Hanalei Canoe Club is thrilled to announce plans to participate in the Hawaiki Nui Va’a in Tahiti in November 2013. This three day race features over 100 canoes from all over the Pacific region, France and Hawai’i. It is truly an international event that challenges the physical and mental power of seasoned paddlers. The Hawaiki Nui Va’a begins November 7th with the first of three legs, which encompass four islands: Huahine, Raiatea, Tahaa, and Bora Bora. The backdrop is the magnificent volcanic leeward islands of French Polynesia.

Hanalei Canoe Club with the canoe they are planning to take to Tahiti. Photo courtesy of Hanalei Canoe Club.

Hanalei Canoe Club, under the leadership of Head Coach Christian Marston, hopes to send 13 to 15 paddlers to compete in the Open or Veteran categories. While teams from Hawai’i have competed in the Hawaiki Nui Va’a, this will be Hanalei Canoe Club’s first time, and it will be a great honor for them to represent not only Hanalei Cano Club, but their home island of Kauai. To make this possible, financial support will be necessary for all of their paddlers. Specifically, funding is needed for all phases: air fare, race fees, escort boats, and personal expenses such as food and lodging.

Hanalei Canoe Club is asking for your support, which goes way beyond dollars.  Their mission is to perpetuate the legacy of the ancient Hawaiian culture through outrigger paddling and to serve the larger community of Kauai’s North Shore.

Please help to make it their participation in Hawaiki Nui Va’a possible.

Training in Hanalei Bay. Photo courtesy of Hanalei Canoe Club.

The Hanalei Canoe Club is a not for profit organization. A donation received by October 1, 2013 would be greatly appreciated. Please send your donation to:

Hanalei Canoe Club
P.O. Box 814
Hanalei, Hawaii 96714

For further information, you may call 808-652-7828 or email [email protected] or visit their website at www.hanaleicanoeclub.org.

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