Everyone!

    You’re not the only one wondering this, Tod. I believe most folks who visit this wonderful live webcam and those who physically go to Hanalei Bay wonder the same.
    As with almost all construction/grand openings on Kauai, a blessing was done on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 and if The Garden Island (Kauai’s main newspaper) is to be believed, it was reported that construction could begin at ANY TIME. So why hasn’t anything been done as of March 14th?
    Good question!
    When it was first reported that the canopy was going to be “renovated”, it was reported that all work would be done by March 2013. From what I can gather, the only thing left to be worked out was the “maintenance schedule” for the new canopy after it is completed.
    As of this writing, we who love the Hanalei area are simply waiting for construction to begin. Since the Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay are really “the powers that be” at the moment, only THEY know the date when construction will actually begin.
    Since tourism is usually at its peak during this time of year and the pier would have to be closed for construction, I wouldn’t be surprised if the completion date got “pushed back” a month or two. This usually happens with almost ALL projects where restoration of Kauai’s monuments and historical buildings are concerned.
    No, it doesn’t really bother me because it is simply an indication of our more mellow and slower pace of life here, a huge factor in the “charm” of the more rural Hawaiian Islands.
    Patience. We are much closer to having a new, longer lasting and maintained Hanalei Pier (and canopy) than we were this time last year! I wouldn’t have even guessed that it would be this close to being a reality then.
    Mahalo for asking Tod.
    Aloha For Now! ;-}

  • I can no longer get the views at all; just a blank screen. I can’t live without the views! Any idea on how to regain the images?

    • Aloha APRAT!
      Oh my! If this were to happen to me on my computer and I’d done everything within my knowledge to fix it, it would be my number ONE project until I finally got those beautiful live real-time images back! I know how you feel!
      I can only suggest checking your settings on your computer. Believe it or not, most all computers have a setting amongst a whole list of them, that allows our computers to actually show photos and images or not. Have you ever gone to a website and instead of a picture of something, all you see is a red “X” in the upper left hand corner of a blank “photo box”? That usually means a setting hasn’t been marked correctly and until it is, that red “X” is about all you’ll get.
      Here are the steps on how to check:
      1. Click on “Tools” in your UPPER task bar.
      2. Click on “Internet Options” at the bottom.
      3. Click on “Advanced” tab.
      4. Scroll down to where it says “Multimedia” and make sure all boxes are “X”ed EXCEPT for “Show image download placeholders”.
      5. Click “OK” and RESTART your computer.
      This should take care of the problem, if not and your settings are already as described, let me know and I’ll notify someone in charge of the maintenance of this site for any additional information.
      Computers seem to be the bane of some (most?) peoples’ lives and they seem to change things on us without letting us know about it. Usually this is due to something we’ve given permission to without thoroughly reading/understanding what it is. That’s no fault of ours really. There are simply going to be “less than reputable” folks out there who have nothing better to do than mess with other folks’ technology.
      Again, let me know (using this site) whether or not my suggestion worked for you and good luck!
      Aloha For Now!

      • Wayne, thank you. Your suggestions worked and I once again have my “go to place” when I need some peace of mind!

        • Aloha APRAT!
          WONDERFUL! I’m so glad I could help. ENJOY!

  • I know, I know … the government is involved so it costs three times as much.

    But, when is the construction going to begin on the Hanalei Pier canopy?

    • I have been looking for the start of construction on the pier as well, it looks like some sort of sign or something on the pier, just wondered if it has any sort of information on it,…. may just say the construction is on Hawaiian time!

  • How can I order a “Save the Pier” tshirt?

    • Aloha Cathy!
      As far as I can tell, there are no “Save the Pier” t-shirts. Sorry, that would may have been a good idea. If you want to “dig deeper” into this matter, I’ll post the link to the “Save the Pier” link of the Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay below:
      I hope this helps.
      Aloha For Now!

  • Must be a great day for surfing. Tons of surfers, more than I’ve seen before. And I’m watching 3 and 4 up at a time on different waves.

    The water actually looks fairly calm until the wave rises up, and everybody seems to be getting a good long ride as well.


  • Hanalei, you’re looking as pretty as ever. What a beautiful afternoon. Wish we were there. We keep telling ourselves “soon….soon….” Enjoy the time- everyone who’s out there. Sigh….

  • tide info is no bueno. any chance on getting the bay shot reset a little deeper in the lineup?

  • Aloha!
    Here it is between 8:30am and 9:00am on Hanalei Bay by the historical Hanalei Pier. Just looking at the live picture(s) one can almost hear the gentle ocean waves lapping onto the shore and the occasional “stick-legged” bird scurrying along the waters’ edge. (Heavy sigh…) It’s almost an existential experience!
    Isn’t this “Kauai Webcam” by Bali Hai Realty amazing?
    One can always count on Hanalei Bay to relax and recharge your natural inner “self” to the point (and beyond) where you remember to take your life as it comes and to live it at a much slower pace. Hopefully, when visitors return to their hectic/hurried lives, they will try to share some of the serenity and natural calmness they felt when sitting along the shore of this spectacularly beautiful bay. I remember doing that when I returned to my mostly “yuppie” life in Minnesota.
    Unfortunately, even as hard as I tried to show and tell folks about the wonderful effect(s) that Hanalei Bay and Kauai had on me, it was impossible to convey the full and very real feelings. Only when one is physically ON Kauai and its beautiful north shore bay can a person truly FEEL what I meant.
    All I knew is that I wanted to feel that way every single day/night that I had left of my life. So I made it my number ONE priority to uproot my entire world (family of five and all) and move it here. That was almost 24 years ago…
    Aloha Just For Now!

    • that’s beautiful.

  • Aloha Everybody!
    Everyone is excited about the new canopy for Hanalei Pier! As Tod mentioned below, our local newspaper ran a wonderful article about the “soon to start” construction. For those who may be more interested in reading the article, here is the link to it:
    Some may be shocked and/or wonder why something like a new canopy at the end of a pier should cost over $200,000 to build/replace. Well, try as I may, there never is a “good enough” explanation for such things here. When you consider my Kilauea, Kauai home cost LESS than this, it’s simply one example of how “public projects” always seem to cost an unreasonably large amount of money. Even though some of these funds will go toward maintenance of the new canopy, new/continuing donations are always needed.
    When it comes to the Hanalei Pier, no one can put a dollar amount on it for its importance and meaning to those of us who have walked those old preserved “rails” all the way to the end of it.
    Below is an excerpt from my comment made after the newspaper article:
    No one can emphasize enough the importance, historically, culturally and emotionally, of the Hanalei Pier. Few people can even imagine what ‘the bay’ would be like without it. Few man-made structures have as deep an emotional tie as this one does. It’s actually become part of the “soul” of Hanalei in the 121 years it has existed.
    Black Pot Park, Hanalei Pier, the mighty Hanalei River and the entire “crescent” of Hanalei Bay make up what I consider to be the most beautiful and ‘soul’ relaxing/spiritual part of what is the absolute best tropical pacific island on the planet.
    Many mahalo’s to the Rotary Club of Hanalei, All Kama’aina and Visitor contributors and Bali Hai Realty for which this new pier canopy probably wouldn’t have happened.
    Saying “Mahalo” just doesn’t seem to be enough considering how much Hanalei Pier really means to everyone who lives here and who has visited Kauai.
    I just wanted to share my feelings and thoughts with those who honestly love this entire island. Even after living here for over 2 decades I still wake up in the morning and cannot believe that I’m actually still HERE! Yes, I DO realize just how lucky I am.
    Aloha Just For Now!

  • I am excited to see in TGI News that the construction for Hanalei Pier is about to start.

    Looking forward to seeing (on this wonderful web cam) the new pier building take shape (hope to see it in person again soon).

    Congratulations to all those that donated, and Thank You!

  • Sitting here watching everyone having a great time paddleboarding, hanging out on the beach, surfing…..sigh…. 5 months to go….Can’t wait to see our ohana and Hanalei…..

  • Sitting here watching everyone having a great time paddleboarding, hanging out on the beach, surfing…..sigh…. 5 months to go….Can’t wait to see our ohana and Hanalei…..

  • Aloha. On our way back to the “Beach”. Been 10 long months and thanks to your web site I get to see home everyday. See you in 30 sleeps. Mahalo for the cam and the comments

  • Aloha Everyone!

    Here it is, 8:30AM and the day is just beginning here on Kauai. The sun rose a little less than 2 hours ago and the morning dew is dripping off roofs and leaves all around. As you can see, the waves are gently rising, rolling and splashing on the soft light-colored sand of Hanalei Bay. Those that have been here probably can “hear” the sound of it in their “minds ears” and remember what a tranquilizing/soothing effect it had.

    Yes KcTim, you can be sure that someone will have their grill “fired up” in Black Pot Park and the sounds and smells of the BBQ will be happening some time today (if not already).

    One thing I love to do anywhere on Hanalei Bay is to stop whatever I’m doing, close my eyes and just listen…I hear the laughter of children and the occasional adults, the sounds/smells of the ocean and those swimming/playing in it and feel the genuine positive energy (and negative ions in the air) that always erase any stress/strain that I may have had in me when I arrived. I don’t even have to go in the water to feel the medicinal effects of this very, very beautiful, special and unique place on earth. It’s like being wrapped in a magical warm cocoon that absorbs any and all negative “stuff” you may have been carrying with you. This is something one has to experience because it cannot be explained completely with words.

    Every now and then I fully expect to wake from a dream because I can’t believe that Hanalei Bay actually exists for REAL! Especially when I wake to absolutely gorgeous mornings like this!

    (Only 5 months to go KcTim and Brenda!)

    Aloha Just For Now!

  • Good morning Hanalei. Looking pretty as ever. Aloha BBQ to all the ohana at Black Pot. Wish we were there. A hui hou

  • Homesick…….

