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Aloha from beautiful Hanalei Bay! Mahalo for your understanding as video quality may be affected by amount of viewers and weather conditions.

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Kauai Weather

Hanalei Bay Tides

01/21 High 6:23 AM 1.7 ft
01/21 Low 1:26 PM .21 ft
01/21 High 7:08 PM .83 ft
01/22 Low 12:09 AM .40 ft

Hanalei Bay News

  • New “LD” cam?

    • Hmm. Not sure what’s going on here. I haven’t been able to watch this video cam in probably close to a year. I tried just now with Chrome and with Safari. Same error messages. So miss this webcam.

      • try using firefox, its the only browser the cam will work on for me

      • I use Safari and all works well. I had to remove all my history stored for the original cam and go back to and reselect the webcam, everything is now excellent

        • Up until three weeks ago I was viewing the web cam using Firefox. Then Bali-Hai did something so that it stopped working. I then started using Internet Explorer to view it. Now today I tried Firefox again, and now it’s working with Firefox. There were also times in the last three weeks when all I was getting was a black screen.

  • tide all wrong

  • Cam isn’t working again. All I’m getting is a black screen.

  • cam doesnt work on chrome anymore and the tides are incorrect

  • Monday 01/08/18 the web cam is incredibly stable and smooth.
    Better than it has ever been. I will trade the ability to go full screen (not available) for this smoothness and reliability.
    Kudos to the tech team that has dialed this in.

  • Is the Web-Cam freezing up for anyone else ? The picture freezes and a little white circle spins in the center of the screen.

  • Being an avid Cam watcher, I noticed this morning it looked like the web cam had been hi-jacked by the Russians!
    Last week it worked fine on Internet Explorer. But not on Chrome. 3 weeks ago it worked great on Chrome and not I.E.
    Now you have to stream it on YouTube?
    This is not progress. And I realize it takes time to dial it in.
    But seriously folks, go back to the old software/application for this page.
    It worked fairly well and judging by the lack of feedback/complaints people were happy with the performance.

    • cam is not HD anymore why????? is coming thru you tube???

    • Its FREE… Quit whining about something you don”t even pay for or contribute to.

      • Originally I was viewing the web cam with Firefox. Then Bali Hai changed something and now I have to use Internet Explorer. Now lately it seems to be not working right. The screen freezes and a little circle spins in the middle of the screen. Allot of my friends can’t get it even with Internet Explorer. I don’t know why they had to change it. It’s not about ” whining “, it’s about communicating a problem and a shared experience.

  • If you don’t know how to surf got to pine trees or the pier. Don’t go out to the bowl and get in the way of the people who are surfing. If you’re riding a wave storm that’s probably a good indicator that you should be at pine trees. Every barnyard who got a wave storm for Xmas was out there riding it yesterday. HO HO HO!

    • What’s a ” wave storm ” ?

      • Wavestorm is a soft top (spongeboard) sold at Costco.

  • Aloha!
    If you’re having trouble viewing the webcam, please read this blog:
    Aloha and thank you for visiting our website.

  • For some reason something has changed with the Web-Cam. Before last week I was able to use it with my PC Firefox Browser. Now I only can use it with my PC Internet Explorer browser. My friend told me that he wasn’t able to use the Web-Cam with his I Phone anymore and then when he switched over to Internet Explorer on his I Phone he was able to view the Web-Cam.

  • leave it off

  • Lois, The cam has a new format looks like. Had it running fine on my Mac last week now there’s a run arrow that does not give me a picture but I can see the timer running. Any suggestions?? Billy

    • Aloha Billy! Try IE or Chrome. Make sure to clear your cache. It should run fine. Perhaps try the same thing on Safari. Currently the webcam requires Flash to run. I hope this helps. Aloha!

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