Road construction/improvements at Lumahai.

Highway road improvements continue in the Lumahai Beach area between Hanalei and Haena.  Stabilization and a new wall have just been completed at the “Nurse’s Beach” lookout.  Now, State Department of Transportation contractors are busy cutting back an entire hillside just west as pictured.  Unique equipment can be seen crawling up the steep slope preparing for more concrete stabilization.  This will result in a safer and smoother highway through this area soon.  Traffic has been reduced to one lane during the day but the delays have been minimal.

Soon the road to Haena above Lumahai Beach will be even more memorable to drive.

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  • John poston


    We want to come back to Kauai in April. But I can’t see if the roads from hanalei are closed or not from the flooding from April of last year.
    Thanks, john

    • lois


      Aloha John,
      The road to Haena is still closed as of today. The County hopes to reopen it in the next few months, but that is not guaranteed. Come back anyway. Kauai has so many amazing places to explore and it’s always relaxing.

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