  • Aloha Everyone!
    “Super Sunday” is upon us at last and an unusual phenomenon happens every year at this time…our neighborhood gets unusually quiet for long periods of time with only occasional outburst of happiness or groans of disappointment. Seems folks who live in this part of Kauai (Kilauea) LOVE having mostly small “SB Parties”. It tends to bring the ‘social’ side of neighbors out, the like of which hasn’t been seen since the aftermath of Hurricane Iniki in 1992. That’s not to say they aren’t social other times, they are, just not quite as uniformly as it is during this special Sunday.
    I love this time of year with the relatively low humidity and mid-70’s highs and nightly lows in the lower 60’s to upper 50’s. My idea of “perfect” weather during the day is 75 degrees F., partly cloudy skies with a light breeze…and that is exactly what we are having today and for most of the upcoming “work week”! How could I ask for more than to live in the closest thing to “paradise” on earth with weather so perfect and to really want for nothing more? I honestly cannot…
    I’ll admit, it took a lot of energy and hard work for many years to finally get to this point. If I had to do it all over again at this stage in my life, I can’t say that I’d be physically able to do it. I knew that physically, a person is only at their “peak” for a few decades of their lives and that should be used to get oneself “settled” into an area/region where you are contented and happy emotionally and mentally to live out the rest of your life. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in my life so far and would encourage anyone who has the desire and drive I had to do the same with their lives.
    Although the idea of actually owning my home here wasn’t a goal I had when I first moved here over 23 years ago, I’m exceeding happy that I do. Not having met just the “right” people and being in the “right” place at the “right” time would have made it impossible for me to have become a “homeowner” on Kauai. When I first thought of moving to Kauai, I was a homeowner on the mainland. In 1989, I was a typical middle-class, married man with 3 children and a career Accountant. Pretty much what everyone called a “yuppie” back then. On the mainland, our home cost $65,000 and we barely qualified for the mortgage! If you remember, the mortgage interest rates were bouncing around 14% (for a 30 year mortgage) in 1983, which disqualified us. Thankfully, by the time we closed, the rates fell to 13.5% and we were THRILLED! Of course now, with interest rates falling, so currently they are 2.7 to 3.5% we’d have had no problem qualifying back then with rates like these but we had to work with what we had. So having owned my home for almost 20 years now (April 1, 1993 purchase date), I still sometimes sit in awe of all that my wife and I have accomplished living here. I have never regretted taking the home ownership “leap” because what we pay for our mortgage payment could have been paid as “rent”, which we all know is paying the mortgage payment for your landlord.
    Of course if anyone DOES move here and should be “in the market” for any type of real estate, I don’t think I have to tell you which agency to use, do I? Heh-heh… ;-} (No, they’ve never talked to me about promoting them nor persuaded me in ANY way. Honestly.)
    So one of the BIG things I’ve learned in life is that if you want something badly enough and have the energy and physical stamina to persevere through good and bad times, it’s possible to get or attain that goal. Just don’t give up. That’s the way I’ve always looked at the winning team of each Super Bowl, also. I figure either the 49ers or the Ravens WANT to win this game a little more than the other…as long as that team doesn’t give up at any time during the game, they’ll win it!
    Of course since the “California influence” is fairly strong in Hawaii overall, there seems to be more San Francisco fans than Baltimore fans. A person can tell which team is doing the better playing in the Super Bowl by simply sitting out on the lanai and listening to either the “cheers” or the “groans” because of this influence, it’s amazing!
    Well, gotta go, I don’t want to miss much of the pre-game, game or post-game shows! Whatever the outcome (I actually don’t have a favorite this year due to being a “dyed-in-the-wool” Minnesota Vikings Fan) may your favorite be victorious! (Oh, and enjoy those commercials too!)
    Aloha For Now!

  • What a beautiful afternoon….I’m jealous…..have a great time my Hanalei ohana…

  • Aloha KcTim, Rose and Everyone!
    Although I’ve been mistaken for “Honey Girls Hawk” in the past, I’m not that person. Still, you never know, we may recognize each other once we see one another. Kauai can be such a “social” place where one meets so many people that it’s almost impossible to remember ALL the names. I’ve always been awful remembering a persons’ name if I’ve only met them once or twice casually, but I rarely forget faces! ;-} So we’ll see! I’ll try and stop in at “The Nui” after you get here and maybe my wife and I will meet you and Brenda (if she accompanies you there). 07/18 will be here before you know it!
    Rose, I know EXACTLY how you feel! As I’ve stated before, my wife and I got married on Oahu and “honeymooned” on Maui back in 1979 and I wanted to move to Hawaii (the state) then (I actually couldn’t help myself from crying when the plane lifted off the runway when we left)! Instead, I agreed to wait until our 10th anniversary to come back and then we came to Kauai…well, that was it! That was May 1989 and by early July 1989 I was back, permanently. Waiting those 10 years was excruciating as I literally counted down the days, months and years. I even had such vivid dreams that I’d moved here already (and I was SO happy), only to be woken by the alarm clock to get ready for work. :-{ Those were anxious years and I may have even gotten a little psychotic about it! LOL! One can imagine what I was like during the nearly 2 months between May and July 1989…I literally flooded every business on Kauai with resumes (using the Yellow Pages of the Kauai phone book at the library for addresses) but only heard back from 2…not a good sign. However, I found that once I was here, prospective employers were much more receptive to me. Can you imagine how many “tourist” WANT to move and live here but when they return to their home on the mainland (or wherever) they see how much energy and work it takes to do so and quickly lose their drive. I will admit that it took a lot of perseverance on my part to find work and a place to stay in the month before my wife and 3 children followed me here but I was a man POSSESSED. The spirit of Kauai had consumed my soul and I knew I HAD to live here even if I had to flip burgers to do it (I’m a career Accountant)! When I read your “comment”, I just had to let you know that there is someone here on Kauai who knows just what you are going through. Hang in there, Kauai is still here and as you may know, it doesn’t seem to “change” very fast. Although in the 23+ years I’ve lived here, there seems to have been a lot of changes, but they’ve happened slowly.
    Even though I’m only about 10-15 miles from Hanalei Bay, I enjoy this Webcam of it and would have loved to have had it during the time I was anticipating returning/moving here. I’m just happy the folks at Bali Hai Realty came up with the idea and followed through with it. I really hope they realize how much everyone who visits this site appreciates what they have done. It does allow people the opportunity to “dream/fantasize” about Kauai’s most beautiful bay and north shore while actually watching a “live feed” of 4 (four) different views. This is so GREAT!
    Aloha Just For Now!

  • Aloha Everyone!
    Hey KcTim? When you finally arrive on Kauai in about 6 months, are you (and Brenda) staying or is this another ‘temporary’ visit? Plus, do you know when you will be playing at the “Nui” yet? Do you play ONLY there or do you play with other bands all around Kauai? I’d like to at least meet you and introduce myself as it’s always nice to meet those I “chat” with. Perhaps have a beer (or two) and get to know each other.
    Being the middle of January, the nighttime temperatures get down to the 60’s (brrrr…60 degrees F is our freezing point here, LOL), but it usually warms up nicely during the day. Of course our “winter surf” is here and even though there is a surf warning up for 20-30 foot surf, as you can see by the Webcam at the pier, surf rarely gets dangerously high. One still has to be careful during high surf since the current (called a “RIPCURRENT”) is very strong and can sweep even strong swimmers out to the Midway Islands (or so I’ve heard)!! The Webcam doesn’t show what the surf is like towards and AT the middle of Hanalei Bay but you can bet it very well could be as high as the warning suggests.
    I’ll always remember one time my wife and I tried to “swim” in high surf at the spot on Hanalei Bay called “Pine Trees” (just about dead center of the bay) and we both found ourselves being swept out farther than we wanted to be, almost immediately! We had one heck of a time keeping our heads above water since we got swept right out in the “break water” (the area where the waves finally curl and crash down into the water). Seemed every time we’d “duck under” one massive wave and come up, it was just when another 15 footer was going to crash down on our heads and we almost couldn’t get enough air to hold in our lungs. We literally couldn’t help each other because we were each struggling to keep ourselves alive. I’ll never forget the look on my wifes’ face since I was the 1st to get to shallow water, such desperation! THAT was our big lesson to always respect the ocean and remember that it can be a deadly force no matter how good a swimmer you THINK you are. We never attempted swimming in that type of surf ever again.
    As you can see, if you stay around the pier (especially the left side of it) the surf is manageable for most people of all ages. Although children should ALWAYS be watched since most don’t know their limits (like some adults ) and may stray out too far. Plus, no matter how “chilly” it may seem, once you get on the warm sand and start to relax, your cares of most everything just seem to melt away as your mind and body seem to get absorbed by the sounds, smells and gorgeous sites on and around Hanalei Bay.
    Yes, it IS as beautiful as it looks here. Actually, it’s even more so in person!
    Aloha Just For Now!
    P.S.: The original “deadline” for the new “end structure” for Hanalei Pier was set for March 2013 so we should start to see something happening soon!

    • Wayne, is this Hawk- as in Honey Girl’s Hawk? If so, you know me! If not…I will usually play Tuesday and Thursday early nights with Kanak Attack (Darryl and Coco- Garrett on Thursdays) and Gunga La Gunga (Gordo and the guys) when the situation is right. We usually get a group together at Black Pot on a Sunday afternoon before I leave to have a major jam session with Chuck Reed (sax), John (harmonica), Mike Burkemeyer (Bass), among others…… Sadly, this will be another temp visit. We have 6 more years until retirement. Very sad…. If we win the Powerball, we’ll be there tomorrow- HA! Hey, ya never know. Brenda and I will be in on the 18th of July. A hui hou till then… I still watch the waves and all everyday- this webcam is a life saver for me.

  • My heart aches….. I miss Hanalei to the point of feeling physical pain. I long for the healing rhythm of each wave and the feel of the soft sand. We stay longer and longer each time, and 3 weeks over the holidays was incredible! A few more months to go until our next trip!

  • Mele Kalikimaka everyone. What a beautiful morning in Hanalei. Can’t wait to see you again. All the kama aina enjoy your day in paradise. I have to wait for July sadly…

  • What Bob Dennison – you get your Mahalo card and your chi chi’s?

    May 2013 be a brighter and happier year for each and every one of you.
    Aloha For Now!

  • Mele Kalikimaka and Hau’oli Makahiki Hou to all our ohana in Hanalei. Sure do miss everyone and can’t to be back in July! A hui hou from KcTim and Brenda. btw- KILLA WAVES today!

  • I would just like to let your company know how much respect we have for you as a real estate company. We have recently found out about another real estate company here, Hawaii Life that is doing a piece on Kauai and all the islands; regarding you don’t have to be a millionaire to move here. It is a shame that we don’t worry about the people in our own back yard and make sure that all of those that have lived here for years can afford to live here and take care of our community. This is exploitation for the sake of a dollar. It is very apparent especially now with the amount of people on island, that we cannot sustain a quality of life as it is right now and our infrastructure cannot support more people. Let’s take care of our own backyard for a change.

    • Jeez Bob,
      Which Real Estate company did you use when you moved over here to join “our” backyard?
      Enjoying life in Princeville?

  • Mele Kalikimaka!

    I can’t believe I actually got this message done on the “proper” day! I’m almost always 1 (or 2 days?) day late posting these.
    As you can see, Kauai and most of Hawaii is really “socked” in with one of the few Winter Storms we’ll get over the next couple/few months. As I said before, my very 1st winter on Kauai’s North Shore was 1989, and it rained for 16 days IN A ROW! Kauai made my family “used” to its unique weather this time of year…and we loved it!
    One thing you HAVE to set your mind to when you live here is if you let the rain, rain showers or those few loud thunderstorms make your “plans” for you, you will wind up doing mostly nothing. You will be sitting at home wondering why you didn’t go ahead and go to that birthday or anniversary party at Annini Beach! OK, I guess anyone knows that if there is a real “thunderstorm” going on, most outdoor activities are moved inside somewhere (even if tents are what makes it “inside”.
    I’ve notice that most of the “mainland” is either having rain or snow as of this writing. Those who love “White Christmases” won’t be let down this year. Think of it as “natures Christmas gift”.
    Stay safe and again

  • Aloha!
    As you can see, “renovations” have begun on the “end-structure” of Hanalei Pier, or should I say, “the rebuilding” has begun. They began on 12/10/12 and are expected to be completed sometime during 03/2012. The cost for this “renovation” was reported to be around $768,000 and when I heard this I thought that was a bit high just to replace the roof…well, now it makes more sense. As shocking as the visual is, it will all be worth it when it’s done. I guess “they” figured just replacing the roof if the supports needed replacing didn’t make sense. So…
    I’d like to thank everyone who sent contributions to the Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay which made this possible. Me, the People of Kauai and everyone who visits Hanalei Bay and walks out on the pier have a genuine love of the warm, clear waters and rural atmosphere that still remains in the Hanalei area and beyond.
    I’d also like to (again) thank those at Bali Hai Realty for this Webcam which makes it possible to follow the progress of this renovation.
    When I moved to Kauai in 1989 with my family and visited the pier for the 1st time, there really wasn’t much of a roof/structure at all and the very “pier” itself was just a remnant of its former self. Then in 1992, Hurricane Iniki made a direct hit on Kauai and took what little structure there was on the pier. Shortly after the people were taken care of, renovations were done on Hanalei Pier. Due to the salt air, big winter surf and storms, 20 years is about as long as one could expect from a wooden structure at the end of the pier and as most of you who visit this site often could see, the structure was deteriorating badly, so the time was ripe for renovations to be done.
    Again, a huge MAHALO NUI LOA to all who made this possible!
    Aloha Just For Now!

