The Woody in front of the office, Hanalei, Kauai.

Bali Hai Realty is quickly approaching almost four decades of the highest quality and accredited service on Kauai. A constant and diligent focus on our clients’ best interests is an engrained aspect since the establishment of our company by John Ferry back in 1978 .  Integrity, ethics and professionalism is the core of our strength.  We appreciate every opportunity to be of service. After all, we are in the business of making dreams a reality.

In celebration of this large milestone that we are closing in on, John Ferry has had one of Hanalei’s most favorite and visible icons lovingly restored – the 1948 International Woody! The side panels of the Woody have been reconstructed using none other than the beautiful and prized Hawaiian Koa wood. A fresh coat of deep and glossy red paint contrast beautifully with the koa and even matches Braddah Kimo’s shorts!  To bring things full circle for the Woody, this was also the original color that it left the Chicago factory with 66 years ago! Now Braddah Kimo (our Hanalei Greeter) and his 1948 International Woody welcome all whom enter our magical town of Hanalei.

For any questions in relation to the Woody, Kauai real estate, or anything else about our special island, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or telephone.

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