One end of Hanepepe Art Night

If you live on or are visiting our beautiful Kauai, one of the things you need to experience is Hanapepe Art Night on Friday evenings from 6 to 9.

Sandy Poehnelt posing with her Mango pie

Hanapepe is a sleepy little town on the west side of the island that has more art galleries than wild chickens – and that’s a lot!  But the town comes alive every Friday evening with brightly lit and welcoming art galleries and shops, along with sidewalk vendors and musicians.  Drive in, park you car and stroll down Hanapepe’s main thoroughfare.

There is such a variety of food and entertainment.  From roadside truck vendors like the Monster Taco truck and the Silver Elephant Thai food, to local favorites such as Hanapepe Café and Bobbie’s, there is something for every discerning pallet.  One of my favorites is The Right Slice, owned by Sandy Poehnelt, or as I like to refer to her “the Pie Lady”.  If you get a chance, try her chocolate coconut pie. Yum!

Westside Smitty at the Talk Story Book Store

Musical entertainment can be found throughout Hanapepe and varies from string trios to solo ukulele to slack key and to another one of my favorites, Westside Smitty.  He belts out fun rockabilly tunes that you’ve heard along with some of his originals such as Kekaha Rooster.  Don’t miss him.  He’s a constant figure Friday nights in front of the Talk Story Book Store – the western most book store in the USA!

If you’re really lucky, you may even get a chance to meet and talk story with local legend and the ambassador of aloha Louis Almadova, Jr., better known as “Uncle Louie”.  He’s a lovely man who truly embodies the spirit of aloha.

Enjoying some apple banana pie.

One evening as my husband and I were sitting on our tailgate across from the Talk Story Book Store and eating pie, I looked around at the backdrop of Hanapepe town as Westside Smitty belted out one of his rockabilly tunes and felt at any moment Quentin Tarantino could jump out of the bushes and yell “Cut!”.  Hanapepe Art Night is a fun and surreal experience.  One not to miss.

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