  • What a surprise to not see the pier!! Hope restoration starts soon!

  • Wow! What happened to the pier? I hope this is only a phase of restoration… 🙁

  • Ok … I was expecting repairs to the Hanalei Pier … but the now the entire structure is gone.

    Wow … wasn’t expecting that.

    Can I ‘assume’ that it is being replaced?

  • What happened to the pier?

  • Another beautiful day in Hanalei Bay. Enjoy it! Wish Brenda and I were there 🙁 See ya in July though!!!! 🙂

    • Aloha KcTim and Everyone!
      KcTim, I can never say for sure if I know someone until I meet them. I have a bad memory for remembering names of people I only have met a couple/few times. You say you’ll be here in July? Maybe I’ll stop by the “Nui” after that and perhaps see you performing. When you know your itinerary for the 2nd half of 2013, let me know of your schedule and I’ll try and make it to one (or more) of your performances, OK?
      As those of you who have been to the north shore this time of year know, the weather is in a transitional state right now. Cool (some would say “cold”) at night/early morning with warm days. Actually had to break out the sweatshirts for evening/morning wear! Winter is a-comin’! Just got over an evening of thunder and lightning night before last! That doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it’s magical the way the thunder echo’s off the mountains.
      Aloha For Now!

  • Aloha Tod and Everyone!
    Now that you’ve been where the webcam is, doesn’t it seem like you can almost hear the sounds of the ocean and smell/taste the salty and negatively ionized air? I’m happy that you enjoyed your time here and actually made it to the pier. The surfers ARE quite far from shore and since the webcam/technology can only bring it to us in 2D (plus it does zoom in on them a lot) it is a bit deceiving.
    I don’t know what the surf was like while you were visiting Hanalei Bay, but did you take the time to walk all along the beach from one point to the other? If so, isn’t it amazing how the beach and the surf change depending where you are on the bay? That’s why it has such an attraction factor since it has something to offer just about anyone depending on their swimming skills and beach type preference. Another thing is that it is rarely, if ever, crowded! Hanalei Bay is my personal favorite on the entire island and I’ll never forget the very first time I got to experience it over 23 years ago…I was completely enchanted!
    Did you visit any of the other beaches west of Hanalei Bay such as Lumahai, Haena or the one at the “end of the road” named Kee (pronounced kay-ay)? If so, did you notice how limited in “beach-type” it was? Especially Kee (not to mention parking or how crowded it may have been)?
    It’s always amazing how the experience(s) are, because for me, Kauai has a sort of “spell” on me which makes everything and every day and night wonderfully pleasant. I still love this place as much as I did when I first moved here, maybe even more!
    Aloha Just For Now!

    • On a previous trip we hit all the beaches west of Hanalei. Didn’t look at them the way you are discussing … but I will next time.

      Didn’t walk Hanalei Bay beach end to end either … we had one member that had limited mobility … but I will next time.

      And yes, I can (almost) hear the sound of the ocean … it must be part of that Kauai spell that you talk about … I know I have it 🙂


  • We were visiting Kauai earlier this month. It was the first time that I had been to Hanalei since finding this web cam.

    The interesting point is that in real life … those surfers are way out there. On the web cam they appear to be fairly close. Seems like they are easier to watch on the web cam than in real life.

    Just an observation 🙂

    Love Kauai!

    • Aloha Tod Mahalo [thank you] for visiting Kauai! I have been busy and not surfing as much as I would like because of our travel agency kauai tours direct. please remember just like you said some of us old surfers “”are way out there””!! Some of my friends and Family tell me all the time that I am way,way out there man! for me to paddle that”far out” is not as easy as it use to be!
      We like to suggest that our guest visiting at least start with a surf lesson and be safe and have fun ”hanging loose”! I have been “wiping out” so much that my back feels like “jello”! Again thank you for supporting our local community and making sure your vacation dollars go back into the community! ”FAR OUT’ and
      ‘Right On’ Aloha

  • Aloha Everybody!

    To every good soul out there who has a deep respect and love of Kauai:
    (Better later than never, I guess…)

    • AMEN!

  • like your guys thoughts on why the camera is delaying the feed. don’t need to take lsd just watch the hd cam and trip out man ha hah ah hah ha. looks like the screen is melting. logically if something works fine for x amount of time and then does something different it’s not normal. webcam worked fine for along time and now seems to be lagging. are there any techies out ther that can answer this question?? my guess is (webcam itself) it’s just been zoomed in and out too many times. but the melting sure seems like a connection delay in the server or ip host.??? any way sure beats driving down there to get skunked by ankle high waves. should have some surf for fri.

  • The camera is much appreciated, but it is no substitute for the real thing. See you on New Year’s Day, Hanalei!

  • Aloha RP and Everyone!
    If there were a prize for best answer for the “Surf” webcam and I were the judge, you’d win it. Great answer.
    As far as the “Surf” angle “pixelating” every few seconds…if you have ever gone to the “Webcams Around the World” site(s), you’d notice that it isn’t uncommon for these outside/outdoor webcams to do this. It is simply something that they ALL seem to do and is beyond human repair. If you think about what they go through being exposed to the elements all the time, I’m surprised that they work as well as they do! Especially this particular one since it has FOUR different camera angles that it has to constantly turn, zoom in or zoom out and auto-focus constantly. There have been times I’ve been on here and can tell there must be a child (or very immature adult) randomly clicking on all four of the camera angles. As soon as it would get finished focusing/turning/zooming, it would instantly go to another view. Pretty rough on equipment that is still in its technological infancy! Whatever webcam this is (and I’d love to know the brand/model), it sure is a well built one and is doing an excellent job serving the Internet masses.
    If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: MAHALO NUI LOA for this as it makes it possible for anyone with an internet connection to “visit” our beautiful Hanalei Bay 24/7, all year round.
    Aloha For Now!

  • In regards to the Web Cam surf view. This camera angle is only supplied to give everyone an idea of what the surf is doing. It does not have to be perfect. Especialy since it’s free. If I do have a complaint, it’s why the camera shot of the surf break keeps Pixalating every few seconds.

    • The camera mainly pixalates when the surf is big. I think it is trying to autofocus but the water is so churned up it can’t fix on anything and ends up pixalating.

  • OMG is it a beautiful day, beautiful waves today!!!!!! Really wish I could be there 🙁 Y’all enjoy it for me.

  • Regarding the Webcam’s view of the “Surf”. Maybe there could be two “Surf” views. Use the current Surf view as Surf1 and add a Surf2 which would view the surf towards the west(to the right of the current view). Just a suggestion. Thanks for the Webcam which saves my gas money if the waves are not working on a given day.

  • Aloha DB!

    This has been an “on and off” topic of debate throughout the webcams existence.

    The fact is, where the webcams’ settings are for “Surf” IS set to the most popular surfing area of Hanalei Bay. Some would argue that there are better areas, however, for the majority of the year, this is the most active area.

    Depending on the time of the year during the “winter surf” when the waves are big enough for surfing, just about any spot on Hanalei Bay is great for surfing or boogie-boarding. It all depends on each individuals surfing preference.

    Since it’s still fairly early in the “surfing season” for the north shore, the best place for waves is near the west point of Hanalei Bay (exactly where the webcam is set). If the webcam panned any farther to the west, you wouldn’t see any surfers. It kind of goes without saying that if you don’t see any surfers in an area, then the surf isn’t any good for surfing, agree?

    I do understand what you are saying as there may be a couple of surfers just “off camera” to the right every now and then, but for the majority of the surfers, the webcam is set perfectly.

    Isn’t Hanalei Bay simply gorgeous? Personally, even when it rains here it is STILL beautiful in its own way! I’ve never gotten tired of Hanalei Bay and I’ve been going there for over 23 years (so far)!

    Aloha For Now!

    • Amen to that bruddah! Do I know you, by chance? I’m the sax player from Kansas City that plays (usually in July) at The Nui with Gunga Lagunga or Matt Bolton or Jeff Caldwell…I’m the sax player on Titus’ Cd as well….

    • What are you talking about brah? The camera points at the bowl. To the right is flat rock are you trying to tell me that no one surfs flat rock? I do not understand anything you had to say in your three paragraph comment right there. Wtf?

      • Aloha NorShor808 and All!
        There is a 24 hour or “next day” delay in the posting of our comments to the board from the time the “Submit” button is clicked. Unfortunately, this caused your confusion since, as you can see, my “CORRECTION” post was written more than two hours before your post.
        As you can see, I am very embarrassed by my error and STILL cannot believe I did that. I’m also extremely sorry for the massive confusion I caused you or anyone else that read my post before my correction.
        To clear up one area of your post regarding the “flat rock surfing”… of course one can surf flat rock! I’m just saying that the majority of time in the year, the surf where the camera is pointed at currently gets the most activity. I’m sure that Bali Hai Real Estate prefers to show as many people enjoying the surf as possible, so they leave the webcam set right where it is all year long for the category labeled “Surf”.
        Honestly? You didn’t understand ANYTHING I had to say? Not even the 3rd paragraph regarding the beauty of Hanalei Bay no matter what the weather is? Hmmm…I honestly thought I was pretty clear and concise about that. I believe most folks that read my “three paragraph comment” along with my correction will understand each and every word. However, if anybody still doesn’t understand what I had to say, feel free to ask me.
        Aloha Just For Now!

    • Aloha Everyone!
      Yes, I am about as “red-faced” as a person can get because I honestly cannot believe I actually posted what I did above!
      I incorrectly posted the following:
      Since it’s still fairly early in the “surfing season” for the north shore, the best place for waves is near the west point of Hanalei Bay (exactly where the webcam is set). If the webcam panned any farther to the west, you wouldn’t see any surfers.
      The following is the CORRECTED wording:
      Since it’s still fairly early in the “surfing season” for the north shore, the best place for waves is near the EAST point of Hanalei Bay (exactly where the webcam is set). If the webcam panned any farther to the EAST, you wouldn’t see any surfers.
      (Just replace the word “WEST” with “EAST” for correct information)
      I apologize for any misunderstanding or inconvenience this may have caused.
      Aloha Just For Now!

  • Any chance the surf cam can be adjusted to show more of the surf spot? when it pans over to the right from the pier, it shows the surf spot and when it zooms in….lost it.

    • I believe we do not want the Point and flatrock on the camera, since it will let everyone know exactly how good (or bad) the surf is. That will help the guys that live up here and check the waves manually (ie, actually being there) to get a jump on the guys who use the web to check the surf. And then we can enjoy a couple hours without the crowds…kind of like the old days before the camera. Also, keep in mind this camera is a luxury…..anyone asking for favors on where it should point should first thank the people that provided it, and maybe (if they like to surf uncrowded waves like most of us) ask if they STOP SHOWING THE WAVES by the bowl. I am not in favor of anyone adjusting the positioning, its fine where it is. Next option, don’t show any surf at all, delete the option.

      • Good call, Northboyz. Anyone complaining about a free surf check should be banned from using the camera. I’m with you, delete the option for “surf”, so us regulars can get more time without everyone else showing up. Just keep the Bali Hai, Lumahai, and pier view, those have the most beauty anyhow, for all of our out of town guests to enjoy, since they no crowd da line up anyhow! Mahalo visitors for your aloha, and Mahalo BaliHai for your free cam shot,,,,,keep it as is, or delete the surf option…please please please DO NOT ever show the point and flat rock, much aloha

  • 2nd Try…hope it works!

    Aloha KcTim and Everyone!

    Yeah, the camera seems to go through this “rough patch” ever 10 to 14 days. Not being a computer/webcam professional or responsible for its care, I can only guess at why it does this.

    Just using logic and facts that I know about the harshness of the salt air from the ocean on electronics, I’d guess that the camera and the panning equipment need almost constant cleaning to keep not only the accumulating salt, but also the ordinary dirt and grime. One really doesn’t realize just how salty the ocean really is until you swim in it then dry off. Unless you rinse yourself off with fresh water (which Hanalei Bay does provide at or near most of the beach), you’ll soon begin to feel your skin tighten up and feel like you have a layer of salt all over you. It really makes ones hair feel weird too! Personally, I believe the ocean water is good for ones skin but letting the salt sit on it ISN’T. Whenever I go to the beach, the first thing I do when I get home is take a quick shower/shampoo whether I rinse off there or not.

    Back to the webcam…I’m sure whoever is in charge of it will soon take care of it. Seems whenever it malfunctions, it isn’t very long before it is up and running in peak condition again. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to thank the person(s) who takes care of it. Just being able to see Hanalei Pier/Bay from any computer connected to the Internet is privilege and is appreciated beyond words.

    Thanks again!

  • Camera is having a bad day again 🙁 Hard to visit my future home!!!!

  • Wow. Looks like a beautiful morning but the camera is having a really bad day!!!!!!

  • Wow!

    A low moon over Haena, shimmering across Hanalei Bay … BEAUTIFUL!

    Good morning Hanalei!

  • Aloha!

    Oh my! I hope I’m not the only one to see what I’m seeing at nearly 7am today…the sunrise with the sun shining only on the end of Hanalei Pier and Haena Point is absolutely breathtaking!

    Moments like this makes me so happy I live Kauai. Also makes me miss the days I lived and worked IN Hanalei. Oh well, at least I live in the very best town on Kauai…Kilauea (IMHO).

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love this webcam!

    Aloha For Now!

  • Aloha Everyone!

    I just thought I’d post the address for Hanalei Pier repairs here for convenience sake:

    People wanting to contribute to the repair fund for the Hanalei Pier shed can send contributions to:

    The Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay Foundation
    P. O. Box 1495
    Hanalei, HI 96714.

    The check should indicate the donation is for the Hanalei Pier repair project.

    E-mail:[email protected] for more information.

    Lois: Thanks for mentioning the blog regarding this but the link you posted can barely be seen for some reason! I must have read your post a dozen times in the past but only just barely saw it today! Hopefully it will show up better below:

    Mahalo to all who send contributions!

    Aloha Just For Now!

  • First, thanks to Bali Hai for this webcam. My wife is joining Coldwell Banker on the mainland this week as a new broker, so kind of feel part of the ohana here. I look at this webcam every day. Spent many happy hours on the bay and the North Shore. Too ill to travel now, or I would find a way to spend my last days there. No place else like it on earth to me. Vikings had Valhalla. If I can manage it, I will end trying to surf some gentle wave in the bay. No bettah way, bra!

    Second, looking at the pier made me sad, so donation heading out to Hanalei Rotary. Want a piece of me and my wife there when we am gone. Old cliche is wrong: truly, “Kaua’i no ka oi!”

    Aloha and mahalo, from an almost kama’aina.

  • I wonder if anyone knows the most awesome person who has the webcam attached to his house. The camera’s having a really rough day!

  • I have traveled and surfed various places, and I must say if there was anywhere in the world I would love to visit and only dream of living it would be HANALEI!! The most beautiful, unspoiled place in the world. Never let anyone replace the lovely old bridge. it’s the bridge to the past and the future.

  • Looking forward to Christmas on Kauai!!!

  • Mister Tropicalperson: The last time I surfed was 1980 in Malibu (where I live) I did Surf Hanalei on my 75 birthday and even got a tattoo on my ankle. How daring for an old guy who plays tennis three days a week. Even had a high national tennis rankings for single 75’s. 26th in USA. Now I just use it or lose it., for the mind and the body. Sorry about stirring up the community, but the pier really needs help. Aloha

  • Hanalei, wish I was there. What a beautiful morning- perfect! Sure do miss you.

  • Hey Dick man, lets start a fund to fix up the pier first. It is getting pretty bad looking and needs a roof etc.

    • Count me in for 50 dollars. Where is the address for everyone to donate. Come on surfer dudes, follow the old guy with your donations.

    • I could go along with that. Someone should start the donation fund and I’d add a few dollars. That would be good for everyone. Also we need a life guard stand at the pier end of the bay.

    • That is a great idea – and one that is already in the works. Please contact the local Rotary Club. They already have a fund established and are trying to raise funds to repair the pier.

  • what is the weather like in November? lots of rainy days?

    • Aloha lee!

      This is a question that is easy to answer if you are talking about rainy days just about anywhere else but on an island formed by a volcano like Kauai or any of the Hawaiian Islands.

      So instead of being able to answer “yes” or “no”, I usually end up teaching visitors about the weather system here. So, bear with me as I’ll try and make this as interesting as possible without rambling too much…heh-heh!

      On almost all the islands in Hawaii, the north and northeastern sides are the wettest. Of course if only makes sense that the south and southwestern sides are driest (with most islands having a patch of actual desert on them!). Why? Because we have a mostly dominate northeastern wind pattern called “tradewinds”. That said, Kauai and perhaps on the other islands, sort of “makes its own” weather where you can almost count on there being some sort of rain during the early morning and early evening hours. I’m speaking “on average” here of course.

      Historically, it IS much wetter in the winter than summer. It does start to rain more days than the previous month in October and that pattern lasts sometimes until April!

      Personally, I’ve experienced months where it has rained continuously for 16 days straight on the north shore during the winter months (in December 1989 for example). At the same time, while it can be pouring on the north shore, it will be dry and sunny in Lihue! So those of us who have lived here (on the north shore) for a while don’t really plan our days by what the weatherperson says or whether or not it’s going to rain. If we did that we’d never leave the house!

      I guess the “short answer” to your question would be this: If you’re talking about Hanalei Bay, you can count on it raining at some point during the day/night but for the most part in November, it only just starts to get more rainy than, say, the summer months. The rainiest months, in MY opinion, are January, February and March…but not always during some years!

      During October and November on Kauai, if you’re wondering about surfing, the good swells are only just starting to show up on the north side, so you can still get some pretty decent surfing in on the east and south sides. The reason surfers get excited about the “winter swells” coming in at Hanalei Bay isn’t only because of the QUALITY of the waves (although that IS a large part of it), it’s because of the variety of waves available for surfing. Not everyone surfs the same way, some surf “goofy-footed”, so to speak. Those folks prefer the waves to curl from “right to left” which they can get on the WEST side of the Bay. Like swimming at “The Bay”, there’s something for everyone depending on where you go out on it.

      I hope I answered your questions. If not, please let me know!

      Aloha Just For Now!

  • Sorry surfers dudes!! I was just trying to stir up the pot, not that kind, and see what the comments would be. I appreciate all of the surfing comments as I too have had my share of the waves. I was surfing before all of you were born,including your Island in 1963. When I was only 35 years old. Wishing you many good formed waves and no shakers.

    • Aloha Dick!

      If only you really did surf BEFORE I was born! Heh-heh…I wish…methinks you assume the “surfers” are all under 30 years old on here. In reality, some of us are over 55 years old. I think as we “babyboomers” grow older, we’re going to see more and more of what WE used to think was “over the hill” still in the water risking a broken hip by still trying to surf the big “pounders”! Yikes!

      Just curious, at nearly 85 years old, are you still going out to catch a wave now and then? Don’t know where you currently live, of course, but just thought I’d throw that out there! ;-}

      No problem with your “comment/suggestion”. I hope the responses show that Kauai still has the Aloha Spirit. I’ve heard that some folks who have visited most of the islands recently return to the mainland and tell people we’re the ONLY ONES who have any of it left! Granted, I’ve never, ever felt the Aloha on Oahu (and nearly got mugged on that island just for asking directions!), and haven’t been to Maui or Big Island in almost 14 years so I can only go by what some others have said. I know they had lots of it not long ago and I hope I’m wrong about those two islands. It saddens me to think of never “feeling” that spirit ever again sometime in the future. I guess that’s what can happen when it gets too crowded and too developed for most folks. Sigh…

      Hopefully, you experienced lots of the Aloha Spirit while you were here. I can only imagine how wonderful it must have been in 1963! WOW!!

      Aloha Just For Now!

    • I don’t think we need anyone to ” stir up the pot ” stop playing with people’s heads and get a life.

  • Since mostly surfers seem to using the cameras, the camera owners could possible decide to allow only potential buyers for real estate to view the surf by using a specific camera entry code. It would seem that would be a definite business wise move. Maybe the local surfers might understand a business idea like that, since it must be a costly operation. Possibly surfers could contribute and start a fund to ensure continuing camera operation, as it definitely, is a free service at the present time. Just a few thoughts for everyone to chew on.

    • Hey Mr. Corman. How about we start charging a $5.00 Hawaii Lifeguard tax to every tourist that comes through Lihue Airport to help the tax payers cover the expense of saving YOUR lives in the ocean?

    • Interesting you would think surfers aren’t also “potential buyers of real estate.” For a surfer, the opportunity to check the surf might be an important tool in a decision to purchase real estate. Do you really think surfers don’t own real estate?

    • wow dick…that’s some real Aloha spirit…hey the waves are free, maybe you could find a way to charge for that too! really…?

    • Aloha Dick!
      OK, what brought THIS up?!?
      Actually Dick, if you scroll to the bottom of the “readable” comments and click on the amber/yellow letters that say “See all 288+ comments” and then click on that, you’ll see that the majority of comments on here are NOT from the local surfers. The comments are from people that HAVE been here, WANT to come here, WILL soon be here or ARE here.
      Granted, there are probably many that are surfers that come to this site to look at the surf and decide if they think it’s worth the drive to surf. In fact, there actually IS a comment that states how this site is a “gas-money” saver because a particular commenter didn’t have to drive up to the Northshore just to see what the surf was like. Other than that, lots of them are from folks on the mainland who have a great appreciation for Bali Hai Real Estate for providing this free Webcam (although they should know that ALL of us who use this feel the same way-MAHALO!). In fact, many of them probably have this on their work computer monitors as a sort of wallpaper so they can occasionally glance up and either remember or dream of being here. I know if I were them (heaven forbid!), I’d be looking at the bay almost all the time.
      I believe that the good folks at Bali Hai Real Estate know that there is much more to this site than just the Webcam. Plus, I’m sure they know everyone appreciates and loves using it. It’s all part of living “Aloha”.
      You see Dick, not everything has to be driven by money. People here do many things for others simply out of the Aloha Spirit and don’t even THINK about getting paid for it. Not everything is money driven.
      This is a huge reason I’ve lived here for so long and never want to leave…why should I? Where could I possibly go that I would feel more comfortable living? I simply believe that Kauai is the most beautiful and down to earth place a person could live. Yes, it is more expensive to live here; however, I just look at that extra cost as a sort of “paradise tax”…Heh-heh! ;-}
      Aloha Just For Now!

  • What happened to all of the boats that used to be secured to the buoys in Hanalei Bay?

    I’ve noticed that since the ocean waves have gotten larger they seem to have disappeared. At least from the view of the web cam.

    • Aloha Tod!
      You are correct in your observations; it isn’t just a “camera trick”. LOL!
      This is what happens here with the changing of the seasons. The boat owners and those who live on their boats/ships/yachts know that in the summer the big waves (or swells) are very small to non-existent during the summer months. Then, during the changing of the season to winter, the SOUTH shore has the much smaller swells, so they move them over there.
      On the south and southwestern side, there are actually places where the boat owners can “moor” or dock their vessels for the winter. There are also facilities to do cleaning and any other maintenance that may need to be done on that side.
      During the times of larger swells (or waves), the people who normally live on their vessels during the summer in Hanalei Bay stay in houses they have here or they sail on to other places. We tend to get our largest, most severe rainstorms during the winter months (even though hurricane season is May – October(?)), so, who wants to live on a boat during days of ugly weather? I don’t think most would want to!
      I hope that answers your question(s). If not, let me know!
      Aloha Just For Now!

      • @TropicalPerson

        That answers the question perfectly. It just seemed like they all had the same ‘move’ idea at the same time 🙂


  • I work at a surf board rental and a lot of tourist that fly here actually do understand the rules that us as locals established a long time ago. cause its the same were there from. I know for a fact that theirs always those one or to Haoles that do not understand, and unfortunately they have to learn the hard way and catch Lickens from the waves and reefs! And in some situations they get pounded out cause they cut off the wrong uncle! But i believe having a surf policy is a awesome way to keep the line up in order. And for me as a local surfer, born and raised on the west side, i understand that having a policy keeps a lot of people safe and everyone has fun! Because!! the ones that are first in the line up wont and cant catch every single wave ( i know theirs your few that some how actually can catch every single wave, but that’s rare)! The best thing i tell tourist to do is just stay out of there way and don’t cut anyone off, theirs gonna be your few one or two that youll be able to take. And finally it all comes down to just your own skill level, usually the better surfers will get more waves cause they no were to be and how to paddle. So usually us as the locals were more fa miler with the wave and we will catch more waves cause we no were to be. But visa vursa, when we go to other places to surfer, were the tourist and were thrown in the back of line too, and i go there knowing that. You want waves prove your a good surfer and you’ll get waves. And yes tourist save there life earnings to come here and if it wasn’t for time shares and tourist then a lot of us wouldn’t have jobs, so you do have to treat them with aloha because that’s how a lot of us we make our money. So in conclusion having a surfing policy is key to keeping EVERYONE safe and in line. AND not all us locals are wave hogs, i swear i give more waves to Haoles (and haole as in foreigner not as a racist slur) then i catch myself. ALoha everyone

  • I understand above the born kauai and, but also agree that there are many mainlanders who want to experience the wonderful blessing, and aura that comes from visiting your island. Sharing….is a key word, king Kamehameha shard with granddaughters to create an attraction to cater to the mainlanders, while not disturbing the settlement…Kipu Ranch….so enjoyable, and we mainlanders only want your peace and beauty you see each day in your element and lifestyle. We can and hope to combine in Your island, to preserve and enjoy the beauty and tranquility you have created as part of the u.s….ok, getting too thick for even me. Bottom line…there is enough shoreline and beaches for mainlanders and residents, to work together for the enjoyment of BOTH!

  • These SUP’s are out of hand. Infested is right!!!! Get them out of the line up. SUPS get a surfboard!!!

    • I’d like to see you say that to Laird’s face.

      • What is with the Laird worship? We always give him a hard time about what he helped create….90% of SUPs never surfed and they just dont get it…..SUP= greedy paddle for every wave… joke

        Aloha from Maui’s SUP infested waters

  • aloha safety and the pecking order. If you don’t know how we roll then you are at the bottom of the order and you get leftover waves. if you off work all day, you get enough waves. if you have no children you get enough waves. so single parent, hard working full time, men and women who were grown here not flown here have top priority on waves. Then Keiki born here. don’t even grumble if you no like go somewhere else aloha

    • Honesty is the best policy. Nice touch with the “aloha” at the end 🙂

      • Agreed, unfortunatelythe general “feel” of macnutkauais’ post stings with anti-aloha sentiment, that’s why I said “pure sarcasm”. Some get it or got it and some don’t or won’t. Whatever…
        This has been a real “stink subject” ever since the first surfers showed up from any other place but Kauai and will probably be talked about as long as we have visitors who want to surf with the locals. Oh well, what can do?
        I just want the “flown ins” to keep in mind that for the majority of the time you are visiting, remember that you are appreciated and those of us that live here are happy you chose our little island over so many other places to come and visit. I truly hope that when it comes time to leave for home that Kauai has shown you enough Aloha so you can share it with friends and family at your home. I also hope you leave with the feeling that you are welcomed back any time you choose.
        Most of us here know what a special place this is and how rare it is on this planet. Sometimes we forget just how special it is and it only takes a trip over to Oahu to be reminded. If we are lucky enough to be able to take a trip to the mainland, then we REALLY (and quite quickly) are reminded just how close to a paradise on earth as it can get, we have here on Kauai.
        That is all.

        Aloha Just For Now!

    • Shees macnut…nice show of “aloha” (pure sarcasm).
      With a constant roll of waves, there’s no need for your so-called “pecking order”. I’ll bet you have no idea what the people that have “flown in” had to do just to get here so they could enjoy a week or two of our beautiful Kauai, do you? Some save up their $$$ for a decade (10 years) so they can come here for a week or two. The last thing they should have to worry about is being in some stupid “pecking order” if they want to surf while they are here. If you live here, you can catch your fair share of waves. I know for a fact that every time you go surfing you DON’T run into people that have “flown in”. On those days you can catch all the waves you want all day long! The “flown ins” are only here for a short time, go talk to them and show them how to take turns like you and your friends do. Show Kauai Aloha and be grateful that they appreciate this island and the environment it has so they come here and spend money and help create jobs and/or keep others working. If you are a hard working single parent, you should get your vacation time too. Heck, whenever I’m not working or doing chores around the house, it is like being on vacation just living here! That’s why I stay. This is a place that is beautiful and has a wonderful mix of people that live here. Most of the time our Aloha shows through.
      I can understand where Daniel is coming from. If you want to Paddleboard, don’t Paddleboard out where the surfers are. Go where the surf is flat or small. You risk getting injured big time if you get in the way. Trust me, you don’t want to get hit with the point of somebody’s surfboard! OK?
      There is LOTS of ocean out there, something for everyone. No need to get in each others way. OK.

      Aloha Just For Now!

      • Surfing Etiquette thanks to mark angell website

        The person first on the wave or closest to the peak has the right of way on the wave.
        Look right and left before you take off. Don’t drop in on someone!!
        If you take off in front of someone, pull out of the wave.
        When paddling out, look behind you before you jump off your board if caught in the impact zone.
        Paddle around the shoulder of the wave, not up through the middle. Use the channels.
        During a set, paddle out in the safest direction to avoid the rider on the wave. Make eye contact with the rider.
        Don’t always rely on your cord or leash to save you. It can break.
        Know your limits. Don’t go out in surf bigger than you can handle.
        If you cause an accident, be sure to ask if the other surfer needs help. “I’m sorry, are you okay?” works wonders.
        Be Courteous and Respectful of others in the water.

        • @jhp

          Excellent response! Makes perfect sense. It becomes ‘common’ sense once you have done it, learned it or observed it 🙂


      • If you were a surfer then you would know about surfing etiquette
        and that there IS a pecking order …no matter what surf break you are at …in the islands or on the mainland or ANY
        surf break it is the unspoken Rules of the game of surfing.
        Please do not surf if you cannot show respect for the rules/etiquette of surfing and respect for the local people.

        • @jh

          Agree and understand.

          Come to AZ … we go backpacking in the (real) Grand Canyon 🙂 and run into the “tourists”, we aren’t happy, it ain’t pretty, because they don’t know the trail etiquette either.

          As you pointed out from Mark Angell’s web site … “Be Courteous and Respectful of others”, “works wonders” … on a wave, on a trail, anywhere.

  • A beautiful wave infested with STANDUPS. Go stand around on the beach.

    • dont hate on stand up some of us been short boarding all our life we sup so we can get more waves now you know how we feel about longboards…mahalo

    • Ok Daniel, you have my word: I promise not to get in the lineup if I decide to do the standup thing.

  • See? Here is is, the next day and the surf sometimes is nonexistent. However, that was a fairly nice few days of surf considering it was the first good swells of the upcoming “season”.

    One thing about September on Kauai…if I’m not mistaken, it is the hottest month of the year. Again, changes happen fast weathrwise and in four months we’ll be ‘freezing’ because the temperature drops to 59F on some Jamuary mornings. Yes, you read me correctly…I said “FREEZING”. It is nice though, to break out and wear those few sweaters, sweatshirts and light jackets. We still wear shorts with them though, BWAHAHAHAHA!

    Aloha Just For Now!

    • What a difference in the surf today!

  • Question on surfer etiquette …

    A number of surfers out there today. Surfer A gets a nice wave, he is getting a good ride. Surfers B, C and D are swimming their boards out when Surfer A comes upon them on his wave.

    Surfers B, C and D would have a hard time getting out of the way. I’m ‘assuming’ that Surfer A has to take the appropriate action to surf around the other Surfers, not over them. Correct?

    • rider goes high or low around, or just try to miss them, pull out or pick the smallest one to hit. thats it

    • surfers b,c& d SHOULD have not got in way of “A”,
      they’re KOOKS

  • Isn’t the contrast between summer and winter on the bays’ surf amazing? Right now, for most of the time in the summer, the bay is almost like a LAKE. Then in the winter, the surf sometimes can be so viciously huge and with such strong rip currents that my wife and I have almost drowned!! We both learned a big lesson that day on how to respect the ocean.

    But for the most part and most of the time during those winter breaks, the really large surf will be at the beach park called “Pine Trees” in the middle of the bay and as you walk east toward the pier, the surf slowly gets smaller and smaller until by the time you get to the east side of the beach park called “Pavillions” and then the pier, if one isn’t used to big surf, a person (adult or child) can usually find surf small enough to comfortably go into the ocean.

    Something for everyone on that bay. Hanalei Bay truly is one of (if not THE best!) the best Bays in the entire WORLD.

    However, that is just my opinion… heh-heh…

  • Wow … major white water today.

    It had been like mirror calm quite a bit during the week.

  • Looks like we have what the “surfers” wait for all summer: the first early swells of the 2012-13 winter!

    See? Isn’t it amazing how it can be as calm as a lake one week and then before you know it, the waters’ coming up onto the sand where everybody was laying on their towels?

    Before I moved here in July of ’89, my wife and children went to Polihale one day in May of ’89. I had borrowed a camcorder (they were HUGE back then!) from a coworker and it was practically “attached” to me the entire time. I decided to go swimming at Polihale and while in the water, a swell came in and sent water up the sand “bank” and down the sand where lots of people were sunbathing. Unfortunately, our towels and cooler and the camcorder got pushed back about 10-15 feet! I panicked and dashed for the camcorder but it was completely saturated. I even took it to Don’s Camera in Lihue but there was nothing they could do for it. Luckily, my homeowners insurance covered it (I had NO idea it covered such things!) and my coworker ended up with a brand new camcorder that they secretly wanted anyway. So alls well that ended well…whew!!

    I’m surprised there aren’t more surfers out there. It’s still early (9:50AM) so they’ll probably show as the day goes by. Maybe I’ll go down there and check it out after my wife gets done with her usual Sunday laundry chores. Hey, life is rough here…tsk.

  • When I first moved here in July 1989, I worked in Hanalei at one of the businesses in Ching Young Village for 3 years and would sometimes either walk or drive to one of the beach parks along Hanalei Bay and eat lunch. Being married with 3 children (8, 9 and 14 years old), we often would go to the bay after school/work, so the boogie board never left the car when it wasn’t being used. The first year living here, we lived in Princeville, so it was kind of a “mad dash” to gather everyone and things and make it to the bay in order to have time for plenty of ‘sun, sand and surf’. The second year, we rented a house just west of Waioli stream and was two and a half blocks from one of our favorite places to boogie board. What a wonderful year that was as the children could hop into our little rubber raft and float down the stream to Hanalei Bay whenever they wanted to. Good times…good times…

    It always amazes me how much the surf and sand on the bay changes from summer to winter and back again. During the summer when the surf in usually small in Hanalei Bay, the beaches are really wide. Then slowly but surely, as the huge winter surf comes in, the beaches can get really narrow. Nature is really quite magnificent and one gets a perfect perspective of how it works when you observe all the splendor and beauty on Kauai. From Hanalei Bay to Kokee Park, something for everyone here. As I’ve said before, even after 23 years of living here, I still love it like I did back then and can’t see myself living anywhere else.

    We had to leave our vacation rental home after a year because we wound up buying a house in Kilauea town in 1993. We moved into it as rental tenants in August 1992 (survived Iniki!) and bought it for a price we couldn’t say ‘no’ too. Kilauea is perhaps the most wonderful town as it has such a wonder mix of people living in it. We’ve lived here for 20 years now and I still feel the same way.

    I love this webcam and whoever thought to set one up here hopefully got a bonus. Great idea! Some folks are asking for sound but all you’d hear is the wind and very faint voices from time to time. It really wouldn’t be that great. Besides, just imagining or remembering what it sounds like is probably better anyway. (wink)

    Mahalo Nui Loa Bali Hai for doing this.

  • Isn’t the contrast between summer and winter on the bays’ surf amazing? Right now, for most of the time in the summer, the bay is almost like a LAKE. Then in the winter, the surf sometimes can be so viciously huge and with such strong rip currents that my wife and I have almost drowned!! We both learned a big lesson that day on how to respect the ocean.

    But for the most part and most of the time during those winter breaks, the really large surf will be at the beach park called “Pine Trees” in the middle of the bay and as you walk east toward the pier, the surf slowly gets smaller and smaller until by the time you get to the east side of the beach park called “Pavillions” and then the pier, if one isn’t used to big surf, a person (adult or child) can usually find surf small enough to comfortably go into the ocean.

    Something for everyone on that bay. Hanalei Bay truly is one of (if not THE best!) the best Bays in the entire WORLD.

    However, that is just my opinion… heh-heh…

    • Tropicalperson- No, Hanalei Bay IS the most beautiful place in the world. I miss it. Seven years to go and I’ll be a “Kama aina”. Can’t wait! See ya in July.

      • This camera helps remind us why we bought real estate on Kauai’s north shore! We are so excited about moving to a small tropical town with green mountains for me and blue ocean for my husband. Can’t wait to breathe in the clean air every day.

  • Foggy morning Hanalei … hasn’t kept the surfers away.

    Still looks beautiful.

    • Are there waves to surf there? Lately ?

      • That day … there were probably 25-30 surfers (that you could see on the Surf view). The waves were probably a good 5 feet high, as judged by the height compared with the surfers. I look virtually everyday, and was very surprised to see so many surfers (it definitely was a result of the high surf that day). The word obviously got around, to I’m assuming the locals.

      • Hanalei is on the north shore of Kauai. The webcam is showing Hanalei pier which is on the east side of Hanalei Bay. In the summertime and up until around December (sometimes there may be some good days in November), the bay is pretty calm. However, in the winter, the surf can be GIANT. Great waves for surfing then.

        I’ve lived on Kauai for 23 years and still love it as much as I did 23 years ago.

  • Good morning Hanalei. Looking as pretty as ever. Sure do miss you.

  • I lived on kauai from 2000-2005 love and miss it!! we did work on this pier way back in the day…I miss kauai and someday will be back for good!!

  • What a beautiful morning. wish I was there paddleboarding ….sigh…

  • Beautiful sunset!

  • The helicopter just took off. I’m not drinking any more Budweiser. They don’t need any more money

    • Lol

  • what a lovely sunset.

  • Maybe to pick-up a 6-pack!

    • I see it has returned!

  • I sse that Budweiser is back! Was gone for a few days….

    • It appears that the Budweiser left again. Would be interesting to see where there going…

      • No, it really should be their ship, not there or they’re

      • there ship = should be stated as they’re ship

  • Aloha, great site! Can wait to come to my new home on August 24 and see it all again for good!!!!!

  • It is reported to be “This Bud’s For You”, owned by the Budweiser Family. Must be nice….

    • Where are the Budweiser girls???

    • A leaky dingy would suffice, as long as it’s in Kauai.

    • It’s owned by the Busch family that own’s Budweiser beer.

      • Owned, they sold out to a German Company a few years back.

  • Where is the big ship with the helicopter from?

  • What’s with the big boat that has helicopter on board?

  • I am going to tell my step-son and daughter-in-law about this web cam.Maybe they can go to it and wave to us also. They just moved to Princeville 3 weeks ago!

    Maybe they can surf by us! 🙂
    Joan & Norm Miller

  • The “surf” angle needs to be turned to the right a little (maybe 15 degrees or so). That way you’ll get the main Hanalei break.

    • The camera angle is great where it is.

      • NO IT ISNT YOUR SO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • we dont want everyone to see what the point is doing, so leave the camera where it is. thanks. enough you can see what the bowl is doing

          • Turn the camera the extra 15 degrees!!!! You make it sound like people don’t know what they’re missing calling it a secret spot. It’s a magnet: it draws the circus there and keeps all the other spots a secret. Hanalei Bay taking one for the team…

          • Yeah, Keep Hanalei the Secret Spot that it is…

  • We were there in May. We told our family exactally when we would be in front of the camera so we were able to wave at them all over the U.S. all at the same time, and they could see how much fun we were having. We call this beach,”home” even though we don’t live there.

  • My son and family just walked out on the Hanalei Pier and waved to me – that is amazing! Thanks for the camera I could clearly see them.

  • We’ll be there in 3 weeks & we cannot wait to enjoy the beauty!!

  • Love to see the camera up and running again, am sitting in Seattle this morning with rain and temp in the 40s just wishing I was back there. For the first time in 6 years I did not make it this May. Will try again in November. Aloha

  • I love the live camera and you can control it i just saw this runner the saw him or she trip then he or she went inside the sea shore haha

  • Thanks for the camera views, that’s the first thing I log on to each morning.

  • Two more weeks,then I’ll be home! Thanks for the “window” on paradise!

  • Does anyone know what part of Hanalei is the Hanalei Bay webcam is showing? More near the pier or the pine trees end?


    • Yes… You can control the camera. It shows “the reef” out to the right of the pier, and then you can see the beach to the left of the pier. It also shows the “point” directly across the bay and it shows Lumahei Beach (“South Pacific Beach”) The ‘default’ is out to “the reef”

  • Love seeing these pictures. Thanks for posting.

  • Our favorite travel location is Kauai. WE LOVE IT !!!!!!!

  • LOVE the rainbow today!

  • With the surf angle it would be great to be able to see the entire point and not just the Bowl. To be able to see the point and even up toward Summers and the Hotel would be a great “SURF” view.

  • Please don’t move the camera. It’s great right where it is.

  • We were there 3 weeks ago and will never forget how beautiful it was – can’t wait to return.

  • can you move the surf cam over to the right more please?

  • Loving the Kauai sunset tonight, all the way from Oregon.

    • noelle – hawaii. i shulod have been born there. my theory is that hawaiians were super hard workers in the pre-existence and so that’s why they get to frolic around paradise in mortality. i’m sure i was a lazy bum and that’s why i now live in mexico city. curse it. i love your pictures. like am IN LOVE with them. i don’t know how many ways i can say it now. this is the problem with leaving comments.December 16, 2009 11:45 pm

  • YAY! You’re back online! Have missed my daily dose of ahhhhhhh!

  • THANK YOU !! for bringin back da images…now I know how long “shortly” means on da rock…aprox.1 week. Oh yeah… the wealthy retired real estate sales agent who lives high atop Bali Hai Mountain just around da corner from da Akii Swamp who once said “I Love Being All Wet”….he also Thanks You.

  • Thanks to whomever takes time to take care of these things. The view into your world is much appreciated.

  • AAAHHHH Paradise! Thanks for the view!!

  • ITS BACK. With Mo Betta Picture. Now I can escape reality again. Mahalo

    • Tunnels is awesome. Every time I went there it was never cwoedrd and there was so much to see. Great views of everything and it’s down the road just a little bit from the Farmer’s Market on Thursdays. I recommend spending at least a little time every day while you’re there.

  • Yeah!! Thank you.

  • Ohhh, Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo, for having this camera available for everyone. Mahalo for fixing it too.
    Big Aloha’s to you!

  • Thanks for getting the cam up and running; I get my mini vacations back again!!

  • FYI CAM MAINTENANCE—->Haena and Lumahai are switched up!

  • Glad to see it back. Can’t wait for the sun to come up!!!! Certainly addicted to it, LOL

  • Mahalo!!!

  • Easy Bra soon da cam come back up

  • Did not realize how addicted I was to this cam.

  • My wife and I will be in Kauai the last week of September. Can’t hardly wait, feel like a kid waiting for Christmas..
    This will be our 5th trip, and we always stay in Hanalei. Anyone know if repairs have been made to the Hanalei Bay Resort after the earlier fire they had.Thats a beautiful propery, and we look forward to staying there this fall..

  • Aloha, how many more days until the webcam will be back up and running? I Need my daily fix 🙂

  • Regarding the web cam being off line….proper terminology for the word “shortly”….the cookies will be out of the oven shortly….the above message should read “The cam is down for maintenance and will be back online in a week or so”. Seven days without the Kauai web cam makes one weak.

    • I AGREE 100% Cliff!

  • Hurry with the repair already!!!!! I need to see that beautiful view soon!

  • What part of “Hang Loose” don’t you guys understand? Don’t forget, the camera is on Hawaii time. 🙂

  • yea, i wish the camera was working also. i live in central oregon and have been to kauai 4 times. i love it so much there . i wish i had the money to live there full time. i am going to try and come over this year.right now i am just happy to watch the cams

  • Aloha everyone and lovers of the “Bay View”. Just remember everything in Hawaii moves a little slower so chill and hopefully we’ll get to see the beautiful views soon. Aloha……

  • Hi Friends – My wife and I are visiting Hanalei from So Cal and trying to avoid travel with my board. Would anyone happen to have a decent short board to rent out? Even if we paddle out together… just hoping to get a few good sessions (without frumpy rental board).
    Or any other suggestions?

    Something around 5’7″ – 5’10”

    Thanks in advance! – Alan

    • Aloha Alan,
      Please give our vacation rental department a call at 808-826-8000. They can assist you with finding a board.
      Enjoy your visit!
      The Bali Hai Ohana

  • What’s the real story?? Did the camera get stolen? Broken? Please advise your loyal webcam users!!! Should I just delete y’all from my fav’s!??

    • My goodness! Ready to delete us already? Is there no love?
      The real story is not terribly exciting. The camera just had to be taken down for maintenance. It will be back up soon. We miss it, too.
      The Bali Hai Ohana

  • We are all grateful for the camera – love it, look at it daily and miss it. Thank you to the kind folks that keep it going for our pleasure and enjoyment. We’re all lookin’ forward to having our window on the world of Bali Hai once again… Mahalo…

  • What does “shortly” mean? If I were to post “shorty”, the dang camera would have been up? 2 days is NOT “shortly”? I feel Ike I lost an eyeball without the cam!? So hurry up with the “maintenance”.??

  • Hurry with the maintenance!! I need my Hanalei Bay fix. I check everyday and dream. Was there last year can’t wait to go back.

  • I think that I just saw Sarah Berntsen on the pier with the webcam

  • My name is Nilton live in Brazil, my home town victory island, love is image, mahalo for y’all!
    translate in may language:
    meu nome é Nilton moro no Brasil, ilha vitoria minha cidade, adoro está imagem, mahalo para voces!!!

  • Mahalo for this gorgeous cam! I check in all the time for my Kauai wave fix. Finally got to see Hanalei in person a few months ago, and will be back soon. Nice to finally see some sunshine!! Aloha

  • Aloha. Thanks for the webcam. I look at it several times a week and miss my “second” home! We love Hanalie and the north shore. Hope to be there again soon… Mahalo.

  • Even with rain soaked shores and high surf tides, Hanalei still has that sense of constant comfort. Thank you for the webcam and allowing us to have those moments between visits.

  • I hear it’s raining a wee bit.

    • Just got back from Kauai last week. We caught the tail end of the 2nd storm. Don’t be discouraged by the rain (if there is any when you visit), as there is lots to do and enjoy. Mahalo!

    • I will be visiting Princeville for a week tomorrow. The weather doesn’t look too good. Does Kauai contain “micro climates” similar to Kona, where if its raining in one area, another part of the island could be sunny and dry?

      • Aloha Michael. Yes, most of the time that is true for Kauai as well. Rain or shine, though, Kauai is still beautiful. Our waterfalls have been going off! We hope you enjoy your visit to our lovely island.

        • We will be visiting Kauai again very soon. We arrive on April 1st 2012. Can anyone tell me what the weather is like as of late. Is it still flooding? I hope not and I hope all residents are safe. Thank you for any response. It is very much appreciated.

          • Thank you so much for the update. I am so excited for our return to the Island. Have a GREAT day 🙂

          • Aloha Patty,

            All is good on Kauai. Flooding is not a normal occurrence here, but every few years we get a good dousing of rain. We’re back to sunny days and the occasional trade shower.

            There’s so many fun adventures to have here – rain or shine, so come on over and enjoy your visit! Please stop by the office and say hello.



  • Thanks for your cams! They are the only way to see what’s happening on the rain soaked north shore….hang in there guys!

  • Yahoooooooo Im on my way!!Just love this Island.

  • My wife and I visited last Sept. for our 30th anniversary and fell in love with Kauai. Hard to make it through the day without dreaming back to snorkeling, the beaches, the beauty. Would love to move there. We specially love Ele Ele, Hanalei & Kappa.

    • My husband and I will be in Kauai on Tuesday we are also celebrating our 30th anniversary. We love the web cam checking out the weather.

  • I love Kauai.
    Thank you very much. Hope to be there in a year or so.

  • The live cam reflects paradise. I was there standing on the dock on February 12th. It is much better in person 🙂

  • Thank you for this camera. It’s awesome! A real gas saver for us east- siders.

  • Can you make it “scratch & sniff?” Wish I was there…Mahalo!

  • You should move the surf camera back the way you used to have it. To the left. Right now you have it looking at “No Man’s Land” between the Bowl and the Point.

  • I have been to Kauai! Paradise!
    I cannot wait till I go there again and
    surf some awesome waves! 🙂

  • Camera Check Please

    • Who mans the camera? Who decides what we see? Thanks! MD

  • love this web cam…..will be in Hanalei in 2 weeks, looking forward to some great surfing and sunshine!

  • Love the view. If only there was sound also…..

    Can’t wait to get back there.


  • What a lovely break from our day! We love to visit the cam. Why is it Black & White this morning?

  • this is truly a gift. Saw a gray whale breaching this morning- incredible.


  • Aloha Bali Hai, Love this cam! Can you clean the lens please? Mahalo

  • West winds are pau, time to wipe the camera lens!

  • There seems to be something wrong with the camera, for the last 2 days it looks like there is a fog on the beach.

  • Working on our next vacation plans and love Hanalea! Not sure but the Webcam lense may need to cleaned off. There must have been a bit of a storm on my most favorite place in the world!

  • clean lenz. tankz

  • Love this webcam. I have been to the pier at Hanalei. Such an awesome place! So glad I can get on this site so I can feel like I can still visit!

  • Thank You for this….

    • Yes, it is solved.

  • I like this cam.Hello from Greece.

  • Beautiful pictures. Brings back many memories. Thanks

  • hawaii is realy beatifull island….:)
    hope one day , i can visit it….!!!
    ALOHA….. to nathan nishioka….:)))

  • Shhhhhh! Don’t tell everyone how awesome the North Shore of Kauai is. You will ruin it for us.

  • Sitting here in my house in Las vegas just watching the surfers…. I sure wish I was rich and could visit this place… maybe someday

  • Thank you for this web cam Bali Hai if you were to give away a plane ticket to the person that most visits this site I would win ! looking forward to booking with you this new year mahalo.

  • Hi from Greece.

  • Very nice.Perfect.I like to be there but is very very far from me .

  • Very nice

  • Thank you for Sharing. My Mom’s ashes are out in the waters of Kauai so this is my way of still being able to see her with each wave.

  • Mahalo for this awesome cam! Can’t wait to return to Hanalei in April!

  • Get rid of the SUP’s ASAP

  • such a beautiful place with beautiful people to match !

  • Love this Cam! Thank you so much for putting it up. I watch it every morning while drinking my coffee in cold, rainy Seattle!

  • Move surf cam off the bowl and onto the point.

    • move camera to the right

  • Kauai will soon be home for me and my wife…

  • please can someone fix the focus on this camera? I love this website and visit it often.


  • I love this window to home…I love Hanalei.

  • Love this site! Looking forward to being there for New Years. December 29th can’t get here fast enough!

  • Thank you for this wonderful portal to paradise! I, too, try to open it daily to remind myself why I work! I just saw a pod of spinner dolphins go past the camera- sigh!

  • Love this webcam. I tune into it daily and have been for the past year. I put on full screen and tune into A and get my daily dose of Aloha. Mahalo.

  • love the cam tho thanks to the people who put it up much maholos i use it everyday to check the surf

  • you need to move the camera more towards the point!!!!!!!!

    • Oh Yeeeahh! Show me some lines up the point!

  • Thank you for this unforgetable ongoing view. We love Kauai and being able to always see the beauty of the Island and the Hanalei Beach and Pier area will always bring us back to the Island.
    Have a Great Day and enjoy this great Island.
    Mike Sinnaeve

  • Thanks for the cam…..

    What happened to Hanalei….. SUPs need to be regulated and out of the surf spots like the Bay

    Thanks for great views

    • yea buddy i say the same thing about them but i call them sweepers cause they look like there sweepin the floor!

  • Kauai is our home-away-from-home! Have spent many days at Hanalei Bay just relaxing in the sun, watching the people and the surf. Paradise!

  • Great cam… but it seems to have been bumped out of position a little bit. Can barely see the pier now.

  • B-eautiful!
    my life partner and i spent a week here and fell back in love. The bay had everything to do with it!

  • Great upgrade! Now Macbook Pro owners can enjoy the action as well! Thanks!

  • Good cam. Never been to Hanelai but would like too. Been to poipu wonderfull place.

  • Absolutely love this live webcam. I look at it everyday to stay connected to the island. Kauai is my very favorite place to be……

    Where is the live feed? It has been disconnected for a few days. Missing seeing the waves and weather everyday….

  • Move the camera about 100 yards to the right

  • Why can’t I view the web cam ? I used to get it all the time. I live in Princeville.

    • Aloha Rich.

      We’ve upgraded our webcam so that it is viewable in most web browsers now. You may want to refresh your screen or delete your browsing history/clear your cache and hopefully the webcam will be viewable for you again.

      Thank you for visiting our website.



      • Care to share the make/model of webcam? This appears to be a pretty good one! Thanks for putting it up!

  • Amazing how clear the Cam is…Went surfing here for 2 weeks and not a disappointing moment! Thanks for having this! Can’t wait to see the North Swells starting to hit in the Winter!

  • Aloha from Atlanta, GA.
    The webcam is AWESOME.
    We spend our vacation in Kauai every year since ’02.
    Love the North Shore.

  • Am sitting here in California, fog just came in… vacation time
    Nice to see the bay live from here

  • I see the surf is coming back. Great cam, mahalo


      • Hi I am surfed out already. see you soon

  • Great Cam Aloha to my friend Brav.
    I’ll trade Real Estate photos for
    a ticket and housing.

  • life is good

  • i love hanalei bay!!!! the most beautiful place in the world! with its rainbows…waterfalls…sunshine…and gentle breezes…enjoy!!!

  • Thanks for the cam. It is great!!

    Those stand up paddlers however are another issue… Get them out of the surfer’s break!

    Thank you

  • Aloha from Chicago. Great to take a peak at what is happening at my favorite place on Earth. See you in Feb. Can’t wait!

    Mahalo Kauai for being Kauai!


  • Aloha! Loving this webcam! We used to live on Kauai and would spend lots of time here and at Haena beach… sure miss the Garden Isle… hope to return soon! Blessings! WaaaWahine

  • I miss the North Shore. It’s nice to check in here and see what I’m missing. Mahalo.

  • Love your cam, when I need my Kauai fix I go to it and the memories of the many times I go to the island come back to me. So until I can again get away from Seattle, Mahalo. Dewey

  • I have enjoyed many trips to Hawaii and especially Kauai. I am 87 yrs old and no long able to travel. Thank you for now. Helen

  • Many thanks for hosting this terrific cam!!

  • Hi. Thanks Malia for the beautifol site.

  • Thank you Malia for turning me on to this cam. Once again I see the beautiful afternoon light on the bay as in the days when I lived on Kauai North Shore.
    Now it is my favorite site. Sometimes it is on all day.

  • This is the most awesome camera I have ever seen! I can’t wait to return to Hawaii this summer for vacation. This is the next best thing to being there!!

  • Not to be ungrateful, but the camera need to turn another 10 degrees so we can see the bowl in the “surf” presets.

  • GREAT CAM!!!! The video quality is amazing, you guys did a great job of representing Kauai with some fantastic views. I also vote for some mountain views.

    What kind of camera is this anyway??

  • Oh, how I love Hanalei. I miss the North Shore so much. This HD webcam makes me so happy I’d marry it if I could. Thank you.

  • Amazing Cam, very nice!

  • This is the most amazing web cam I have ever seen!!! I can’t wait to go back to Kauai for vacation. Keep up the great work Bali Hai! Aloha

  • Is slippery slide still accesable? Sure was alot of fun. Cant wait to visit this sight again. Mahalo for the beautiful sights on the webcam. ALOHA

  • Coming over there real soon and love to watch the webcam while working from home…..Does it really have to time out? The view is so peaceful and passes the time away until we get there…would be even better not to have to keep reconnecting… thank you for a superb cam

  • Can we make the cam swing around to the mountains?

  • too cool. enjoyed a beautiful sunset about 10:09pm PST.i was hoping for a green flash, ive only seen 3, all in person. mahalo for the thril. ALOHA.

  • mahalo for your view or hanalei. so awesome

  • the webcam is da-kine. look forward to enjoyimg it often. it deffienantly makes me want to re-visit soon. aloha to you all. and mahalo to you

  • Awesome live cam. Heading to Kauai this Saturday. Cannot wait to be back in Haena!

  • Very cool cam move to the right so we can see flat rock Mahalo nui loa .

  • Aloha from Princeville! Is there any way you can move the cam over to the right a little bit so we can check out the waves at LLOYDS surf spot

  • Coming out this September, cannot wait!! This site will be my reminder that I work to vacation in my most treasured place in the world. Reminder to all visitors to do your Christmas shopping here and bring home a little creative joy from those that continue to make this place so great.


  • Hanalei is the best, its so nice to be able to see the peir on the web,and the waves, I was able to wave to my relatives back in New York, I like to weave near the peir, hats and baskets. Aloha from kapa’a

    • Hi I saw u on the pier, hugs & kisses back at u bro!

  • Please add sound.
    Webcam best in word!

  • Love this webcam, makes me miss Hawaii – we called our family from Hawaii and had them come to your site so we could wave hello – it was a huge hit!

    • What a fun idea!

  • Love the camera. Was in Kauai and took surf lessons at hanalei in Feb! Myself and family visit this site often. Cant wait to return to Kauai from Canada!

  • Please, add a sound!
    (Connect a microphone).

    Though your Webcam the best in the world!

  • Love this Webcam!!! WOW I can not wait to go!!!!

  • So, so COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I LOVE This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too wonderful!

  • This is our favorite place on the planet and I’m so happy a client turned me on to this live web cam, very cool. It would be great if the camera moved around more. Thank you for this! We love your island!

  • Love the camera, would love to see the mountains as well. I find myself visiting the site daily to see the weather in our “home away from home” and wishing i was at “that home”!!!


    • Thanks for the note Alan. We’ve adjusted the surf view to the right.

  • Bummer, I don’t like that you guy’s changed it so that you have to refresh the page every minute. Love the cam.

  • Not quite cool we can´t see the cam TODAY !!!!


  • Hanalei tsunami? Trying out the live webcam dont know what Im looking at, its dark and there is some lights.

  • Hello , I would like to see live footage of the tidel wave .

  • Great Cam! can you turn the SURF view to the right a little more so we can see where the surfers are starting from? That would be awesome!

  • Aloha from Palm Springs, California. GREAT Webcam. Thank you very much! Probably will spend too much time just watching the water, but thanks just the same. If I remember correctly, the sun sets over behind Bali Hai. That will be awsome!

  • I look at this web cab several times a week. Reminds me of the many wonderful times we’ve had there. I wish there were more web cams showing different area on the island.

    • Me too love Kauai!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hanalei is where I wish I could live. More web cams would be nice. I too check this as often as I can

  • killah!

  • Love the cam but I only get a single image on my Macbook with the little dial that says connecting but never goes any further than that. Thanks for the view – beats the rainy season view outside my window in the rainy Pacific Northwest.

    • We have the same issue here with the Macbook Pro. Works fine on the old g4 iMac though. Love the camera.

  • enjoy the webcam so much. We spend hours just reminiscing. Miss all of Kauai so much. Long to return this summer. It is a true paradise. Aloha from Michigan to all our friends in Banyan Harbor condos.

  • yes
    i agree on bay view,
    need several pre-sets.
    over all of surf
    close up of flatrock
    close up of bowl
    thanks for the view

  • After living on the North Shore of Kauai for over 40 years and having to move to the mainland I can still watch my favorite surf spot in the world. Aloha

  • Love your webcam! Love to check the weather and the views.

  • Awesome web cam! Some what addicting. Would it be possible to move the surf view a little more to the right? Please? Then there would be more surf visible and I would not get any of my work done! mahalos!

  • anther nice kauai live cam

  • Wow! This is one of the best webcams that I’ve seen. Great resolution, great views, and controllable. Thanks for providing this wonderful service!

  • Aloha from Australia! Love this web cam…any chance we could see a little more of the beach in the Bali Hai view? I think we were able to when it first went up. Mahalo.

  • I’m a cam buff and this cam is the best i’v seen. Good variety to look at.

  • Wow this is awesome! This is the first real-time cam I have heard of on kauai. I can even check the surf 🙂
    Thanks so much.

  • Thank you for putting up this camera. If you can’t be there in person, it’s a great way to get your Hawaii fix.

  • Beautiful! One of the best webcams ever!!!

    • Denise has a Kauai book that’s really good, and if you’re ianptet I’ll but it for you. We used it constantly because it has restaraunts and reviews for the whole stinkin’ island.Think about what you want to do too. We did kauai for 7 nights, and it was very mellow. Just a lot of really good food, lots of very cool site seeing. Then we did Oahu to do Pearl Harbor. Oahu was cool, but much of it is like los angeles, so it was nice to see two really different islands.Denise and Paul and us will have to sit down and tell you all the restaraunts and stuff we went to.

  • This is the best webcam in the world!
    However, please, add the sound.
    Yours sincerely

  • An HD live-streaming webcam of Hanalei and Bali Hai is too good to be true! I’ve lost the entire afternoon watching it. My heart aches to be there. Please don’t ever move it.

  • Mahalo!!! Feels like I am almost back home again….

  • I haven’t been able to connect to the webcam in a few weeks, is it broken? Mahalo for providing it!

  • Awesome, can’t wait to get there in my new home and say bye to this cold weather in the northeast!

  • Mahalo Nui Loa from this Alaskan girl for the virtual Aloha!

  • This is amazing! Love this camera!! Mahalo

  • Congratulations Bali Hai Realty! You have the most beautiful web cam that I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to book my next vacation to Hawaii!!

  • Beautiful absolutely Beautiful. Coming out in June for vacation. This is the most Awesome web cam I have ever seen!!! Mahalo


  • Aloha & Happy New Year..Big mahalo’s for your web cam..I refer alot of people to this page…could you show the pier again n the beach point to the rightside too…have a nice day….

  • Modern times…..So,while staying on the west side,I’ll be able to plan a trip…wit everyone else..HA HA HA
    Aloha ambrose! aloha jim D.!

  • Interesting!I hope that everyone had a great weekend,a Merry Christmas. is having a great week, have another great weekend and I hope that they have a Happy New Year!

  • We are leaving Vegas tonight and will be walking the beach by noon tomorrow. Great webcam! I gives you a real look at the weather. Thank you!


  • the twentieth century
    is gone what remains
    are memories and dreams
    of what was was now is here
    and validated by a moving picture
    under the stairs with the shoes
    carefully placed at the chair leg
    for alternative activities.

    at least we can determine
    why we are missing or
    not missing hanalei … surf.

    good use of tech
    and seemingly
    out of harms way.
    second day viewer…

  • Wonderful absolutely wonderful, Coming in May so watch out!!! Mahalo

  • I can now get my daily fix until my next time on Kauai.

  • Thank you for posting this new webcam! I’ve been having north shore webcam withdrawals since the one at the St. Regis came down during renovations. Now I can enjoy my favorite place on earth any time. Merry Christmas, all!

  • Nice! Mahalo!

  • Now THAT’s a webcam!

    I love the fact that you can make it Full Screen.

    We’re already counting the days until we get back to our beloved HBR in September.

    Mahalo Nui Loa and Mele Kalikimaka to all.

  • Wonderful website and layout. The HD webcam is a great touch!

  • Thank you Bali Hai Realty … your Hanalei web-cam is the best Christmas present EVER (well, besides being in Hanalei)! Love it!

  • Just booked two weeks in August. Seeing this just makes the wait WORSE. Lovin’ it and Aloha!

  • shiny view,
    just maybe a couple degree over so can view flatrock


  • Wow, this is so enticing, alive, real! Love it all the way from Australia. Can taste the sweetest juiciest pineapples and the Lappert’s icecream; hear and feel the surf; smell the rain on the lush vegetation. Our October visit was too long ago but we’ll be back…soon!

    • Lucky you! Be sure to visit Lapperts Ice Cream in Coconut Marketplace.. their Kauai Pie Ice Cream is very yummy. I didn’t find any cupcakes on the iansld and I did look. HoloCharters does a great sunset dinner cruise.. the crew are so nice! Anini beach we swam with Honu, great snorkeling there. Quiet beach. Enjoy.. soak up some rays for me

  • Definitely a favorite place for Dianne and me – we were there in October (far too long ago). So look forward to moving there soon. Webcam will have to do in the meantime. Thanks so much for these great views!

  • What a breath of fresh air…my secret paradise on the whole planet, thank you! Our family has played on these shores and been on this pier numerous times! The best webcams set at the best sites! Great to view from a desk on the mainland, makes me geared up to book again!

  • Awesome. One of the best webcams ever!!!

  • WOW…..just like being at the bay. Great idea BALI HAI!

  • Super views of our favorite place in the world. When I win the CA lottery I’l come in and buy up everything. The camera is the best.

  • What a treat! An early Christmas present, my favorite spot on earth for so many reason. Thanks!

  • This is amazing! love this camera. The only problem is that I usually quit working on whatever I am supposed to be doing for at least 30 minutes.

  • totally amazing.
    I can be on the bay any hour day or night.


  • Wow! This is a great surf cam. You should integrate facebook and twitter to start up a conversation here….just an idea.

  • Thanks for sharing the new webcam.
    I am jealous watching the people on the beach.
    I will look up airline fares right away.
    Have a great day!
    Kathy Kennedy

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